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Axel was finding it hard to control his anger but knowing what would happen if he started something in this club was sure to keep it locked away. For now.

β€œYou looked amazing on stage,” Jake smiled at Sky as they sat down. Axel saw his friend glance at him and carried on talking to Sky, β€œWho knew that you could move like that?”

β€œThe alcohol helped,” Sky said quietly.

β€œDon’t worry about Nico,” Blake tutted, β€œHe isn’t smart or brave enough to try something here. This club is neutral grounds, so if he does start something he’ll have more than us going after him,”

β€œUm, Axel,” Jake said, β€œDid you do anything on the way to get Sky?”

β€œNo,” Axel snapped, β€œDon’t ask stupid questions,”

β€œIt isn’t a stupid question when the owner of the club is walking over,” Jake snapped back.

Axel looked up and cursed as the owner put a chair at their table. His hard features and a thin scar running across his face showed that he always meant business. Axel leaned back in his chair and looked up at the two standing either side of his chair. Even though Axel was angry, he was smart enough not to mess with them.

β€œIt’s been a while since you’ve been in my club, Axel,”

β€œI wanted to show off my best girl,” Axel said, gesturing to Sky who was staring at her hands, β€œI’m not here to cause trouble, Julius,”

Julius smirked, β€œI didn’t say you were. I was just wondering why you are here,”

Axel shrugged, β€œChange of scene. I see you’ve upgraded the girls,”

β€œAnd your girl is too scared to look at me,” Julius said, β€œSign of disrespect, don’t you think?”

β€œFar from it,” Axel said, β€œWhat brings you to my table Julius?”

β€œBusiness,” He said looking over at Sky, β€œTell her to look at me,”

β€œAnd if I don’t?”

β€œDo you want to see what I would do to her?” Julius asked, β€œI’m not like you, Axel. I’m not afraid to hurt a woman,”

β€œAnd if you ever lay your hands on her, I will take them,” Axel smirked.

β€œWas that a threat?” Julius said, narrowing his eyes, β€œThis club is neutral which means the peace has to be kept,”

β€œTake it how you want,” Axel said with a shrug, β€œWhat business do you have with me and my boys?”

Julius chuckled, β€œYou’ve always been a brave one Axel but you are in luck because I have business with you. If I didn’t, then we would have a problem and that girl of yours would be mine,”

β€œYou think I’d let you take her?” Axel scoffed and he shook his head, β€œTalk because, after her performance, I need to get her home and show her what it did to me,”

β€œAlong with most of the men here,” Julius said, β€œApart from Jake of course. The freak of nature only likes men,”

β€œShut up,” Sky snapped and Axel's eyes went wide, β€œHe likes men. Big fucking deal. There is no need to be rude about it,”

β€œYou fucking-”

β€œYou talk about respect and peace, yet here you are being-mmph!”

β€œEnough,” Axel said covering her mouth and glaring at her. He lowered my mouth to her ear and spoke quietly, β€œUnless you want us all to leave in a god damn body bag. Shut the fuck up, Sky,”

Sky moved her face away from Axel and got to her feet, β€œI need to use the restroom,”

β€œDarcy, go with her,” Blake said.

β€œTry not to get into any fights,” Julius said looking Sky up and down, β€œAlthough it would be interesting to see how you-”

β€œCarry on threatening her, Julius and I will happily break the peace,” Axel said almost growling at him, β€œYou are here to talk business, not to threaten my girl,”

Julius chuckled, β€œAlright. We can go to my office,”

β€œThis better be fucking good,” He said getting to his feet, β€œI’m bored of seeing your face,”

β€œAren’t you always?” Julius smirked, β€œBut this is important and it will benefit us both,”

Axel quickly downed his drink and followed Julius through the club with his friends bringing up the rear. Axel looked around the club and frowned when he saw Sky walk into the back followed by someone in a suit, Darcy stepping in after them.

