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Axel smirked at Sky's reaction and turned to see his dad stand up. Ever since Axel was a child, his dad never cracked a smile that didn’t have a hidden meaning. As a child, the only warmth he got was from his mum although she was just as crazy as his dad.

But when his dad held his hand out to shake Sky's, a smile appeared on his face. One that had no hidden meaning. One that showed some sort of appreciation.

β€œIt’s nice to meet you, Sky,” His dad said, β€œI’ve been wondering when my boy would introduce someone to us. At this point, we wouldn’t care if it was a fucking mutant.”

Sky almost choked on the air she breathed and Axel narrowed his eyes at her. He looked at her as she forced a smile and his mum looked her up and down, unsure about what to make of her. His mum looked at Axel and nodded.

She approved.

Axel let out a small sigh of relief and he pulled the chair out for Sky to sit down. Sky looked momentarily shocked but she quickly sat down and held her hands together on her lap as Axel sat down and put his arm around the back of her chair, lounging back as if they had been together years.

β€œIt was a surprise that you called me,” His dad said and Axel nodded, β€œIt must be important,”

β€œWas it just to meet your girlfriend or was it something else?” His mum said, sipping her drink.

Axel shrugged, β€œBoth,”

β€œHow do you hold a conversation with him, Sky?”

Sky looked up from her hands, β€œI wouldn’t call us talking a conversation, Mrs Dalton.”

β€œArguing then? And please, call me Yumi,” His mum smirked, β€œThis child doesn’t know when to hold his tongue. I can only imagine that he has gotten worse in his age,”

β€œMum,” Axel said.

β€œStop. I’m talking to her now,” His mum said, β€œUnless you want to interrupt me?”

Axel pressed his lips together and didn’t say anything. There was one person he couldn’t answer back to and that was his mother. It didn’t matter if he ran the biggest mafia in the city or how many people he killed, his mother was still the boss.

Over the years nothing changed but he also didn’t want to be seen as weak in front of Sky. But when he looked over at Sky, she was smirking obviously catching on that Axel couldn’t say anything to his mother.

His mother, Yumi Dalton, was a tough woman and at times, he knew that his father feared her.

β€œHe doesn’t like me being around his friends,” Sky said, β€œHe thinks I’m more of an object.”

β€œOh does he?” His mum said looking over at her son.

His dad chuckled, β€œWhat have I told you about being disrespectful towards women, especially those who are your girlfriend?”

β€œI’m not-” Axel began.

β€œBelieve it or not,” His mum said, β€œMy little koala has never been confident around women. It must be a struggle for him to be around you because you are more than just a hooker,”

Axel cleared his throat, β€œCan we not talk about this? And don't call me Koala.”

β€œIt’s true and shush. I've always called you Koala,” His mum scoffed, β€œYou were just a horn dog but I’m glad you found someone decent and from the looks of it, gets into fights. I like a girl who can fight her own battles and-”

β€œRiley punched her,” Axel said and his parents eyes went wide, β€œBut he also did something else to her,”

β€œI see,” His dad said coldly, β€œAnd where is Riley now?”

Axel smirked, β€œSomewhere with a bullet between his eyes. Blew out the back of his skull,”

β€œYou should have shot him more, Koala,” His mum said, β€œA man should never do that to a girl!”

β€œI didn’t shoot him,” Riley shrugged.

β€œHuh,” His dad said folding his arms, β€œI wouldn’t be surprised if it was Jake. He has a thing when it comes to women being-”

β€œSky shot him,” Axel said with a smirk, β€œShe didn’t even give us the chance to do it.”

β€œGood girl,” His mum smiled and reached over to take Sky's hand, β€œYou should have shot him where it hurt and worked your way up.”

Sky cleared her throat, β€œAxel said that as well,”

Axel clicked his fingers and a waitress came over to take their order. Sky didn’t get to decide because Axel ordered for her making his mum glare at him.

β€œSo, how long has this been going on between you and how did you meet?” His mum smiled at Sky and Axel sighed when Sky couldn’t find her words.

β€œWe have only just made it official,” He said, β€œI wanted to make sure that this was going to work and happen,”


Axel smirked, β€œShe’s stuck with me for the rest of her life,”

Sky and his parents gasped at the same time but Axel knew Sky's was in shock and frustration.

"Sky, I'm glad you've managed to get this one to stop fucking about in life," His dad said, "I'm Enzo and I'm glad that he has finally found someone who can stand up for themselves."

β€œEnough on the talk about us,” Axel said, β€œHow have you been?”

On the drive home, Sky hadn’t said a word and for once, Axel knew not to say anything. He kept his hands to himself as he watched Sky tap her foot on the floor and when the car came to a stop, she got out without looking or saying anything to him.

Axel let out a sigh and followed her into the house. He watched her yank her hoody off and stomp into the kitchen where he could hear the others.

β€œAre you going to say anything to me?” Axel asked, testing the waters and Sky turned around to look at him, β€œBy that look, it would be a no”

β€œI am not your girlfriend!” Sky said loudly and he heard the other girls gasp, β€œWhy the hell did you introduce me to your fucking parents as your girlfriend?!”

Axel blinked a few times, β€œI told you that I loved you,”

Sky let out a frustrated scream, β€œThat isn’t how it works!”

β€œWhere are you going?” Axel asked as Sky grabbed some snacks and started to walk away.

β€œI am going to my room and I am going to lock the door. You are going to leave me alone,”


β€œStop talking, Axel,” Jake said under his breath.

Axel lowered the arm he was going to grab Sky with and nodded, β€œFine. Be miserable with me but from this day forward, you are my girlfriend.”

His friends sighed and Sky shot him a filthy look as she walked out of the kitchen. When they heard a door slam in the distance they looked up at Axel.

β€œI didn’t expect that,” Blake said.

Zeke grinned widely, β€œLife just got more interesting. Let’s see how she reacts when you tell her you are going to share her with Blake,”

Axel tutted and sat down, lighting a cigarette and he shrugged, β€œIf you think I’m sharing her with you again then you have another thing coming,”

"Sure, her pussy is tight as fuck and she follows rules well," Zeke shrugged, β€œBut she is too vanilla for me. I don’t think she’d enjoy being whipped or choked. Oh and don’t forget the swing,”

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