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Sky turned to see Riley get to his feet wincing. She quickly looked back at the boys standing behind her, now holding their guns.

β€œWell?” Axel asked, β€œSomeone answer the fucking question!”

Sky swallowed the lump in her throat, β€œI-I was a-attacked,”

β€œI can see that,” Axel said, glaring at Riley, β€œDid you want to explain yourself, Riley?”

Riley chuckled, β€œDo I need to? Maybe Sky should explain it to you. After all, she is hiding something from you all,”


Sky felt her heart stop and she looked at Riley, β€œYou were wrong,”

β€œAbout what?” Riley said, β€œNow, give me back my gun so I can kill you.”

Sky tightened her grip and shook her head, β€œYou said I wouldn’t shoot someone innocent,”

Riley's smile dropped slightly, β€œYou-”

β€œBut you aren’t innocent,” She said putting her finger on the trigger, β€œAre you?”

Riley's eyes went wide, β€œSky is a co-”

His words came to a sharp end and he dropped to the floor, bleeding out from the hole between his eyes. The gun was snatched from her hand and someone slammed her against the wall, trying to get her attention. But her eyes never left the dead body lying on the floor. Sky blinked a few more times and forced herself to look away from Riley, and she looked into the eyes of Jake.

β€œSky?” He said, her hearing finally coming back, β€œSky? You need to come back to me. I don’t want to have to slap you to attention,”

β€œI...” Sky paused and looked back at Riley, β€œHe attacked me.”

β€œI know,” Jake said, β€œBut you need to look at me. You are in shock, ok? I need you to focus on me,”

β€œHe was working with another gang,” Sky said, β€œBlake was right. He was stealing money,”

β€œShit,” Blake said, β€œI fucking knew it,”

β€œSky,” Jake said putting his hands on her face, β€œPlease, just focus on me,”

β€œHe attacked me,” Sky said, β€œI was asleep and he got into my bed. He punched me and then-”

β€œI know baby girl,” Blake said, β€œBut right now, you need to look at me. Ok? We can talk about what happened later.”


β€œI’m going to take you to the kitchen,” Jake said, β€œOk? I’ll wipe the blood away from your face and see if your nose is broken,”

Sky nodded and looked at Jake, β€œIt was a good shot though.”

β€œFucking brilliant shot,” Zeke said, β€œBetter than what I could have done.”

β€œThis isn’t the fucking time to be talking about this!” Axel shouted, β€œJake get her face sorted out.”

β€œCan you walk?” Jake asked and Sky nodded, but she took a step and her knees gave way, β€œThat would be a no.”

β€œGet out of the way,” Axel said moving Jake away from Sky. He knelt down and hooked his arms under her legs and picked her up. Sky held onto his neck and stared down at Riley again, β€œIf you look at him again, I’ll make you get rid of his body. Get him the fuck out of my house.”

His friends nodded and Axel walked towards the stairs.

β€œI’ll take Sky to my room,” Axel said, β€œCall me if you need help and-”

β€œNo,” Jake said, β€œLook after Sky. We can deal with this guy,”

Sky watched as Jake kicked Riley in the stomach and she rested her head on Axel's shoulder as he carried her to his room. He pushed the door open and kicked it shut, moving over to the bed.

Axel placed her on the bed and disappeared into his bathroom. He came back with a wet cloth and knelt between her legs, dabbing at the blood on her face.

She didn’t wince as he wiped the cloth over her nose and she just stared at the wall. Axel was gentle with her as he cleaned her face and he tossed the bloody cloth towards his washing basket. He pulled her to her feet and moved the duvet back and laid her down, pulling the cover to her chin.

β€œI...” He said, β€œStay here. I need to-”

β€œPlease don’t go,” Sky said grabbing his wrist, β€œPlease don’t leave me alone.”

Axel sighed, β€œSky I need to-”

β€œThere’s nothing you can do.” Sky said, β€œRiley is dead and it doesn’t take four men to drag a body out of the house...does it?”

β€œSky, he might be dead but I can still shoot him,” Axel said through gritted teeth, β€œI knew leaving him at the hospital was a bad idea. now look. He’s fucking dead and you are bruised,”

β€œI’m ok.” Sky said.

β€œYou shot and killed a man, Sky,” Axel said, β€œIf you said he was working for another gang, then they are going to-”

β€œThen don’t let anyone find out it was me,” She said, β€œSet it up. Put the blame on someone else and no one will-”

β€œShit,” Axel said, β€œWhy didn’t I think of that?”

Sky watched as he pulled his phone out and called his friend. The conversation was short and he ran his hands through his hair, sitting next to Sky. He slowly kicked his shoes off and looked down at Sky.

β€œAre you really ok or are you just saying that?”

β€œI’ve never felt better,” She said truthfully, β€œI don’t feel guilty for killing him.”

β€œYou let him off easy,” Axel muttered, β€œYou should have shot his kneecaps, then slowly worked your way up until he bled to death or made him pull the trigger with the gun in his mouth,”

β€œThat’s...that’s kind of crazy,”

β€œThat’s what I am,” Axel said, β€œHe hurt you. One bullet wasn’t enough for him.”

β€œAren’t you slightly upset?” Sky asked and Axel looked at her, β€œI’m just curious. You must have been friends for years and some random girl, me, just put a bullet between his eyes.”

Axel shrugged, β€œIf I am upset, it will go,”


β€œBecause I hated that bastard the moment I found out he raped and beat you,” He said getting to his feet, β€œMove over. If you don’t want me to leave you alone, then I’m not sitting here watching you sleep.”

Sky's heart skipped a beat and watched as he stripped down to his boxers.

β€œShit,” He said, β€œTake that top off. It has blood on it. I’ll get you a clean one.”

Sky did what she was told and let him pull his top over her head. He climbed into the bed beside her and snuggled up close to her, resting his hand on her belly.

β€œRiley was going to die anyway,” Axel said into the back of her neck, β€œI’m just pissed off that I didn’t get to kill him or make him suffer.”

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