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Sky sat on her armchair sipping at her glass of wine when there was a knock on the door. Her heart jumped into her throat but when Zeke called through the door, she let out a sigh of relief and unlocked the door for him.

β€œWhy are you shirtless?” She asked as he stepped into the room, closing it behind him.

β€œI think we should have a chat.” He smirked and she cleared her throat, β€œDo I make you nervous baby?”


Zeke laughed, β€œI have that effect on women. Sky, how many glasses of wine have you had?”

Sky went a deeper shade of red when he spotted the empty wine bottles, β€œI’m not drunk if that is what you are asking.”

β€œI’d rather you be sober enough to claim what I deserve.”

β€œWhat do you mean?”

β€œAxel said it’s my turn.”

Sky’s eyes went wide and she stepped back, β€œNo! I didn’t agree with this to happen. I am not having sex with you and-”

β€œStop talking.” Zeke said, grabbing her chin, β€œIf you don’t want to be punished, you will call me master. Do you understand?”

β€œBut, I-”

β€œOne last chance,” Zeke said, pulling her face closer to his, β€œI’m not a patient man, Sky and you promised you’d give yourself to me for one night. Or do you not remember?”

β€œFuck.” She whispered, β€œBut I don’t-”

Zeke pushed her onto the bed and she shuffled backwards trying to get away from him but he grabbed her ankles and yanked her towards the edge of the bed.

β€œSky, you don’t need to be scared of me,” He said, putting his hand on her cheek, β€œI know what you went through but I’m not going to throw you into the deep end with my kinky shit. I’m not going to gag you and I won’t whip you. You have to trust me. It’s just sex.”

β€œI know but-”

β€œStop,” Zeke said, β€œMy dick has been begging to have your pussy since you walked around in that maid outfit and I’m going to fuck you. Just think I’m a client. I just won’t pay you.”

β€œZeke, I’m not...I don’t know.”

Sky saw his eyes darken and she began to pant in fear and slight arousal.

β€œOn your hands and knees. Now,” He growled and she quickly flipped over biting into her lip as Zeke ran his hand over her ass, β€œThis won’t hurt. Tell me if it hurts.”

Sky nodded and yelped when his hand came down, smacking her ass. Her heart was racing in her chest and she cried out again when he smacked her other cheek, rubbing his hand over her ass after.

β€œI think we need to remove your clothes,” He said, β€œGet up.”


β€œOk, what?”

Sky looked up at him and slowly undid the buttons to her shirt, β€œOk, master.”

Zeke groaned, β€œFuck. If Axel didn’t get his hands on you first, I’d make you into my sex slave. Strip. Faster. Good girl. Turn around and sit on your knees. I’m going to blindfold you now. Any objections?”

Sky shook her head and jumped when the cold material was pulled across her eyes.

β€œDo you want to tap out?” Zeke asked, pressing his naked body against hers, β€œOr would you like a word to scream when you can’t take it anymore?”


Zeke chuckled and kissed the base of her neck, β€œGood girl. Just say red and I will stop what I’m doing. Remember, I am not going to hurt you. I am going to pleasure you and while it might seem intense, it’s all for you. I won’t hit you, I won’t cut you and I won’t so anything that you aren’t used to. Ok?”


Sky yelped when he turned her and pressed her into the mattress, kissing her hard. She couldn’t help but groan into the kiss and notice the tongue piercing he had. She had never been with someone with a piercing and as he kissed his way down her body, she felt her arousal grow stronger.

β€œAh!” She gasped as he flicked his tongue over her nipple and she gripped the sheet tightly, not wanting to move.

Zeke looked up at her parted lips and smirked as he tugged her nipple between his teeth. Sky groaned and he spotted the door opening revealing Axel. His hair was still damp from his shower and he slowly made his way over to the armchair where he sat back to enjoy the show.

It hadn't been the first time Axel had watched Zeke tease the girls that worked for Blake, but this time it was different. He knew Axel would be turned on by seeing Sky being fucked and pleasured.

Zeke turned his attention back to Sky who was writhing underneath him and he sucked her nipple one last time before moving his hot mouth down her body. He pushed her knees apart but she quickly snapped her legs shut.

"Don't deny me access," Zeke said pinching her nipple making her cry out, "Open your legs. Now."

Sky whimpered but did as she was told, spreading her legs wide revealing her bare, glistening centre. Zeke carried on kissing her body, slowly moving up her inner thigh but never reaching her core.

He could tell that she was getting frustrated and wanted to cum but he wanted to play with her for a while. He wanted to see Axel get worked up and have to leave the room without touching Sky.

"I wonder what your taste like," Zeke said, blowing on her core making her shake slightly, "If you move your hands, I will stop. Do you understand baby?"

"Y-yes." Sky breathed heavily and then gasped when Zeke slapped the outside of her thigh "Yes, yes I understand, master!"

Zeke looked over at Axel after he heard him groan and Axel rubbed his erection through his trousers. Zeke shot him a look and Axel rolled his eyes.

"Let's see why the men kept coming back to fuck you."

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