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As soon as Sky stepped back into the room, the girls were pouncing on her squealing.

β€œOh my god!” Jenna said, β€œYou did amazing!”

β€œI thought you said you couldn’t dance,” Chelzi smirked.

β€œI wouldn’t call that dancing,” Sky muttered, β€œThe shots probably helped,”

β€œThey always do,” Sara said reaching around Sky to grab her boobs, β€œShame the girls didn’t fall out,”

Sky elbowed Sara in the stomach making her gasp in pain, β€œStop touching them!”

β€œI can’t help it!” Sara complained, β€œThey are just begging to be grabbed by me,”

β€œJenna, if you don’t stop Sky will kick your ass,” Freya said with a grin, β€œPlease tell me that you are going to be working here now, or was that just a one-time thing?”

β€œOne time...I hope,” Sky said, β€œI’m going to get changed now and then I am going to-”

Her sentence was cut short with an angry-sounding knock on the door. The girls looked at Sky and rolled their eyes.

β€œWe all know who that is,” Freya muttered and the door swung open almost hitting the door behind it, β€œAli are you here to congratulate her?”

Ali scoffed and folded her arms across her ample sized breasts, β€œNo, I’m telling her to never dance again,”

β€œWhy?” Sara frowned, β€œBecause she was better than you?”

β€œI only let you dance on stage because Axel begged me,” Ali smirked, β€œOf course, he had to do more than begging and it had been a while since his cock has been buried inside me,”

Sky gritted her teeth, β€œIf you don’t have anything else to say, you can leave. I have to get changed,”

β€œWatch your back because Axel will realise what a-”

β€œThere you are, baby,” Nico said, walking up behind Ali, β€œI was hoping you would come to me after the dance,”

Ali turned to face him, β€œI had to talk to her,”

β€œOh,” Nico said looking at Ali, β€œI wasn’t talking to you,”

The girls giggled quietly behind Sky and she swallowed the lump in her throat from the dark look Nico was giving her. He smirked and crooked his finger at her, beckoning her to walk near him.

β€œYou better go,” Chelzi said under her breath, β€œIt’s what Axel wanted. His attention,”

β€œCan a girl not get changed?” Sky asked, tilting her head.

Nico grinned widely, β€œI happen to like you in that outfit,”

β€œI’m sure you do,” Sky smirked, β€œBut I want to get changed. You will have to wait,”

β€œNot many girls fight me,” Nico said moving Ali out of his way and he stopped in front of her, adjusting the bunny ears on her head, β€œI’ve never seen a bunny look so sexy. You certainly managed to get my attention and trust me, it isn’t easy,”

β€œHmm,” Sky said, as he tucked her hair behind her ears, β€œIf you think this will make me interested in you, you are wrong,”

Nico laughed slightly, β€œBaby, I’m probably more interested in you for now. But I’m sure we can change that,”

β€œDon’t count on it, sweetie,” Sky smiled.

β€œI’ll be seeing you around, baby,” Nico said, leaning forward to kiss her on the cheek gently and he ran his thumb over her bottom lip, β€œI’ll win you over. I always do,”

Nico winked at her before he turned to leave the room. Ali shot her a filthy look before she slammed the door behind her and Sky let out a shaky breath. She ran her hands through her hair and turned to see the other girls staring at her with wide eyes.

β€œHoly crap,” Freya said, β€œDo you have any idea what you just did?”

β€œJake said you were meant to get his attention, not turn him away!” Sara said, β€œThose tits of yours won’t make me forgive you,”

β€œReally?” Jenna said.

β€œYou are forgiven my beautiful boobed goddess,” Sara said.

Chelzi tutted, β€œAre you sure that was a good idea turning him away?”

Sky nodded, β€œI don’t want him to think I’m easy. I’d rather him keep coming back so not to raise any suspicion,”

β€œI don’t think Axel will be happy about that,” Freya said biting into her bottom lip, β€œHe told us to-”

β€œI wouldn’t worry about him,” Sky muttered, β€œCan someone undo the back? I’d like to wear normal clothes now,”

β€œI hope this doesn’t come to haunt you,” Sara sighed, β€œAxel is mean. Really mean,”

β€œHe has never hit a woman before but he can-” Chelzi began.

β€œDon’t worry about me,” Sky said as Freya helped her out of the outfit. Sky quickly pulled on her dress and stepped back into her heels, β€œUm, thank you for helping me relax,”

β€œI’ll help you relax some more if you want,” Sara said throwing her arms around Sky, pressing her body against hers, β€œI can treat you really-ow!”

β€œHands off,” Jenna said, smacking Sara’s ass again, β€œIt was lovely to meet you,”

β€œJust make sure you come to see us every now and then,” Chelzi smiled, β€œYou were more fun than we thought,”

β€œOr,” Freya grinned, β€œYou can give us your number and we can chat more often?”

β€œNot happening,” Axel said making all the girls scream in fright. They turned around to see Axel standing with his friends. Darcy wasn’t there so she had hoped she was still at the table with Jake.

Sky's heart leapt into her throat, β€œI was just coming back out,”

Axel rolled his eyes and motioned to her head, β€œYou’ve still got the bunny ears on,”

β€œOh,” Sky said reaching up to take them off, β€œI didn’t realise,”

Axel smirked, β€œLet’s go,”

Sky sent a small smile to the girls and took Axel's outstretched hand. He led her back to the table and she kept a lookout for Nico, hoping he wouldn’t suddenly appear. But life was never that simple and Axel came to an abrupt halt when Nico stepped in front of him.

β€œAxel Dalton,” Nico said, β€œWhat a pleasant surprise. I didn’t think this was your sort of scene,”

β€œNico De Luca,” Axel said with clear venom in his voice, β€œI’d like to say the same thing to you, but I don’t like you,”

Nico chuckled, β€œI see you managed to convince her to sit with you. A hard nut to crack that one,”

Axel smirked at him, β€œNot as tough as you think. She just wasn’t interested in you. Why would she be when she has someone like me?”

Nico carried on smiling at Axel, β€œWe’ll see about that Axel,”

β€œEnjoy the rest of your night, Nico,” Axel said through gritted teeth.

β€œSee you around, baby,” Nico said winking at Sky as they walked by, β€œBecause I’m not about to give up,”

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