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Zeke ran his tongue stud across his bottom lip when he saw Sky’s arousal drip down her inner thigh and he looked over at Axel who was rubbing himself through his trousers. Axel sent him a nod and Zeke turned his attention back to Sky who was panting in anticipation.

Zeke lowered himself onto the bed and kissed up her inner thigh making her jump slightly. The closer he got to her core the more excited Zeke became. The smell of her arousal was almost enough for him to skip foreplay and fuck her until she cum hard on his dick.

But he wanted to savour this moment because he knew he wouldn’t get the chance again. Zeke knew that Axel was in love with the girl and he didn’t want to end up dead.

β€œOk, baby,” Zeke said, β€œI’ve been dreaming of what you taste like since I saw you and how responsive you are.”

Zeke was quick to run his tongue up her pussy making her gasp loudly and he moaned, quickly pressing his tongue hard against her clit making her squirm. He hooked his arms under her thighs and pressed down on her stomach to stop her from moving.

If Zeke was with one of his normal hook-ups, they would be restrained tightly and unable to move with their legs spread wide. He wouldn’t let them orgasm until he wanted them to and have them beg to reach their climax. However, Zeke knew that Sky wouldn’t be into the hardcore BDSM and he enjoyed having her squirm under his tongue.

β€œFuck!” She cried out when he pressed his finger against her pussy and he smirked, sliding his finger into her slowly. Zeke sucked and licked as hard as he could until she was no longer able to form words.

Zeke pulled his mouth away and added another finger, β€œJust before you cum, I want you to scream loudly. I want you to scream how good your master’s tongue is. Tell me how you’re about to cum on your master’s tongue. If you don’t, you’ll suffer. Got it?”

β€œY-yes, oh fuck yes, m-master!”

β€œGood girl,” Zeke smirked and carried on his assault with his tongue making her move her body against his tongue. She was responsive and he found out why the men kept going back to her.

β€œO-oh!” Sky cried out and Zeke felt her orgasm building up from how she was tightening on his fingers.

It didn’t take long before she was screaming the words he wanted to hear.

β€œFuck!” She whimpered loudly, β€œM-master you tongue is s-so good. Y-you’re making me c-cum!”

Zeke curled his fingers up and she exploded. He quickened his pace with his tongue and fingers and pinned her down as she orgasmed hard. Zeke couldn’t help but groan as he lapped at her and she reached down pulling on his hair, trying to get him away from her.

Zeke slowly pulled away wiping his bottom lip with a smirk. He enjoyed seeing her still shaking from the orgasm and he glanced over at Axel who looked like he was struggling to stay away from her.

She was going to be in for a shock when Zeke removed the blindfold.

β€œOn your stomach,” He said and she slowly rolled onto her front just to earn a smack on the ass, β€œFace the window.”

β€œUm, th-the window?”

Zeke rolled his eyes and turned her so Axel could see her face.

β€œI’m going to fuck you now,” Zeke growled slightly β€œIt will be hard and you are going to orgasm more than once. Trust me, you’ll love it but I have a surprise for you baby girl.”

β€œO-ok,” She whispered.

β€œBeg me to fuck you.” Zeke said running his hands over her red ass cheeks, β€œWell? Beg me.”


β€œPlease what?”

β€œFuck me...master.”

Zeke found himself looking at Axel for permission and when he nodded, he rammed himself inside her making her almost choke on her breath.

β€œFuck,” He cursed, β€œYou’re so tight!”

Zeke gripped her hips tightly as he pounded her hard, their skin slapping hard against each other.

A string of inaudible words fell from Sky's lips and she gripped the sheet tightly, enjoying how rough Zeke was being with her. It wasn't something she was used to and even though Axel enjoyed rough sex, it was never like this.

In a way, she hoped that Axel would fuck her harder but then she shook those thoughts away knowing that she shouldn't be thinking like that.

"Oh, fuck!" Zeke grunted behind him, "You're tighter than I ever imagined. Fuck. I'm going to fill you up with my cum and make you scream louder than anyone has made you scream."

Sky hissed out in pain as Zeke changed the angle and he yanked her head back by her hair, forcing her onto her hands.

"Are you ready for your surprise?" He growled into her ear, "Are you ready to cum on my dick?"


"You're going to cum harder than you ever have." He said slapping her ass hard.

The softness of the fabric around her eyes was taken away and she slowly opened her eyes.

"What the fuck?!" She screamed out when she saw Axel sitting on her chair, "You fucking-ugh!"

"If you don't cum before I do," Zeke said, "You'll fucking regret it."

Sky's mouth parted as he reached between her legs and started rubbing his finger against her clit. Even though Axel was watching with his hand stroking his exposed dick, she was reaching her climax and part of her didn't care that he was watching her get fucked.

"O-oh, shit!" Sky yelled as an intense orgasm took over making black dots flicker in front of her eyes. Her body shook with pleasure and Zeke lifted her back against his chest by her breasts.

His breathing was heavy against her skin.

"I'm gunna cum so hard," He whispered and groaned, slamming himself as far inside her as he could, "Tighten that pussy on me...yes, fuck! Ugh!"

Zeke's thrusting slowed down and he let out a shaky sigh. He carefully laid her on the bed and pulled out, kissing across her shoulders gently.

"Aftercare is important," He whispered in her ear, "Are you hurt?"

Sky could barely shake her head and he brushed her sweaty hair from her face, looking down at her in concern.

"Are you hurt?"

"No," She whispered, "That was..."

"Intense?" He smirked, "Yeah. I know. Having someone watch you get fucked does that to you but I can see that I am no longer needed. I'm glad I got to fuck you Sky. I can sleep better knowing how tight that pussy of yours is."

Sky yelped when he smacked her ass again and she couldn't move.

The sound of the door opening and closing made her roll onto her back.

"Think you can handle one more round?" Axel smirked down at her, "I'm fucking hard for you, Sky."

Sky couldn't believe that she was nodding and he came between her legs.

"You're so beautiful." He whispered.

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