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Jason was waiting for Sky in the flat she had moved out of. He was reading through the notes about Darcy’s case when the door opened and she came in.

β€œHey,” He said, β€œOk, what’s wrong?”

β€œI’m in a bad mood,” She said, β€œHave you found anything?”

Jason shook his head, β€œNot yet. Hugo said the girls aren’t talking and he can’t find anything in the flat,”

β€œThen let’s have a look,” Sky said, β€œI need to pick some clothes up for Darcy anyway,”

β€œHow is she?” Jason asked following Sky down the flight of stairs, β€œIs she talking about it yet?”

β€œNo,” Sky sighed, β€œShe’s scared and I don’t blame her. But her memory is a little bit foggy and can’t really describe what he looked like,”

β€œI don’t think Hugo is trying hard enough,”

β€œI don’t either, but this is his case and I need to find this bastard before he does,” Sky said opening Darcy’s front door, β€œSomeone has been in here,”

β€œWhat makes you say that?”

β€œThe police tape has gone,” Sky said and Jason closed the door behind him, β€œIt doesn’t look like anything has been touched. I mean, I know Blake has been through here in search of something but he hasn’t found anything and even if he did, he wouldn’t tell me,”

Jason folded his arms and looked around, β€œThere was no forced entry which means it was an old client or a new one. The chairs are on the side and there is a splatter of blood on the sofa,”

Sky knelt down to see the splatter of blood, β€œYou’re good. I’m only guessing, but they attacked hit her with what I don’t know, and then dragged her into the bedroom,”

β€œHow can you tell it was dragged?”

β€œThe pattern on the carpet,” She said, β€œIf you look here, you can see that her heels caught the carpet. Plus, there are splatters of blood leading up to the bedroom,”

β€œThe door looks like it was kicked open,” Jason said, moving the bedroom door slightly, β€œI can see a footprint,”

β€œHas forensics said anything yet?”

Jason shook his head, β€œThis isn’t my case but I can try to find out,”

β€œThis is a big-foot,” Sky said, frowning at the footprint, β€œI can’t say what size it is from looking at it, but I might be able to find out what shoe and size with a picture,”

β€œThe room is a mess,” Jason sighed, β€œI can’t imagine how Darcy must have felt through her attack,”

Sky didn’t say anything because she knew exactly how she felt. She walked over to the bed and stared down at the blood smudges on the bed.

β€œAny semen on the bed?”

β€œAgain, I don’t know,” Jason said, β€œI might be able to check his findings by asking him about his case but I don’t know if I can get anything out of him,”

Sky nodded and spotted something poking out from under the mattress. She frowned slightly and pulled a glove from her back pocket and pulled it out.

β€œWhat is that?” Jason asked.

β€œI have no idea,” She said, β€œIt looks like it is part of a shirt,”

β€œCould it be Darcy’s?”

β€œProbably not,” Sky said, β€œShe’s a prostitute and the only clothes she has that isn’t hooker like, is white,”

β€œIs this the only lead we have?” Jason asked, β€œPart of a blue shirt?”

Sky sighed, β€œYeah but this is the best thing we have. I can ask Harley to get her friends to see if there are any traces of skin on it,”

β€œWill she help?”

β€œYeah,” Sky nodded and wrapped the shirt up in the glove and stuck it in her pocket, β€œFind anything else?”

β€œThe person tried to wash the blood off in the bathroom,” Jason said, β€œThere is a bloody towel in the bin,”

β€œThen why hasn’t the police picked that up?” Sky muttered, β€œWho did Hugo send?”

β€œRookies by the looks of it,” Jason said, β€œWhat now?”

β€œI drop some clean clothes off for Darcy and I go pay a visit to Hugo,”

β€œIs that a good idea?” Jason said, β€œAren’t you being watched?”

β€œNot this time,” Sky smirked, β€œThey have a meeting with another gang,”

β€œWhich won’t happen because the cops are waiting for them,”

β€œYup!” Sky said, β€œAnd, they all have guns on them because it is an illegal gun trade. But to be honest, they probably won’t get arrested,”

β€œWhat makes you say that?”

β€œThey have some of the police force on their payroll,” Sky said putting some clothes in a bag and she turned to face Jason, β€œLeave at different times. Take the bag to Darcy,”

β€œWhat are you going to do?”

β€œI need to grab something from my flat and I want to speak with someone,”

β€œAnd who is that?”

β€œThe crackhead who lives in the ground floor,” Sky said, β€œHe might be high all the time but he is also really nosy. He might have an idea on who her attacker was,”

β€œBe careful,”

β€œI always am,” She smiled at him and waited for him to leave before, heading down to the guys flat.

She knocked loudly a few times and eventually the man opened the door.

β€œWhat do you want?” He asked, coughing out smoke.

Sky fanned the smoke away from her face, β€œDid you hear about Darcy?”

β€œYeah,” He said, β€œI heard,”

β€œDid you happen to see who it was?”

β€œWhat do you mean?”

β€œDid you see who she went up with?” Sky asked, β€œIt’s really important,”


β€œBecause I want to make sure that no other girls get attacked,”


β€œPlease don’t play games with me,”

β€œWhy?” He smirked, β€œYou’re just like her. Why would you care if it happens to another girl? It isn’t going to stop those hookers from being raped or beaten,”

The man sniffed loudly and spat on the floor next to her, β€œWhat do I get out of it?”

Sky looked around and turned back to face him. She grabbed hold of his shirt and shoved him inside, before slamming him on the floor, pulling her gun out and pressing it to his forehead. His eyes shot open and he lifted his hands up. She reached across to the front door and pushed it, letting it close slowly.

β€œYou get to live,” She said quietly, β€œTell me what you saw and I won’t shoot,”

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