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Sky was in her room when Axel and his friends came home. She peeked out the window and could tell they were pissed off with the way they walked towards the house. She felt herself smirking and went back to her bed to read. Although she had a feeling that someone would knock on her door and demand that she cook them dinner.

Jason had called her saying that the bust went well, but Axel and his gang got away without being seen. The group trying to buy guns from them were caught but weren’t telling the cops who the dealers were. It was obvious who it was and the cops knew they wanted to live.

Hence the reason they kept their mouths shut.

A few minutes later there was a loud knock on the door and she heard Axel call her. She rolled her eyes and called him in. Axel opened the door and kicked it shut with so much force, the cabinets shook. She watched him stop his way over to the bed and he fell face-first onto it, not saying a word.

β€œUm, can I help you?”

β€œNo,” He said, his voice muffled.

β€œCan’t you do this in your own room?”


Sky sighed, β€œWell if you are just going to do that I’ll read somewhere else,”

β€œNo,” He said grabbing her ankle before she could move, β€œI...I need to talk to you,”

β€œAbout what?”

Axel let out a muffled sigh and rolled onto his back, β€œUs,”

β€œThere is no us,” Sky shrugged, β€œIf that is it, you can leave now because-”

β€œI’m used to being in control,” He said quietly, β€œI have always been in control and I hate when I lose it. Everything I do is all about control. I have to have it and when I don’t, I get angry. Really angry. I’ve killed someone because I lost the control,”

Sky frowned, β€œWhy are you telling me this?”

β€œJake told me to talk to you,”

Sky rolled her eyes, β€œSo you can follow what he says?”

β€œNot really,” Axel muttered, β€œBut he said it might make me feel better and have you understand me more,”

β€œWhat if I don’t want to?”

β€œThen just shut up and let me talk,” He snapped, β€œThis isn’t easy for me,”

Sky swallowed the lump in her throat, β€œAlright. Talk,”

β€œI’m not used to feelings,” He said quietly, β€œFor me, feelings make you weak. Most of the feelings I have are anger or nothing. I’m controlling because I need it to feel powerful. I don’t like people going against me and when that happens, they end up dying. I kill them or I get someone to kill them for me. Someone owed me money and I gave them a week to come up with it or I would kill them and their family,”

Axel sat up keeping a hand on her ankle like he was scared she was going to run away.

β€œI didn’t get the money,” Axel said, β€œWe went to his house and he was there with his family. Riley and Zeke tied their hands behind their back and said that he had to give us the money then and there or we would kill his family members in front of him,”

β€œDid you?”

β€œI didn’t,” Axel said and looked at her, β€œHe begged to let them go but I turned him down. He had to choose the first person to die. Of course, he chose himself but that wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I made him take my gun and I made him shoot his wife,”

Sky's eyes went wide.

β€œI then told him he had 2 hours to find the money or I get him to shoot one of his sons,” Axel said with a shrug, β€œHe cried that he didn’t have the money and that his sons were innocent. But I didn’t care. He wasn’t doing as he was told and I was losing control. I don’t feel any remorse for the death of his wife or sons,”

β€œWhy would-”

β€œThe control I had in that situation had my blood boiling,” He said, β€œI loved every second of it and I enjoyed seeing him shoot his family,”

β€œWouldn’t he have tried to shoot you?” Sky asked quietly.

β€œYes, but I had Blake hold the gun with the man,” He said, β€œI didn’t get my money but I did get to see him arrested and sentenced to life in jail,”

β€œYou really are psychotic,” Sky whispered.

β€œYes,” Axel said, looking away, β€œBut this is what is confusing me. Can a psychopath feel anything other than anger, control and wanting to kill?”

β€œI don’t know. You tell me,”

Axel looked up at her, β€œI’ve been with girls before. Plenty of them but none of them make me feel the way you do. I don’t know what this feeling is and between you and me, it scares me,”

Sky's heart was racing and she couldn’t take her eyes from his.

She knew that her feelings towards him were bad and she tried her best to get rid of them. But nothing was working. As she tried to figure out what was going on in her head, she could feel herself slowly falling away from what she originally set out to do.

She was caught in a tangled love affair and it was slowly eating away at her.

β€œI’m obsessed with you, Sky,” Axel said, β€œI want your everything and I will do anything to get it. I hate knowing that men look at you. I hate knowing that other men had their hands on you. I want your life, Sky,”

β€œThen kill me,”

Axel shook his head, β€œNo. That’s not what I meant,”

β€œThen what do you mean?”

β€œI want your life to belong to me,” He said, β€œEverything about you, I want to be mine. Your body. Your soul. Your heart. I want it to be mine,”

Sky looked away from him, her heart in her throat. Her palms had become sweaty and she let out a shaky breath.

β€œYou can’t deny you feel the same way about me,” Axel said, β€œI saw your face when you caught me with Erin and...I’ve never felt guilt before. Ever. But when you came into my room to see that, I felt it,”

Axel grabbed Sky's arm and yanked her into him, hugging her tightly.

β€œSky,” He said quietly, β€œI don’t know if this is what I am feeling because I don’t know how to understand my feelings, but...I think I love you,”

β€œWhat, but you-”

β€œNo,” He said firmly, β€œI don’t think it. I do. I do love you”

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