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β€œWhat the fuck are you doing here?” Sky hissed out.

β€œMy friends invited me out,” Jason said, β€œWhy are you here?”

β€œFuck,” Sky said, quietly, β€œYou need to go. Please, just go to another club!”

Jason frowned, β€œWhy? And why are you covered in hickeys again?”

β€œThat doesn’t matter,” Sky said, feeling her cheeks burn, β€œI have a job to do and it is going to be so fucking awkward with you here,”

β€œYou aren’t getting new clients are you?” Jason asked and Sky gave him a look, β€œSorry. You aren’t a hooker. My bad. Why are you here?”

β€œKeep your voice down,” Sky whispered, β€œThe gang that Riley was spying for is in this club. I haven’t been told what is going to happen but I’m not an idiot. I have to get their attention so Axel can deal with them,”

β€œYou are meant to stop them from killing people, Sky,”

β€œI don’t care if gangs kill each other off,” Sky said, β€œOne less job for us but I need you to keep away from me. I don’t want you hurt and I especially don’t want to see someone put a bullet in you,”

Jason sighed and ran his hands through his hair, β€œAnd I made the effort to look good. I was looking forward to this night because I was fed up of the normal clubs,”

Sky stepped back and looked him up and down, β€œVery nice,”

β€œStop,” Jason grinned, β€œYou’ll make me blush,”

β€œI didn’t realise your hair had grown so much,” She said, β€œIt looks good and...stop distracting me with your good looks,”

β€œSorry that I’m so good looking,” Jason said, flicking his hair still smiling, β€œSky, you told me that Riley knew who you were. Do you think he told the gang?”

Sky blinked a few times, β€œI don’t think so. Well, I hope he didn’t anyway. But I still need to find out who attacked Darcy. I also need to get to the bottom of who killed Dexter. Riley said it wasn’t Axel and-”

β€œYou believed him?”

β€œI don’t know what I believe, Jason,” Sky said, β€œI’m confused, ok?”

β€œOh shit,” Jason said, β€œYou like him, don’t you?”


β€œAxel,” Jason said and Sky averted her gaze, β€œI knew this was a bad idea. I knew we should have just gotten an arrest warrant and taken him down,”

β€œWith what evidence?” Sky said, β€œHe has police working for him. I wouldn’t be surprised if they helped get rid of the evidence of all the crimes that he has been responsible for,”

β€œAnd how are you going to bring him down?” Jason said, β€œHow could you if you like him?”

Sky shrugged, β€œI’ll let you know when the time comes. I should get back before they come looking for me and please, find another club. I can’t get up on stage with you here,”

β€œWhat a waste of a good suit and aftershave,” Jason muttered.

Sky smirked at him, β€œYou look hot, though. I’m sure others would agree so is it a waste?”

Jason blushed, β€œShut up, Sky,”

β€œI’m just telling you the truth,”

β€œY-yeah well, you look h-hot as well,” Jason stuttered.

β€œI know,”

β€œYour brother would go mental if he saw what you were wearing,” Jason said, his eyes zeroing in on her breasts, β€œNot much left to the imagination,”

Sky smacked his chest making him look at her face, β€œThey are boobs, Jason and please keep your eyes on my face. It’s awkward enough as it is,”

Jason smiled, β€œSorry but I’ve already had a few drinks and they look great,”

Sky rolled her eyes and opened the door, making sure the coast was clear before heading back to her table. Halfway there, someone with a firm grip grabbed her wrist and tugged her into their body. She went to say something but recognised the man.

β€œI’ve not seen you before,” He said, with a smirk, β€œThis has to be my lucky night,”

Sky held back what she wanted to say, so smiled at him, β€œWell, isn’t that a charming thing to say,”

The man chuckled, β€œIf you aren’t doing anything, why don’t you sit with me and my boys? It’s always good to get to know the new faces around here,”

Sky walked her fingers up his chest, β€œCute, but I’m here with some men already. But thank you for the offer. If I get bored I’ll be sure to come looking for you,”

He grinned widely at her and sent her a wink, β€œYou can come looking for me anytime you want, baby. I’ll be sure to keep a lookout for you,”

β€œThen let’s hope I get bored with the people I’m with,” Sky said, quietly, β€œIt was nice to meet you...sorry, I didn’t catch your name,”

β€œYou certainly have a way with words,” The man said running his thumb softly over her bottom lip, β€œI’m Nico De Luca,”

β€œNice to meet you, Nico De Luca,” Sky said, β€œI’ll leave you to carry on with what you were doing,”

β€œAnd your name is?”

Sky smirked, β€œYou can just call me baby,”

Nico grinned widely and winked at her, β€œSee you around, baby. I hope to see more of you,”

Sky blew him a small kiss and swayed her hips back to the table, trying not to make it look like she was nervous. Axel looked up at her with a glare before it dropped noticing the uneasiness in her.

β€œWhat happened?”

Sky let out a shaky breath, β€œI have his name. The one at the bar,”

β€œShit. You met him?” Jake said, β€œDid he hurt you or-”

β€œNo. Nothing like that,” Sky said, grabbing her drink, β€œBit touchier than I would have wanted but he didn’t hurt me,”

β€œI’ll kill him,” Axel said under his breath not realising that Sky had heard him but she ignored it and took a gulp of her drink.

β€œWhat is his name?” Zeke asked.

β€œNico De Luca,” Sky said and ran her hand through her hair. She looked up and frowned at the guys staring at her, β€œWhat?”

β€œI didn’t recognise him,” Blake said quietly, β€œFuck. This can’t be good,”

β€œIs he that bad?” Sky asked.

β€œHe was a friend of ours,” Jake said, β€œBut something happened and he wasn’t our friend. That is all we are telling you right now,”

β€œTo think that Riley would turn his god damn back on us for someone like him,” Axel said through gritted teeth, β€œThat prick better hope I don’t see him in hell,”

β€œIs it a good idea to go ahead with this plan?” Zeke asked, β€œWe can’t have-”

β€œWe don’t have any other choice,” Axel said, β€œIf Riley was working with Nico behind our back, then we need to do what we can to bring him down. I won’t have a repeat of what happened,”

β€œBaby girl,” Jake said, β€œYou better head backstage to get ready. The girls know you are coming and will help you get dressed. Just remember to have fun and if you catch eyes with Nico, keep his attention,”

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