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Sky moaned slightly when she felt a weight sitting on her thighs and she opened her eyes slowly just to scream. Riley slapped his hand over her mouth and grinned down at her.

β€œNow, now,” He said quietly, β€œWe wouldn’t want to make too much of a scene,”

Sky's eyes filled with tears and she struggled against him. Riley tutted and shoved his tie into her mouth and pinned her hands to the bed beside her head.

β€œYou are really pissing me off now,” He snapped, β€œYou told them, didn’t you? You fucking told them it was me!”

Sky quickly shook her head but punched her, making her vision blur slightly. She didn’t want to look up at Riley but he grabbed hold of her jaw, jerking her head around. Her nose stung from how hard he hit her and the blood trickled down the side of her face.

β€œI told you what would happen if you told them,” He said, taking the tie from her mouth, β€œIf you scream, I will beat you to death instead of having some fun with you. Do you understand?”

Sky started to cry, but she nodded. Riley tied her hands together with his tie and yanked her shorts down her legs and tossed them across the room. Sky's heart was thumping so loudly she thought Riley could hear it. But luckily it didn’t deafen her because she had to concentrate on fighting back.

Riley was too busy lifting her top up, biting into her exposed skin and without another thought, Sky lifted her leg up and kneed him in the side of the head, making him grunt. She quickly jumped out of bed but Riley grabbed the back of her shirt, tearing it slightly.

Sky spun around and elbowed him in the nose, making him cry out. She stumbled as she rushed forward and pulled her bedroom door open.

β€œGet back here you bitch!” Riley yelled and she looked over her shoulder to see him pull a gun on her. She ran around the corner and her feet were heavy as she ran down the stairs.

β€œGet away from me!” She screamed.

β€œI’ll fucking kill you!”

Sky whimpered as a bullet hit the wall next to her and she ran into the kitchen. She wiped the tears from her face and tried to undo the knot at her wrist with her teeth. She managed to undo it and silently thanked someone that the knots weren’t too tight. Sky grabbed at the knife sitting on the counter and dropped to the floor when he heard Riley call for her.

β€œI will find you!” He yelled, β€œAnd when I do, I am going to make you suffer! I am going to fucking hurt you and make you wish I would kill you faster when I fuck you!”

Sky crawled forward and held her breath as he walked by the kitchen. She carried on going and saw him walk into another room, still searching for her. She scrambled to her feet and tried to open the front door, but he had locked it and she didn’t have the key.

β€œDid you really think I would be that stupid?” Riley said making her jump, β€œI knew you would fight back this time. I had to be prepared.”

The sky turned around slowly and lifted the knife up, β€œI won’t let you hurt me again.”

Riley smirked, β€œAnd you think that knife is going to do anything against a gun? Don’t be so fucking stupid,”

β€œJust leave me alone,” Sky cried, β€œI’ve done nothing to you!”

β€œI don’t care. I only used you to get rid of Zeke.”

β€œWhy? What could he have done to you?”

β€œDoesn’t matter,” Riley said, β€œBecause once I am through with you, I am going to enjoy killing you and leaving you in Axel's room. Naked, sliced to pieces with my cum on your body. I want him to know how much you suffered in my hands.”

β€œI won’t l-let you hurt me!” She cried, β€œAttack Zeke without using me! I’ve got nothing to do with your shit!”

Riely sighed, β€œIf you really want to know, I’ll tell you. But it won’t do anything because you’ll be dead by the time they get back,”

Riley stepped forward and Sky lifted the knife again, making him laugh.

β€œI used to be friends with these guys,” Riley said, pointing the gun at her head, β€œBut I got bored with their laidback way of trying to take over the city. I decided to join forces with another gang because they thought more like me. I was their go-to person. I told them about the deals Axel was doing, the people they were after and they helped the targets out.”

Sky swallowed the lump in her throat.

β€œZeke started to catch on that something was up,” Riley said, β€œI knew he was weak against girls, and I knew that if I used his trademark then they would get rid of him and problem solved. But you fucking told them it wasn’t him!”

β€œI didn’t,” She whispered, β€œAxel guessed and I-”

β€œShut the fuck up, whore,” Riley snapped, β€œYou don’t get to say shit anymore. Your life is in the palm of my hands. And when you are dead, I’ll clear the fucking accounts and slip away. They won’t find me and they won’t put the blame on me because I know who you really are.”


β€œDid you honestly think I wouldn’t find out?” Riley laughed, β€œI did some digging and used someone to help me out. Turns out, you aren’t really a hooker. You are Skyla Channing and have been a cop for a good few years. You live with your younger brother, Tyler Channing who is currently studying law at the age of 23. Your parents were murdered and you still don’t know who did it. I know why you are undercover because your partner was killed. Who by the way, wasn’t killed by someone in this gang. Someone from another gang did it and I even know the reason but I won’t tell you because you are going to be joining him very soon.”

Sky felt the colour drain from her face and her heart stopped on her.

β€œHow cute,” Riley chuckled, β€œI never trusted you and I’m glad I raped and beat you. Did you honestly think you would get away with it? Once I kill you, I’m going to make sure that they know who you are. The money in the account will disappear just like me. So, please, attack me with the knife because I really do want to kill you. I might let your brother live though but I’ll think about it once I deal with you.”

β€œFuck you,” Sky whispered.

Sky screamed when Riley shot the wall next to her and the knife slipped from her hand.

β€œIf you pick that up,” Riley said, β€œI will put the next bullet in you.”

Sky whimpered and Riley motioned her over to him. Her knees shook as she forced herself to go over to him and he smirked.

β€œGood girl,” He said, β€œNow, where should I-ow! You fucking bitch!”

Sky shook her head after she headbutted him and she kicked him as hard as she could between the legs, making his eyes go crossed. He grunted and dropped to the floor, cupping his dick tightly. Sky grabbed hold of the gun and stepped back, pointing the gun at his head.

β€œGo ahead,” He said quietly, β€œShoot me. But everyone knows you couldn’t do that. A cop won’t kill someone innocent,”

The door opened behind her and she looked over her shoulder to see Axel and his friends. The smile dropped from his face.

β€œWhat the fuck is going on?”

A/N: Sorry this is a long one but meh. The longer the better right?
Stay weird <33
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