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Sky sat on the chair next to Darcy watching her put her belongings in her bag. Darcy hadn’t said a word to Sky when she arrived but Sky could see her glancing at the hickeys Axel had left on her neck. Sky rolled her eyes and got to her feet.

β€œSo,” Darcy said, β€œI take it that you’ve been having fun,”

Sky held back a smile, β€œHow did you know?”

β€œYou like him, don’t you?” Darcy said.

β€œYeah. More than I should,” Sky said quietly, β€œStupid, isn’t it? Considering my line of work,”

Darcy shrugged, β€œI suppose that won’t help when you arrest him but I guess you could just enjoy it for now,”

β€œMaybe,” Sky said, β€œAre you ready to go?”

β€œYeah. I have to figure out where to go after this,” Darcy said following her out of the room, β€œI don’t want to go back to the place where I was attacked,”

β€œYou won’t need to worry about that,”

β€œI don’t particularly want to go back to the street,” Darcy said just above a whisper, β€œI can’t do this anymore,”

β€œAgain, don’t worry about it,”

β€œSky,” Darcy said grabbing her arm as they reached the lift where Axel and the others were standing, β€œWhat have you done?”

β€œLet’s just say, that I can be very persuasive,” She smirked, β€œI also know how to work a man. I guess my feminine charms do work,”

β€œWhat did you do?” Darcy whispered.

β€œI told Axel that I didn’t want you going back to the place where you were attacked. I told him that I knew how it felt to be alone and if they were going to take you back there, then I would leave the house and go back to the streets,” Sky said, grabbing Darcy’s hand, β€œI may not be able to pay off your debt, but this is the only thing I can do for you,”

Darcy looked up at Sky, β€œWhat do they want me to do? They won’t want me to stay there for free. No one is fucking me or in love with me, Sky!”

Sky frowned, β€œIs that why you think I’m staying there for free? Because that idiot loves me and because he's fucking me?”

β€œNo, I just...I'm sorry. That was way below the belt when you have done so much to help me.”

β€œIt's alright. You are party right but you're not yourself. I understand that,” Sky said, β€œI have no choice and neither do you. I won’t let anyone do that to you again,”

Darcy ran her hands through her hair, β€œGrey won’t want me to stop walking the street. I’m-”

β€œCan you hurry the fuck up?” Axel called, β€œWe have places to be, remember?”

Sky rolled her eyes, β€œYou don’t have anything to lose, Darcy. It’s safe,”

β€œIs it?” Darcy muttered.

β€œIt’s as safe as it gets,” Sky said as a nurse was coming out of a room.

β€œOh, are you leaving Darcy?” Harley asked and glanced at Sky, β€œNice to see you again,”

β€œUm, Darcy you can leave first,” Sky said, β€œI have to talk to the nurse about something,”

β€œSky, if you don’t get your ass here now, I will-” Axel started.

β€œI have to speak with the nurse,” Sky said looking over at him, β€œI can get back by myself,”

Axel narrowed his eyes at her, β€œJake will wait in the car for you. Don’t be too fucking long. We have-”

β€œPlaces to be. Yes, I know,” Sky said and looked at the nurse, β€œAre you free to talk nurse?”

β€œOh, um, yes,” Harley said, flicking her eyes to Axel, β€œIf it’s ok for you to talk to me,”

β€œIt’s fine,” Axel said, β€œHurry up Darcy,”

Darcy looked at Sky before following the boys down the hall towards the lift. Sky let out a sigh and Harley led the way to an empty room. She closed the curtains and Sky sat down running her hand through her hair.

β€œIs everything ok?” Harley asked and she suddenly gasped, β€œYou’re pregnant aren’t you!”

β€œWhat? No! I’m not pregnant. Why does everyone think that? Jesus,” Sky exclaimed, β€œI take my pill and this isn’t what I wanted to talk to you about,”

β€œOh,” Harley said, β€œYou had me scared for a moment. What’s wrong?”

β€œJason said he sent some semen samples to you,” Sky said, β€œDid you manage to get them to the lab?”

β€œThey are still running them through the system but so far, they don’t match anyone we have on our system,” Harley said, β€œSky, is there a reason why you are doing this?”

β€œWhen Riley...hurt me,” Sky said, folding her arms, β€œI managed to take a swab of his semen. I know his DNA is in this system and I just wanted to know if it matched his,”

Harley let out a small sigh, β€œI can chase up the results but what if the police come along and ask me about why I have this sample?”

β€œTell them to call me,” Sky said getting to her feet, β€œLook, I want to find out who did that to Darcy and since she isn’t talking, I have to use the skills I have to get ahead of the game,”

β€œThis isn’t your case,”

β€œSo?” Sky said, β€œIf Riley had anything to do with this, then I might be able to find out who did this. He was working with another gang and I need to stop them before they hurt someone else,”

β€œYou never know how to switch off, Sky,” Harley smiled, β€œI admire that about you but sometimes you need to get on a plane and disappear,”

β€œI will,” Sky smiled, β€œBecause once this case is closed, a lot of people will be after me and I won’t be coming back for a very long time,”

Harley nodded, β€œAnd your brother?”

β€œNo one knows about him,” Sky said, β€œI’d like to keep it that way. My brother needs to finish his course and become a lawyer. He wants to go into criminal justice,”

β€œShame he didn’t want to be a cop,” Harley said, β€œHe would make a sexy cop,”

β€œOk, that is gross,” Sky said, β€œThat’s my brother!”

β€œI’m just being honest,” Harley laughed, β€œI have always thought he was hot and-”

β€œI’m leaving,” Sky said, β€œMessage Jason when you get the results. Anything will help right now and maybe there was a skin sample on that piece of fabric I gave you,”

β€œYou are very lucky my sister is a forensic scientist or none of this would be happening,”

"Don't worry, when this is all over, I'll buy you a drink."

"Just one?" Harley laughed, "You have to buy me a whole pub! But please, take care and stay out of trouble. Ok?"

"I'll do my best. Thanks, Harley,"

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