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The wind was howling loudly and Sky pulled her scarf up to cover her mouth and nose as she walked down the road, heading towards the hospital. Axel and the others were out of the house and she couldn’t find the car keys, so had to walk most of the way. But of course, she was on edge thinking that people were watching her.

Since killing Riley, she was worried that the gang he worked for behind Axel's back would find out and target her. Riley's body hadn’t been found and Sky didn’t want to think about what they did with it. She just knew that if people discovered it was her who shot him, she was going to be shot at or her brother would be used to lure her out.

Sky felt her blood run cold when a car pulled up beside her and her hand went into her coat pocket to wrap around her gun, but the window rolled down and it was Jason. She let out a small sigh and swallowed the lump in her throat.

β€œWhere are you going?” He asked, β€œTo see Darcy?”

Sky nodded, β€œDay off?”

β€œYes and no,” He said, β€œGet in. I’ll give you a lift,”

Sky looked around before climbing into the passenger seat. Jason shot her a confused look before pulling back into traffic. The journey didn’t take much longer but Sky felt relieved to get a lift the rest of the way. Jason pulled into the hospital car park and turned the engine off before turning his body to look at Sky.

β€œThere’s something wrong,” He said, β€œYou are on edge,”

Sky nodded, β€œYou could say that,”

β€œWould it have anything to do with Riley?”

Sky's heart dropped into her stomach, β€œWhat do you mean?”

β€œWell, I spoke to Darcy,” He said and Sky felt her blood run cold.

β€œAbout what? Did she-”

β€œShe didn’t say anything about her attacker,” He said, β€œShe spoke about yours,”

β€œJason, I-”

β€œWhy didn’t you tell me?” He asked, β€œI could have helped you bring him down,”

β€œIt wasn’t that easy,” She whispered, β€œDo you realise how much power he had over me? I...I have never been so scared in my life Jason. He hurt me and I have to live with that for the rest of my life. What makes you think I could be so open with that and just tell you?”

Jason sighed, β€œI’m not saying you had to be open, I just wish I knew. I wish that I could have helped you and I don’t like the fact that you are still living in that house. With your god damn rapist!”

Sky gulped, β€œHe isn’t living there anymore,”

β€œI really don’t need you to lie to make this better, Sky,” Jason said, β€œI thought we were friends. I know that I’m still a new cop but-”

β€œNo, he isn’t living there anymore,” Sky said looking at him. Jason frowned slightly and Sky sighed, β€œHe’s dead,”

Jason blinked a few times, β€œWhat?”

β€œYeah but now isn’t the time to talk about that,” Sky said, β€œI need to talk to Darcy. I need to find out who did this to her,”

β€œShit. Riley is dead?” Jason said, β€œWell, I can’t complain because you are there to bring him down. Do you know anything about his death?”

β€œOf course,” Sky said, β€œBut Darcy is more important,”

β€œYou’re right,” Jason said, β€œI saw her yesterday but she is refusing to talk about who did this to her. She’s scared,”

Sky nodded, β€œWhoever did this to her is even more powerful than we thought,”

Later that night, Sky was still thinking about her conversation with Darcy. She never gave anything up and kept changing the subject. Sky had tried her best to get her friend to tell her even the smallest of details but nothing.

It was like Darcy didn’t want to bring that person to justice. Or she was just too scared of that person. Sky began to think that it was more than one person that attacked her. She wouldn’t be surprised if Riley had something to do with it, but with him out of the picture she had no chance of finding out.

Jason had told her that Hugo was at a loss because the semen they did find, didn’t match anyone and Darcy refused to talk to the police. He had said that he was trying everything he could to get her to talk by offering her witness protection but she kept her lips sealed.

Sky knew that if Darcy wasn’t going to talk, the case would be dropped and the person or persons who did that horrendous crime would get away with it. Probably to do it again.

Sky closed her eyes and rested her head on the bath side, closing her eyes. Even in her years of experience, there was nothing she could do. If the victim wasn’t willing to talk then there would be no case or prosecution. Not even being Darcy’s friend could get her to talk.

Sky's mind kept thinking that Riley was the cause of this. Sky was his target and he was smart. He knew how to get to her. Attacking her friend was a smart move and using other people to do it was even better.

β€œYou look deep in thought,”

Sky screamed loudly when she heard Axel's voice and she slipped under the water. She quickly resurfaced and gasped for air, flicking bubbles from her face. She coughed a few times and grabbed the edge of the bath, trying to calm her nerves.

β€œWhat the fuck is wrong with you?” She screamed, β€œWhy would you do that?”

β€œI did knock,” Axel smirked.

β€œYou can’t just break into my room!”

β€œI didn’t. You left it unlocked,” Axel said, leaning on the side looking down at her naked body covered in bubbles, β€œThe best decision I’ve made today,”

Sky reached over the edge of the bath to grab her towel but Axel quickly stepped on it, kicking it away from her.

β€œGive me my towel,”

β€œNo,” He said kicking it out of the bathroom. He closed and locked the door before leaning on the sink again, β€œWe need some alone time and since the boys are busy, I thought we could spend some quality time together.”

β€œI don’t want you near me right now,” Sky said through gritted teeth, her heart racing at the way he was licking his lips at her. She suddenly felt very vulnerable and tried to cover up her body. But her body was reacting to his look and she swallowed the lump in her throat.

β€œToo bad,” Axel said, pulling his shirt over his head, β€œBecause I could really do with relaxing right now after the day I’ve had, the water is still hot enough because it’s still smoking and the bath is big enough for the both of us.”


β€œIt would be best if you don’t argue with me on this,” Axel said, pushing his trousers down his legs, β€œI’ve had a very bad fucking day,”

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