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Sky tried not to show any panic at Riley bringing up her brother and Axel lowered his hand from her mouth.

β€œEven if I do,” Sky said quietly, β€œWhy has that got anything to do with you?”

β€œNo reason,” He smiled slightly and he shrugged, β€œI was just thinking, why don’t you go to him if you don’t want to cook for yourself or for the other girls,”

β€œYou never say something for β€˜no reason’. Why did you bring that up?” Jake asked, tilting his head.

Riley rolled his eyes, β€œIt was a nice thought. She probably hasn’t seen him in a while so I just thought-”

β€œMy life isn’t what it used to be,” Sky said getting to her feet, β€œI don’t speak with him anymore because of the choices I have made. So stay away from him,”

β€œWas that you trying to threaten me?”

β€œRiley,” Axel said, β€œThat wasn’t a threat. But this is. If you go near her brother, I will kill you myself,”

β€œShe’s made you into a pussy, Axel,” Riley said getting to his feet, β€œShe’s just a hooker. What makes her so special?”

β€œAxel might be hooked on her, but don’t forget who she belongs too,” Blake said glaring at Riley, β€œSo, shut the fuck up and get out of here before I decide to shoot you,”

Riley scoffed and shook his head, β€œSomeone like her, should be back on the street where she belongs,”

Sky clenched her fists as he walked out of the room muttering to himself. Her heart was racing and she was struggling to keep her shaking away from the eyes now on her.

β€œDon’t worry about him,” Jake said, β€œHe’s probably in a bad mood because no one wants to sleep with him,”

β€œYeah, but it’s not like he hasn’t forced himself onto a girl before,” She said quietly, β€œI’m going to my room,”

β€œNo you aren’t,” Axel said, β€œNot when he is in a bad mood. I said I’d make sure he won’t hurt you again and-”

Blake sighed, β€œLet her go for fuck sake. If you’re that fucking worried I will walk her to her room,”

Axel hesitated, β€œOk. Fine. Just don’t touch her,”

β€œWill you stop me if she wants it?” Blake smirked, β€œAs one of my girls she still needs to prove her worth and you know that,”

β€œBut I’m not a-” Sky began but was cut off by Axel.

β€œPoint taken,”

β€œYou can’t be serious!” Sky said, β€œI’m not a god damn toy,”

β€œJust go to your room,” Axel said shooing her away, β€œI’m bored with your face,”

Sky felt her eye twitch, β€œOk. Then if you hear me screaming out his name in pleasure you can just ignore that,”

β€œWhat, you can’t-”

β€œLet’s go,” Sky said grabbing Blake by his tie, β€œWe can see if I can prove my worth,”

Blake's eyes went wide as she dragged him out of the room and she could hear Jake laughing.

β€œThis might not be a good idea,” Blake said, β€œIf he shoots me, I’ll kill you,”

β€œHe won’t shoot you,” Sky muttered, β€œJust walk me to my room and leave it like that,”

Blake sighed, β€œI knew you would be trouble the moment I laid my eyes on you. Suddenly appearing out of nowhere, bringing in the most money and catching Axel's eyes. You have a lot of explaining to do,”

β€œI can’t help it if I’m good at my job,” Sky said as they reached her room, β€œThanks. I’ll see myself to bed,”

β€œUh-huh,” Blake said, leaning on the wall next to her door, β€œGo ahead. Go inside without getting one of us to check if your room is free of Riley,”

β€œYou think he would go in there?”

Blake tutted, β€œThe guy beat and raped you. Of course, he would just go in there. Get out of the way because if he is in there, it gives me a reason to shoot him in the face,”

β€œIt’s funny how quickly you can turn against a friend,” Sky said as Blake stepped into her room, β€œWhy is that?”

Blake didn’t answer her as he searched the room and he sat on her bed, after telling her the room was safe.

β€œYou didn’t answer my question,”

β€œRiley has always been a pain in my ass,” Blake said with a shrug, β€œOver the years, I’ve been watching him. Since he deals with the account. Sometimes there isn’t enough money coming in or there has been too much going out,”

β€œWhy are you telling me this?”

β€œAxel trusts you so I should learn to trust you,” Blake said, β€œAnd since it is about Riley, it is about you,”

Sky rubbed the top of her arm, β€œCan’t you just get rid of him? Don’t gangsters do that?”

Blake looked over at her, β€œYeah but then we won’t know what his problem is with Zeke. You pissed him off again so you need to be careful,”

Sky rolled her eyes, β€œI seem to make a habit of pissing everyone off. I’m sure I have pissed Jake off as well,”

Blake smirked, β€œNot really. The only time you upset him was when you didn’t eat for the first few days you were here,”


β€œYeah, For some reason he thinks of you as a little sister,”

β€œAnd you?” Sky asked quietly.

Blake paused, β€œI don’t know. Someone who annoys the fuck out of me but is strangely likeable. I’m interested in you but not the way Axel is,”

Sky felt her face burn, β€œAxel is-”

β€œAngry, controlling, possessive and a bit of an asshole,” Blake said, β€œBut, it’s obvious he loves you. I’m guessing he already told you that,”

Sky nodded.

β€œAnd your response?”

β€œI told him to stop treating me like a toy,”

β€œYou know that isn’t going to happen, right?” Blake said and got to his feet, β€œJust try not to piss him off too much because even if he does love you, there will be a time where he can’t control his anger and hurt you. Maybe not physically but he isn’t used to feeling emotions other than anger,”

β€œI’ll try not to piss him off,”

β€œGood,” Blake said, β€œBecause if you do, you will have me to deal with,”

β€œWhat would you do?” Sky asked as he stepped closer to her.

Blake smirked, β€œYou don’t want to know baby girl. Lock the door when I leave. One of the girls will probably be sent up with some food,”

β€œNo,” Sky said, β€œI don’t want anything from them,”


β€œBecause they don’t like me and will probably try to poison me,”

β€œI can see why they don’t like you,” Blake said, running his thumb across her cheekbone, β€œYou are beautiful and sleeping with their precious master. They probably know that he loves you as well. I’ll send Jake up with food then,”

β€œThank you,”

Blake shrugged, β€œYou don’t need to thank me. Oh, before I go. There’s something I need to tell you,”


β€œWe knew you had a brother,” Blake said making her heart drop into her stomach, β€œBut we don’t know who he is nor do we care. But if we find out you have been telling him about us and what we do, we will kill him and then kill you,”

β€œI’ve not told him anything,” Sky whispered.

β€œGood girl,” Blake grinned, β€œAnd another thing. Axel will want to share you and when he does, I’ll just join in with your fun. Let’s hope you don’t mind being fucked by the both of us,”

Sky went to say something but Blake slammed his lips against hers, kissing her hard. His tongue slipped between her lips and when she tried to step back, he grabbed her waist, biting into her lower lip almost painfully.

"And I can't wait to fuck you, baby girl." He growled into her ear and left, closing the door.

Sky gulped and quickly locked the door, trying to regain her breath, "Fuck."

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