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Sky woke up feeling restricted and she glanced down to see Axel wrapped around her, his head resting on her shoulder. For once his face was relaxed and the angry face she was used to seeing was now soft and almost innocent.

She felt herself lifting her hand to move the hair from his face. He moaned slightly and moved his face closer to her hand. A small smile appeared on her face and her heart started to race.

But her happiness was short lived when she remembered that she had to explain what happened between her and Riley. Sky had hoped they wouldn’t ask her questions but they needed to know what he had said to her.

After Axel had taken her up to his room, he didn’t leave her side and brought her something to eat so she didn’t need to leave the room. He left her alone to shower and when she came back out, he had clean clothes on the bed and helped plait her hair, which surprised her because she didn't think that someone of Axel's status would be able to plait hair or be gentle with a woman.

The more time she spent with Axel, the more she became confused about her feelings towards him. Deep down she knew that it was bad to fall for him but when he acted like that or treated her properly, she couldn’t help but fall harder.

But Sky knew it wouldn’t work.

Axel was the leader of the biggest mafia around and Sky was a cop who targeted criminals and tried to put them behind bars.

Sky let out a sigh and went to move her hand from his hair but Axel grabbed hold of it, making her gasp in shock.

β€œDon’t stop,” He mumbled, still sounding half asleep, β€œIt feels nice.”

β€œI need to get up.” Sky said quietly.


β€œI’m getting up.” She said, pushing him away.

β€œI don’t want you to go,” He yawned and stretched his arms above his head, β€œCan’t you just stay in-”

β€œNo,” Sky said walking into the bathroom. She shut and locked the door, letting out a small sigh. She couldn’t be like that around him anymore. She had to focus on her job no matter how she felt about Axel and she had to tell Jason that she had killed someone.

Sky did her morning routine and came back out to see Axel dressed and on the phone. She almost missed the boyish face he had when he was asleep but when he turned to look at her, she quickly looked away.

β€œYeah. Got it,” Axel said, β€œMake sure it does happen and we are prepared for the police to talk to us. Just get it done,”

Axel put his phone in his blazer pocket and Sky tried to avoid looking at him. But he walked over to her and grabbed her chin.

β€œDid you sleep well?”

β€œWhat?” She asked.

β€œHow was that difficult to understand?” Axel frowned, β€œJust answer the question,”

β€œI slept well. Surprisingly,”

β€œGood. So did I. Go back to your room and get dressed. We are going out.”

Sky frowned, β€œWhy?”

β€œBecause I’m hungry and I have a meeting,” He said.

β€œI’m not needed at-”

β€œUnless you want me to dress you, of course,” He smirked at her.

Sky sighed, β€œFine. I’ll get dressed,”

Axel chuckled as she walked away and she rushed by Riley's room to avoid thinking about what she had done the night before.

It didn’t take her long to dress and she chose comfortable. Leggings and a long top. Sky grabbed her hoody and checked her phone for any messages but found none. She rehid the phone and met Axel at the bottom of the stairs.

He looked up when he heard her coming and she felt her heart sink when the pool of blood from Riley was no longer there.

β€œWhat’s your problem?” Axel asked.

β€œHuh? Oh, I just...nothing.”

β€œOh,” He said looking at the floor, β€œNo one wanted you to see the mess so we got someone to clean last night. You don’t need to worry about Riley. You won’t be a suspect in his death. I’ve got it all covered,”

β€œI’m not worried about that,” Sky said. She knew that if she was a suspect and all evidence pointed at her, she’d get away with it. Reece would make sure that she did.

β€œThen what are you worried about?”

Sky sighed, β€œHe was working for another gang. One that wanted to bring you down. What happens when they find out their insider is dead and-”

β€œAgain, that’s not something you should be worried about. Me and the boys have it covered,” Axel tutted, β€œJust hurry up will you. I’m hungry and you are annoying me,”

Sky chose not to say anything and followed him to the car. One of the boys she had seen once before held the door open for her and she couldn’t help but stare at him. He didn’t often show up and the drawings she made of him didn’t do much help. It was like this person didn’t exist.

The drive was quiet and didn’t take long enough for Sky. She had no time to go over her thoughts and figure out a way to break into Axel's office. Even though Riley had said Axel had nothing to do with Dexter's murder, she didn’t want to believe him without searching the office.

β€œStop daydreaming for fuck sake,” Axel said and grabbed her wrist, β€œI’ve told you. I’m hungry and need to do something.”

β€œThat’s fine but you don’t need to drag me by my wrist,” Sky said and he turned to look at her, β€œStop treating me like a possession. I’m not a toy and if you carry on doing that I will have to put you on your ass in front of all these people,”

Axel's eye twitched slightly but he smiled, β€œI’d like to see you try, beautiful,”

β€œDon’t tempt me,”

β€œI might love you,” He said quietly, β€œBut I’d never let a girl kick my ass,”

Axel moved his hand from her wrist and took her hand instead. She shot him a look which he ignored and dragged her into the small restaurant.

As they walked through, people greeted him and stared at Sky, unsure of who she was and what to make of him holding her hand. Sky looked around and saw a few wanted criminals that she knew couldn’t be touched, so she ducked her head and ignored them sitting there eating breakfast.

β€œSky,” Axel said tugging on her hand. She looked up and saw an older couple sitting at a table watching her.

Sky looked up at Axel and back at the people sitting there making him sigh.

β€œSky,” He said, β€œThese are my parents. Mum, dad, this is my girlfriend Sky,”

Sky's eyes went wide. Girlfriend?

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