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Sky had spent her free day sorting through her things and hanging her new outfits up in the small wardrobe, or lack of outfits. She had a feeling that the cops she worked with had fun picking the pieces of material out and if she got fake arrested, they’d throw even more comments at her.

Sky sighed and ran her hand through her hair, looking out of the window. The street lights had turned on and she slowly started to see prostitutes make their appearance. It didn’t take long for them to be picked up by people in cars and her heart wanted to stop on her when she realised that she had to pretend to be the girls she arrested. Sky never arrested them with the hope they got on the straight and narrow and the pimps gave up on them, but with what Darcy had said to her, there was no chance they’d escape.

A few men wandered over to a group of girls and Sky frowned at how quickly the girls ducked their heads. It was like they were scared of the men. Sky stepped onto the small fire escape she had and sucked in air when it rattled slightly, but it withheld her weight. She spotted a fiery redhead and knew it was Darcy straight away. Even from her flat, she could see how scared Darcy was.

Sky flinched when the man at the front slapped her in the face and grabbed her hair tightly. She couldn’t quite make out what he was saying to her, but Darcy kept nodded her head. He threw her back into the wall and walked away getting into a car with blacked-out windows. It sped off and the girls rushed over to Darcy to see if she was ok.

Sky went back into the flat trying to control her anger. She had to keep it under control or she would be found out or killed. Dexter's killer needed to be found first before she could let her anger take over.

Her phone began to ring and she answered it with a smile.

β€œHey, Ty. How’s it going?

β€œI’m bored without you at home," He complained, β€œHow long is your undercover thing going to last? I miss you,”

β€œIt’s been a day. I’m sure you can manage without me and for the length of my undercover thing, I don’t know. However long it takes,” She sighed and sat down on the dingy sofa, β€œTyler, I need you to listen to me,”

"If you are going to say β€˜if anything happens to me, just know I love you’, then you can fuck off,”

Sky chuckled, β€œNo but it’s something about me being undercover. I have a few places that you need to stay away from when the sun goes down. I want you to stick to the centre when you go clubbing. Ok?”

"You are worrying me, sis. Why did you tell me that?"

β€œIt’s for our safety. The case I’m on is dangerous and I want to make sure that you are safe,”

"Then what about you?"

β€œTy, I’m a big girl and I can take care of myself. Trust me,” She sighed, β€œWhen this is all over, I will take you on holiday. Of course, once you finished your studying and exams, we can get away for a while. Mum and dad always wanted us to get away when we could and we never did,”

"That’s because their lives were taken away too soon," Tyler said quietly, ”Sis, please be careful. I don’t want the police to show up on my door to tell me that you have been killed. It’s my biggest worry,"

β€œI’ll be ok. I promise,” Sky smiled, β€œLook, I have to go because I’ve not eaten yet. Make sure you eat properly and don’t burn the house down,”

"That won’t happen, Sky. I’m not that bad at cooking and I’m ordering takeaway tonight. My friends are coming over,"

β€œThen don’t smash the house to pieces,” Sky said, β€œI’ll try to call you when I can but with this case, I’m going to be really busy,”

"Yeah, yeah,” Tyler said, ”Skyla, I love you...ok?”

β€œI love you too,” Sky said and they both hung up.

Sky swallowed the lump in her throat and closed her eyes trying not to let her emotions take over. She couldn’t get distracted by her brother because all her focus needed to be on the case and bringing down the people who killed her best friend and partner.

The Red Devils needed to be wiped out before they caused more damage. It would be hard but she was willing to do anything to stop them before they killed more people.

There was a small knock on her door and she grabbed her gun, holding it by her thigh as she walked towards it. She looked through the peephole and opened the door to Darcy.

β€œYou need to put ice on your cheek,” Sky said, letting her step inside, β€œI saw him hitting you. What was that all about?”

Darcy shrugged, β€œI have some Chinese for you. I thought you would be hungry and I could so with some food. My regulars don’t come until later,”

Sky locked the door again and watched Darcy plate the food. Sky sat at the small dining table eating and she caught eyes with Darcy.

β€œWhy did he hit you?”

Darcy sighed, β€œHe got annoyed because he couldn’t see the new girl. But I was stupid enough to remind him that you didn’t start tonight. I should have just kept my mouth shut,”

β€œWhat’s the pimps name?”

β€œI don’t know his real name,” Darcy said, biting into her noodles, β€œThey don’t tend to reveal their identity just in case us hookers are arrested when they look for him,”

β€œA street name is still good for me,” Sky said, β€œI need to be prepared,”

β€œAre you always so organised?”

β€œWhat do you mean?”

β€œWell, you rearranged the cupboards and the place is cleaner than when I did it,”

β€œOh,” Sky said looking around, β€œI just thought I could make it feel a little bit more homely since I’ll be here for a while,”

β€œDid you want to clean my place?” Darcy smiled.

β€œDarcy,” Sky smiled, β€œYou are changing the subject. What is the pimps name?”

β€œBishop,” Darcy said, β€œThere are a few rumours behind his name but he’s one of the meanest pimps we have, so you need to be careful of him,”

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