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Sky stood by her window, watching as Axel and the others got into their car to go about their business. A few minutes later, Erin, Sharon and Natalia got into a car and left her home alone.

This was the only time she could search the house without bumping into someone so she quickly called Jason and stuck her earpiece in to speak with him.

"Have they gone?” He asked as he answered.

β€œYeah,” She said sticking the phone into her pocket, β€œI’m going to search the rooms first and hope I find something. I’ll start with Zeke's because I would rather get that over and done with,”

"Why? Is he the one you think did it?”

β€œNo, his room is full of sex toys and strange devices relating to sex,” Sky said making Jason laugh, β€œI’m not a stranger to sex and I’ve known some kinky people, but some of the things in there just don’t make any sense to me. He was rough with me but I'm glad I didn't have to suffer those toys.”

"I really wish I was there to see this," He said, ”Take some pictures and send me the weirdest thing in that room,”

Sky tutted and pushed Zeke's bedroom door open, β€œThere is a wall full of whips and what looks like a tail attached to a dildo,”

"This is gold,”

Sky quickly went through his drawers and didn’t find much other than bills for sex toys, spreader bars and a sex swing, β€œHe is so kinky it’s weird,”

"You can’t deny you aren’t interested in what he has," Jason said, ”But please don’t sleep with him again,"

β€œDo you honestly think that I want to be hung up in a sex swing or be bent up like a pretzel while he-”

"No. It’s bad enough you are sleeping with their boss,”

Sky didn’t say anything as she left the room and headed to Riley's. It was a quick search but she found a pile of phone numbers with no names, so she took a picture of those and went to Jake's. His room was the cleanest but there was nothing of importance in there.

Blake's room was the same apart from the handcuffs in one of the bottom drawers and boxes of condoms. She made a quick search of Axel's then went downstairs for his office.

β€œShit,” She said.

"What? Are they home?"

β€œNo. Axel's door is locked,”

"Pick the lock or something," Jason said, ”You can do that right?"

β€œI’m not a criminal, Jason,” Sky said, β€œI’ll go back to his room,”

Even though Sky knew she was alone in the mansion, her heart was racing and she was on the edge, just waiting for someone to jump out at her. She searched the room again and wanted to hit something.

β€œI can’t find any key,” Sky said, β€œHe might have it on him,”

"You’ll have to get a copy of it or be in there when he is,"

β€œAnd do what? Tell him I want to search through his shit? Not going to happen,”

"I don’t know. Distract him or something,"

β€œJason, the only way to distract him is by using my body and I don’t think you will be too happy about that,”

"And you are?" Jason asked, ”Sky, please tell me you aren’t happy about that,"

β€œI...shit, Jason. I don’t know what is wrong with me,”

"You can’t fall for a suspect!” Jason exclaimed, ”What happens when he is arrested for the murder of Dexter? Your partner and best friend. Are you going to let him go?"

β€œNo, Dexter is-”

"Sort it out, please. Sky, I don’t want you to-”

β€œI’d rather not talk about this right now,” Sky said, β€œI have another problem and I need your help,”

"You aren’t pregnant are you?”

β€œWhat? No!” Sky said, β€œI’m not bloody pregnant. It’s about Tyler,”

"Oh. What happened?”

β€œI need him to be watched at all times,” She said heading back to Axel's office, β€œRiley knows about my brother. They all do and I’m worried that something bad will happen to him,”

"Why are you so worried about Riley?”

β€œI...I can’t tell you,” She said quietly, β€œNot now. When this is all over, I will but I need him to be looked after. Just make sure that you don’t worry him and tell him a lie,”

"Like what?"

β€œTell him that the guys watching him are practising or something. I know my brother is smart but he isn’t that smart,”

Jason sighed, ”Alright. I can do that. Sky, I have to go. Reece has called a meeting. A body showed up and it has The Red Devils written all over it,”

β€œOk. Look after yourself,”

"You too, Sky,” Jason said hanging up.

Sky let out a sigh and grabbed hold of the door handle, rattling it hard. She kicked it and tutted. She knew that she wasn’t getting in without a key so turned around, heading to the kitchen for something to eat. It didn’t take long for her to make something to eat and she walked back to her room.

She closed the door, locked it and chucked her hoody across the room, stretching her arms high above her head. She shoved her phone under the mattress again, putting it on silent and Sky yawned loudly.

Sky changed into a pair of shorts and a baggy white top that she had managed to steal from her brother the last time she saw him. Of course, he didn’t know that she had taken it but she needed something that smelt like her home. Being stuck in this house was starting to make her go mad and with Riley out to get her, she needed all the comfort she could get.

Her body felt exhausted and she curled up under her cover, closing her eyes. Since it was still early, she would have a nap and then take one of Axel's cars to visit Darcy in hospital. No one had gotten through to her friend and she was refusing to tell people who it was. Not even the cops could get a word out of her, but Sky had faith in herself and would get more information than the others.

Sky let out a small sigh and drifted off into sleep.

The front door closed quietly and Riley loosened his tie, before heading upstairs. His face was swollen after the fight he had with someone who owed them money. Blake had driven him to the hospital but he drove off, he called a cab to take him home. There were two guards standing at the hospital to make sure that he didn’t sneak out, but he climbed out of the window and walked the opposite direction to get back home.

There was a certain girl he had to deal with and he knew that no one would be home until much later. He smirked as he stopped outside her bedroom door and opened it quietly to see her asleep.

β€œPerfect,” He whispered and closed the door, locking it behind him.

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