β€œWho the hell was that?” He said under his breath and clenched his fists trying to brush off the unwanted feeling.

Julius led the way upstairs and to his office. He dropped onto his seat behind the desk and pointed at the chair in front as his two men stood either side of him glaring at Axel's friends.

β€œWhat business do you have for me?” Axel said.

Julius pushed a brown envelope across the desk, β€œI have a way to bring down De Luca and his boys,”

β€œWhat trouble do you have with them?” Zeke asked.

β€œAxel, I didn’t realise your bitches could speak,”

Blake put his arm across Zeke's chest to stop him from walking and Axel turned back to look at Julius.

β€œUnlike your boys, mine can say what they want,” He said, β€œI also don’t take their tongues,”

Julius laughed, β€œThat hasn’t happened to all my boys. These still have their tongues,”

β€œThen answer Zeke's question,”

β€œYou’ve become soft,” Julius said, β€œIf anyone was to find out about that, you’ll become a target. Either that or that new girl you have,”

β€œJust answer the question,”

β€œNico has been stepping over boundaries,” Julius said lighting a cigarette, β€œA few drug deals here and there in my territory. I’ve given enough warnings to him but he doesn’t listen. He thinks that because he has more men he can get away with it,”

β€œNot a surprise,”

β€œHe’s beaten a few of my girls to the point where they refuse to tell me who it is,” He tutted, β€œYou don’t touch one of the girls and think you can get away with. They might not tell me who it was, but I’m not an idiot,”

β€œI had a feeling it was him who hurt Darcy,” Blake muttered.

β€œHe can get away with it,” Julius said, pointing his cigarette at Axel, β€œBecause he has his dick in all the right holes. Jake's probably jealous,”

β€œCarry on talking shit about Jake and I will let Nico take your gang down,” Axel said, glaring at Julius, β€œMy boys aren’t going to be treated like you treat yours. Do you fucking understand?”

β€œYeah, yeah,” He said waving his hand around, β€œAnyway, he’s working with some dirty cops. Cops that we don’t pay. Cops who are either so high up we can’t touch, or cops we have never seen or heard from before,”

Axel ran his hand through his hair, β€œHe’s going to bring us all down,”

β€œBy using one of your guys,” Julius said, β€œSo, where is Riley?”

β€œBottom of the ocean,” Axel said and Julius smirked, β€œDid you think we wouldn’t find out he was a snake?”

β€œIt took you long enough to figure it out,” Julius shrugged, β€œI only found out after I did some digging,”

β€œYou mean your boys did some digging?” Axel smirked, β€œAnd I can’t take all the credit for figuring it out,”

β€œOne of your bitches?”

"Zeke caught him taking my money and we were waiting to find out where he was transferring it to,” Axel said, β€œSky was the one that exposed his ass,”

β€œAnd who is Sky, exactly?”

β€œMy new girl,” Axel smirked, β€œIn fact, she was the one to kill him. Problem solved,”

β€œThat’s what you think,” Julius sighed, β€œKilling Riley won’t take away the problem,”

β€œDealing drugs in someone’s territory can be dealt with,”

β€œThat isn’t the worst of it,” Julius said, pointing at the brown envelope, β€œMy boys found something very interesting and I think you should have a look at it,”

Axel reached forward to take the envelope and Julius grabbed his wrist, gripping him hard.

β€œI hope you take care of the problem inside this,” Julius said darkly and let him go.

Axel opened the envelope and took the photos out and it was like his breath was trapped and his heart dropped into his stomach. He flicked through them and slid them back into the envelope, getting to his feet.

β€œYou can break the neutral rule tonight, Axel,” Julius said leaning back in his chair, β€œI’ll deal with those who get in your way,”

A/N: I have decided to make this book into 2 books because it is SO long and I've added more chapters. On Wattpad it has 106 chapters. There is a second book but it will now be the 3rd in the series.
This will come to a stop soon but the next book will be out quickly.

Stay weird. Stay fierce <33
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