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The silence in the room was deafening and Sky struggled to form words. Her eyes were wide as she stared up at Axel. He hadn’t said anything after his sudden confession and he let out a sigh, sitting next to her.

β€œWow,” He said shaking his head, β€œI was expecting a better reaction than that. I guess you weren’t expecting that,”

Sky shook her head, β€œN-no. I...I wasn’t,”

β€œWell there you have it,” Axel said, β€œMy emotions on a fucking plate in front of you. Do what you want with them but I don’t want to see you in Zeke's room again unless you ask permission from me first,”

β€œAxel, if you love me then stop treating me like I’m a possession,” Sky said quietly, β€œIf you want my respect then start treating me with it,”

β€œI’m trying,” Axel muttered, running his hands through his hair, β€œI’ve never been in this situation before so I want the control and I want you to belong to me. Can’t you understand that?”

Sky nodded but didn’t say anything. She sat up and rubbed the top of her arm not sure about what to say. She wasn’t expecting that to come out of his mouth no matter how many times Jake told her that he liked her. Not only that, she was originally sent there to bring the gang down for everything which included being major suspect of the murder of Dexter.

β€œI’ll try to share you,” Axel said and Sky looked at him, β€œI know that you aren’t a possession and I know that Blake wants a go. I sort of owe Zeke as well,”

β€œExcuse me?” Sky said, β€œAm I a fucking toy?”

β€œShut up, Sky,” Axel got to his feet, β€œI’m done with this conversation. Just think about it ok?”

β€œWhat’s there to think about?”

Axel narrowed his eyes and grabbed her face tightly, β€œDon’t test me, Sky. I’m not in the best of moods and I just told you I love you. I’m ready to snap,”

β€œWhy?” Sky asked, knowing why he was in a bad mood.

β€œIt has nothing to do with you,” He said, β€œJust don’t make me regret telling you how I feel. You won’t need to wake me up tomorrow. I have something to do and you have the day off,”

β€œTo do what? Why are you up?”

β€œWhy are you asking me so many fucking questions?” Axel exclaimed, β€œIs this because I told you that I love you?”

Sky found herself smiling, β€œWhat if it was?”

β€œYou are pissing me off already,” He said pushing her back on the bed by her face, β€œI knew I should have kept my mouth shut,”

β€œDo you regret telling me?” Sky asked as he walked towards the door, β€œOh, I see. You’re just going to ignore me now,”

Axel scoffed and opened the door and turned to look at her, β€œSince you have the day off tomorrow, you can do what you want. See that girl in hospital, talk to your hooker friends or even sleep,”

β€œAnd how am I meant to visit my friend without a car?”

Axel didn’t say anything and left her room, leaving the door open. She tutted and grabbed a hoody before following him out of the room. He looked over his shoulder and sighed, but carried on walking. Sky was pushing his buttons and she was enjoying it.

β€œYou walked away before answering me,” Sky said catching up with him as he walked down the stairs, β€œAre you going to answer?”

β€œI don’t need to,”

β€œWell, it doesn’t work like that,” She said, β€œYou said I can do what I want, so why not answer my question and I might be able to respond to your confession,”

β€œWhat confession?” Axel said looking down at her, β€œYou must be hearing things,”

Sky smirked as he walked into the main room where his friends were sitting. Axel dropped onto the armchair and Sky walked over to him, folding her arms.

β€œWhat do you want now?” Axel muttered, not looking up from his phone.

β€œI want you to answer my question and I will leave you alone,”

β€œI don’t remember you asking me a question,”

β€œSo you’re going to play like that?” Sky said, β€œOk. That’s fine. I guess I won’t remember you confessing your love to me,”

Axel's eyes went wide and his cheeks pink as he looked up at her, β€œWhat is your problem?”

β€œI can always ask someone else,” She said with a shrug, β€œThat’s fine. Zeke, how can I visit my friend at the hospital tomorrow if I-”

Axel's hand slapped over her mouth and he yanked her back so she sat on his lap. Her heart jumped into her throat as he wrapped his arm around her waist keeping her back tight against his chest.

β€œWhat is going on?” Riley asked.

β€œNone of your business,” Axel snapped.

β€œRight,” Riley said shaking his head, β€œLook, if you’re going to do this lovey-dovey shit, can you not do it in front of my face?”

β€œYou can always leave,” Blake said, shooting him a look.

Zeke held back a smirk and looked up at Sky, β€œTo answer your question, you can use one of our cars,”

β€œStop talking, Dixon,” Axel said.

β€œAlthough, if you ride a motorbike, you can use one of those,” He said, β€œI think you would look good straddling one of those,”

β€œI agree,” Blake said turning his attention to Axel, β€œStill willing to share her with me?”

Axel's grip tightened on me and he lowered his hand from my mouth, β€œYes. I mean she isn’t a...a possession,”

β€œI’m not-” Sky started but he covered her mouth again.

β€œYou can borrow one of the cars tomorrow,” Axel said, β€œWe will be out all day and won’t be back until late, so don’t ruin it,”

β€œWhat is she going to do about dinner?” Jake asked, β€œShe can’t cook for herself,”

β€œFor fuck sake,” Axel said, β€œI don’t care if she is cooking for herself. She can always cook for the other girls,”

β€œI’d poison them,” Sky said underneath his hand and he smirked.

β€œDon’t you have a brother?” Riley said and Sky’s heart dropped into her stomach and he smirked at her, β€œDid you think we couldn’t find that out?”

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