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Song to listen to or the song she danced to, Etta James - This is a man’s world

Backstage, girls were rushing around trying to get ready for their set and Sky let out a frustrated sigh. She was certain that there was another way to get Nico's attention and she did a pretty good job of doing it, just walking by.

β€œCan I help you?” A girl said, stepping in front of Sky, β€œOnly dancers are allowed back here,”

Sky sighed again, β€œAxel sent me and-”

β€œYou must be Sky,” She said, with a sneer β€œFollow me. I’ll show you to the girls Jake assigned you,”

The other girls made their loud talk into hushed whispers as Sky walked by them and the girl pushed a door open to reveal a couple of girls laughing with each other.

β€œShe’s here,” The girl said pushing Sky inside, β€œMake sure she doesn’t ruin the night for the rest of us,”

The girl slammed the door shut and Sky looked over at the girls standing up.

β€œWhat’s her problem?” Sky asked.

β€œShe’s got it bad for Axel,” One girl said, β€œEver since he came into this club with a girl on her arm, she’s had a stick up her butt. I’m Freya. This is Jenna, Sara and Chelzi is the one downing the shot,”

β€œAre you ready to shake your ass on stage then?” Jenna smiled at Sky.

β€œNo,” Sky said, β€œI’m not really a dancer,”

β€œGirl, you don’t have to be a dancer to get men’s attention,” Sara said walking over to Sky.

β€œI’m pretty sure you do, but ok,” Sky said.

β€œWe know why you are to dance on stage,” Chelzi said, β€œJake mentioned you were needed to get someone’s attention but in that dress, you won’t,”

Sky looked down at her dress, β€œWhat is wrong with it?”

β€œDon’t get me wrong, it’s a beautiful dress,” Freya said, β€œBut if you haven’t noticed the girls who dance in stage wear costumes,”

β€œZeke helped pick one out for you,” Sara said and grabbed Sky's breasts making her jump, β€œI’m sure these girls will look great in it,”

Sky slapped her hands away and glared at her, β€œIf you touch me like that again I will break your hands,”

Sara laughed, β€œThey were right! Sky is feisty. I love it and honey, I do love a challenge,”

β€œBehave,” Jenna sighed, β€œCome on. Your stage is coming up and we need to have you ready,”

β€œWould you like any tips on how to dance on stage?” Chelzi asked, β€œI’ve been here a few years and know how to get attention,”

β€œMaybe,” Sky said feeling her heart race.

β€œConfidence,” She smiled, β€œIf you go out there and feel awkward, everyone is going to notice. Just lose yourself in the music. We have the perfect song for you to dance to. There will be a chair and a pole. You can choose to dance with both, one or none of them,”

β€œFuck,” Sky muttered, β€œI’m not sure I can do this,”

β€œDon’t worry,” Sara said, patting her head, β€œGet some more booze down you and you will go out there and smash it,”

β€œExactly,” Freya said, β€œAnd I sort of want to see you rock your shit. The girl that brought you here has been the number one girl since she started. We all want her to look like someone rubbed her fake nose in shit,”

Sky found herself smiling, β€œI’m sure I could do that,”

β€œThere’s the confidence we need,” Jenna laughed, β€œNow, would you like a few shots while you get ready?”

Axel sipped at his whiskey waiting for Sky to step onto the stage.

There had been a few other girls who danced before her and managed to get everyone’s attention, but he wasn’t interested. Sky was the girl for him but he was nervous about it. He didn’t want her to fuck up because they needed Nico to be interested in her.

But then he was worried that she would get too much attention and he would have to resort to violence. This club was a neutral ground for a lot of the gangs running around the city and if he started something, he would have a hit on his head.

Axel almost scoffed. It wouldn’t have been the first one but as one of the strongest mafia’s out there, he wanted to keep the peace as much as he could.

Axel went to say something to Jake who was talking quietly to Darcy, but the lights dimmed and a song began to play. He placed his drink on the table and turned in his chair to face the stage. His mouth went dry when the spotlights focused on the girl standing in the middle of the stage and he felt his dick harden in his pants.

Sky hadn’t looked so good before and just the way she moved her body made him think he was the only one in the room. He felt himself swallow the lump in his throat as she ran her hands up her body and over her breasts until they went through her hair. She turned slowly and straddled the chair, leaning back whilst biting into her lip.

β€œFuck,” Zeke muttered, β€œShe’s made my dick go hard,”

β€œMe too,” Blake said but Axel ignored them and carried on watching Sky roll her body and smirk as she reached for the pole. Her eyes closed and she spun around the pole with one hand and leg wrapped around it.

The room was full of tension as he noticed everyone had gone silent as they watched the unknown dancer do her thing on stage. Axel knew first hand how she could move her hips and how flexible she was, but seeing her dancing like that on stage made him want to install a pole in his room and get her more outfits so she could dance like that for him.

Sky pressed her back to the pole and held onto it above her head, slowly swaying her hips side to side as she went down into a squat. Axel let out a shaky breath as she slowly crawled forward, her eyes catching his. It felt like the air had been sucked out of him and she knelt at the front of the stage, once again, running her hands all over her body.

Axel was so caught up in seeing her dance on stage, she hadn’t even realised that the dance was over until people were on their feet clapping and cheering. He quickly got to his feet at the same time as his friends clapping her and when another song started to play, he dropped onto his seat looking over at his friends who were shifting in their seat.

β€œHoly shit. Who knew a bunny could be so sexy?” Zeke said, trying to subtly rearrange his hard-on, β€œDo you think she got his attention?”

β€œShe caught everyone’s attention,” Darcy said quietly, β€œI’ve just seen Nico walk towards the stage door,”

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