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Axel settled into the bath behind Sky letting out a small sigh of relief as the hot water spread over his body. He felt tense and felt as if he could snap at any moment, but he did his best not to do it in front of Sky. He didn’t want to scare her and he wasn’t sure if it was the right moment to tell her about what Riley had hidden in a private office they found.

After Zeke had dug around in Riley's laptop, he managed to find a list of addresses which had nothing to do with their business. Axel decided to visit them and found something that angered him to the point of burning the building down. He knew that Riley was disgusting after what he did to Sky, but not to the point of keeping pictures or a video of what he did to her.

Axel ran his wet hand through his hair and stared at the back of Sky's head. Sky had her knees against her chest and kept her back to him making Axel smile at her being shy. He always wondered how she was hooker because she was so shy. However, he did know that she was still pissed off at him.

β€œRelax,” He said quietly, putting his hands on her shoulders, β€œI’m not here to fuck you,”

β€œYou have a boner,”

Axel glanced down and chuckled, β€œWhat do you expect? My very naked girlfriend is naked, wet and covered in bubbles. Any man would have this reaction after seeing you,”

β€œStop calling me your girlfriend,” Sky muttered.

β€œShut up and stop covering up,” He said pulling her against him, β€œI won’t touch you inappropriately unless you ask of course,”

β€œYou never listen anyway,”

Axel grinned, β€œStop arguing. Close your eyes and just shut up,”

Axel rested his head on the wall behind him and closed his eyes, keeping his hand on Sky's hip as she shifted trying to get comfortable.

A few moments later she laid her head back resting it just below his chin. Axel lifted his free hand and put it around her neck, running his thumb back and forth. He felt Sky let out a small sigh and he swallowed the lump in his throat.

He was finding it hard to keep his hands from roaming but he knew that sex wasn’t the answer. It would distract him from his thoughts for a while but it wasn’t the answer. Axel needed to sort out the gang that Riley was working for but he didn’t want to endanger Sky.

His hand at her hip ran across her stomach and hugged her, making her tense. He moved the hand from her throat and rested it on her shoulder, wrapping his arm around her neck.

β€œI’m sorry,” Axel whispered, β€œI’m sorry I couldn’t protect you,”

β€œWhat are you talking about?”


Sky tutted, β€œThere was nothing you could have done,”

β€œI was so busy trying to protect you from Zeke that I didn’t realise what Riley was capable of,”

β€œAgain, there was nothing you could do,”

Axel nodded, β€œI could have stopped you from killing him though. I was the one to leave Riley at the hospital with men that didn’t know what he had done. I was stupid and-”

β€œWho are you and what have you done with Axel?” Sky asked.

Axel chuckled slightly, β€œYeah. I guess this is your fault,”

Sky looked over her shoulder and lifted her eyebrow, β€œMy fault? That you’ve become soft?”

β€œI’ve become soft when it comes to you. Anything else, I have no feelings but you? Shit,”

Sky smirked slightly, β€œYou aren’t as bad as you thought you were. Your mum was right. You are weak to women, Koala.”

β€œIs that what you think?” Axel said, making Sky yelp as he spun her around pulling her chest against his, β€œThat I’m weak?”

β€œI said that you are weak to women,” Sky said quietly, β€œThere is a difference,”

β€œI’m not weak for anyone and don't fucking call me Koala,” Axel said, pulling her face closer to his, β€œYou’ve seen me around other women. You’ve seen me with the other girls that work here,”

Sky scoffed, β€œYeah. In more ways than I have wanted,”

β€œYou know that won’t happen again,” Axel said, holding her face, β€œIt was a mistake and I’ve told you how much guilt I held,”

β€œYeah, yeah,” Sky muttered.

β€œBeautiful, don’t be jealous,” Axel grinned, β€œYour pussy is the best I’ve ever had and you are addictive. There’s no way I’m giving you away,”

β€œAnd what makes you think I want to stay with you?”

β€œYou have no choice,” Axel said, his lips brushing hers as he spoke, β€œI’ll borrow handcuffs from Zeke if I have to. I’ll cuff you to my bed,”

β€œI’ll pick the lock,” Sky smirked, β€œThen you won’t find me again,”

β€œOh, baby,” Axel said, β€œI do love a challenge and trust me, I’d find you,”

β€œTrust me,” Sky whispered, β€œYou wouldn’t,”

Axel grinned once more before kissing her gently before his grip tightened on her face as she kissed back. It didn’t take long for the kiss to become fiery and passionate. Axel barely gave her enough time before his tongue was pressing against the seal of her lips waiting for her to grant him access. As Sky's lips parted and slipped her tongue into his mouth, kissing him harder.

Their breath quickened as the kiss deepened and his hands ran down her body squeezing her naked body where they went. He settled them on her ass and pulled her to straddle his thighs. A quiet moan slipped through her lips as Axel moved his kisses across her jaw and to her throat.

Axel nipped and sucked at her skin as he moved a hand between her legs, feeling the heat under his fingers. He moaned against her skin as she rolled her hips against his fingers and she rested her forehead against his shoulder.

β€œF-fuck,” Sky whispered as he slid his fingers inside and bit into his neck making his eyes go wide. Sky gripped Axel's erection and he sucked in air speeding up the movement of his fingers.

A knock on the door made them both jump and Axel glared at it.

β€œWhat?!” He hissed out.

There was a slight sound of something being unlocked and Blake opened the door, with a smirk. Axel glanced at Sky moving closer to his chest to cover her breasts and he rolled his eyes, not stopping the movement of his fingers.

β€œWhat do you want Blake?” Axel sighed, β€œI’m a little busy,”

β€œI can see that,” Blake grinned, β€œAnd as much as I’d like to join you both, we have a little problem,”

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