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The limo pulled to a stop in front of the club and someone opened the door for Axel and the others to get out. He turned and held a hand for Sky to climb out and he smirked when she took hold of it.

β€œTry not to make a scene this time,” Axel said in her ear and watched Darcy climb out of the car with the help of Jake, β€œWe are here for a reason and if you want to get the guy Riley was working with, then you need to do your job. Got it?”

Sky nodded and straightened the strap to her dress out, β€œI’ll behave,”

β€œGood girl,” Axel said tipping her head up and kissed her gently, β€œI’m hoping for a good show,”

Axel slipped his arm around her waist and held her close as they walked into the club. They moved away from the staircase down and went into the lift. The ride down was silent and Sky glanced at Darcy who was playing with the necklace she wore.

The doors opened and Jake led Darcy out and followed one of the waiters to a table closer to the stage. Everyone sat down and ordered a drink but Sky was feeling uneasy. Axel was running his finger over the exposed skin on her back as she looked around the club.

It was much different to the normal clubs that Axel had gone to and with the burlesque girls and the random girls dressed up as bunnies or other sexy outfits, Sky felt more comfortable here than the others.

Soft jazz music played in the background and an Etta James song came on, making Sky want to sing along to it. The men who sat in the club had expensive suits on and the women dressed classy.

Sky had gotten used to seeing women wearing practically nothing that it felt nice to be able to wear something she felt comfortable in. But it wasn’t going to last long because she had a job to do and she wasn’t looking forward to it.

β€œMaybe you should have a drink,” Darcy said, quietly beside her.

β€œNot a bad idea,” Sky muttered and reached for the bottle of red wine sitting on the table. She poured herself a large glass and downed it quickly, β€œWould anyone care if I drank the whole bottle?”

Axel smirked, β€œIf we were at home, no but you need to be sober to get on that stage,”

β€œI can’t be sober and get on that stage,”

β€œYou were a hooker,” Blake said, β€œWhat’s the problem with dancing on stage?”

Sky looked over at him, β€œBecause I’ve never had more than one person stare at me while I’ve been dancing. I need to be tipsy at least,”

Blake tutted, β€œWe should have picked someone else. I’m sure Darcy would have done it,”

β€œNo,” Jake said, β€œShe’s only just come out of the hospital. Sky is more than capable of doing this. Aren’t you Sky?”

Sky nodded, β€œIf I’m tipsy but I don’t know how to dance!”

β€œDon’t worry about that,” Darcy smiled and patted her hand, β€œNo one will care because they won’t be looking at your dance skills.,”

β€œTrue,” Axel said.

β€œExactly,” Zeke smirked, β€œYou would only need to show your ass to get peoples attention,”

β€œNow why would I want to show you my ass?” Sky muttered.

"I've seen it before so what's the problem now?"

β€œStop,” Axel said, β€œYou get up there and you do what you have to. If you do it right, then we will get our man. Got it?”

β€œAre you sure they are here tonight?” Sky asked.

β€œThey are always here,” Zeke said, grabbing his drink, β€œHey, look at that girl. Haven’t I had sex with her?”

Everyone turned to look at the girl standing at the bar and Blake nodded.

β€œYeah, you have had sex with her. Along with half the men in this club,” Blake said leaning back in his chair, β€œShe also has her arms around one of the gangs we think Riley was working with,”

Darcy looked over her shoulder, β€œHe calls upon some of the girls,”


β€œHe mostly uses the same girl,” Darcy said, β€œBut he hasn’t been there for a while,”

β€œWhich girl?” Blake asked.

β€œLucy,” Darcy said, β€œBut she turned him away last time so that’s probably why he doesn’t go to her anymore. It looks like he found someone he thought was better,”

β€œWell,” Zeke said, β€œThat girl knows how to suck dick, that’s for sure,”

β€œOh my god,” Jake sighed, β€œI think we understand that you need your dick sucked but now isn’t the time to be thinking about that,”

Zeke grinned, β€œGuess I’ll just have to use my fleshlight even though it isn’t the same as the real thing,”

β€œUse your fucking hand if you have to,” Axel snapped, β€œBut now isn’t the time about getting your dick sucked or fucked. Keep focused,”

β€œI’d rather talk about that,” Sky said, β€œIt’s distracting me from having to get up on stage and dance which I have never done before,”

Axel tutted, β€œThen just think that I’m the only one in the room. But make sure you dance to catch their attention. Use the chair. Use the fucking pole for all I care, just get his attention,”

Sky nodded and Jake poured her another glass of wine, but this time she sipped at it, letting the warmth drip slowly down her throat. She let out a small sigh and looked at the hand that was now on her thigh. She went to smack it away but her heart stopped in her throat when she spotted someone she knew.

β€œI need to use the bathroom,” Sky said quietly and got to her feet, β€œI’ll be right back,”

β€œDon’t be too long,” Axel warned and she nodded, and tried not to rush away from the table.

Sky could feel people watching her as she swayed her hips towards the door for the toilets but she pressed forward ignoring the men trying to hit on her. She pushed the door open and walked further forward.

Before the man could go into the men’s toilets, she grabbed the scruff of his blazer and almost threw him into the disabled toilet. She stepped inside and locked the door. Her eyes were narrowed as she forced the man against the wall and she caged him in with her hands. He looked at her with wide eyes full of confusion and he went to speak, but she beat him to it.

β€œWhat the fuck are you doing here?”

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