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Sky felt so out of place standing on the street corner with Darcy, who didn’t seem to have a care in the world. She knew that Darcy had been a prostitute for a while but Sky wasn’t sure if she’d ever get used to it.

β€œDon’t look so uncomfortable,” Darcy said as cars drove by searching for their next hook up, β€œI don’t want you called out on your first night,”

β€œI know,” Sky muttered, β€œBut I’m not comfortable. Where is this Bishop?”

β€œHe won’t show up for another few minutes,” Darcy said, β€œI have to tell you the rules about him before you get the pleasure of meeting him,”

β€œThere are rules?”

β€œImportant ones,” Darcy said, β€œDon’t keep eye contact for too long, make sure you don’t argue back and just do as he says. He probably will be nice to you to start with, but I can’t guarantee that,”

β€œI’m going to have a hard time not arguing,” Sky said, β€œI’ll do my best but I’ll make sure he doesn’t hit you again,”

Darcy smiled, β€œA slap to the face is nothing, Sky. Trust me. Get ready. He’s here,”

Sky glanced up at the car that pulled up beside them and Darcy elbowed her in the side, as she lowered her head.

β€œSky, don’t stare at him,” She whispered, β€œYou’ll get in trouble,”

β€œAh, sorry,”

The man got out of the car with his two men following him. Sky bit her cheek to stop herself from going over to him and punching him straight in the face and she felt Darcy link her hand in hers.

β€œYou must be the new girl,” He said walking over to them. Sky caught his eyes and had to force herself to look away, β€œI’m glad Darcy has told you of my rules, but I’ll let you off today since it’s your first night. You can look at me,”

Sky gulped back her anger and looked up at the man, β€œYou’re Bishop?”

Darcy squeezed her hand and Bishop chuckled, β€œI’m sorry, Bishop. I didn’t get round to-”

β€œIt’s ok, Darcy,” Bishop said, β€œShe will learn the rules but I’m feeling nice today. I’ll let her off. Darcy, you better get going and let me talk to her alone. Ok, baby?”

Darcy nodded, β€œYes Bishop,”

When Darcy had moved away, Bishop leaned on the wall next to Sky, with a smile on his face.

β€œYou are a very beautiful girl,” He said, running his fingers through her hair, β€œI’m so lucky to have the pretty ones. Remind me of your name beautiful,”

β€œSky,” Sky said, moving her head slightly away.

β€œYou don’t dress like a hooker,” Bishop said pulling her into him and he took a big sniff of her neck, β€œYou smell amazing. I can’t wait to show you the ropes,”

Sky pushed him away slightly, β€œYou’ll have to pay,”

Bishop had a flash of anger shoot over his face but he smiled, β€œI see we have a smartass. Well, let me give you a little warning, beautiful. If you ever push me away again, you will have me and my boys to deal with. It won’t be nice for you and I don’t care. The more pain you are in the more pleasurable it is for me,”

Sky didn’t say anything even though she wanted to.

β€œGood girl,” Bishop said, β€œDress more like one of my girls or I will have to get rid of you,”

β€œNo,” Sky said and cursed internally, β€œI mean, if I dress like other girls then I wouldn’t stand out. If I stand out aren’t I likely to bring more money in?”

Bishop laughed and shook his head, β€œI like you, Sky. Count yourself lucky but if you go against me again, then consider it your last day on Earth,”

Sky smirked, β€œAnd if you touch me again without paying, consider it your last day on Earth,”

Bishop’s smile fell from his face and Sky knew she had fucked up. She quickly stepped away and lifted her hands in surrender.

β€œI’m sorry, I just-ugh!” Her head snapped back as he sent her a right hook and she smacked it on the wall. Sky clutched her bleeding nose and Bishop grabbed hold of her hair and yanked on it, bringing her face into hers.

β€œI’d watch your fucking mouth,” He growled, β€œI’m king out here. I can get rid of your existence within a second,”

Sky yelped again when he kneed her in the stomach and shoved her onto the floor. Sky clenched her fists and as Bishop went to kick her, a black Rolls Royce limo pulled up beside them. The door opened and 7 men climbed out.

Bishop stood up straight, β€œMr Dalton. What are you doing here?”

"Holy shit," Sky thought as the men approached Bishop.

β€œLet’s go for a drive,” He said and Sky spotted Blake Grey walking over to her. He squatted next to her and held his hand out.

β€œLet’s get you on your feet,” He said and Sky took his hand, letting him lift her to her feet, β€œI’m sorry this happened to you. Bishop get in the car,”

β€œWait!” Sky said, making everyone look at her, β€œI, uh, nothing,"

β€œNo,” Axel Dalton said, β€œWhat were you going to say?”

It wasn’t often that Sky was lost for words or had any feeling for fear just being around men, but these had men had something around them that just screamed danger. Sky let out a shaky breath and Blake handed her a tissue.

β€œFor the blood,” He said pointing at her nose.

β€œOh,” She said, β€œThanks,”

β€œWhat’s your name?”

Sky looked up at him, β€œSky,”

Axel smirked slightly, β€œThen Sky, tell me why you told me to wait,”

Sky looked over at Bishop and clenched her fists. Before anyone could stop her she shot forward punching him straight in the face as hard as she could. Bishop grunted in pain and as he fell back, she grabbed hold of his hair dragging his head down towards the knee she was lifting up.

Bishop dropped to the floor and she stomped on his hand in her heeled boots. She bent down not caring that her ass was on show and snatched her bag up from the floor. Sky turned to face The Red Devils who were just staring at her with wide eyes, obviously shocked that a girl just kicked a pimps ass.

β€œThat’s why I told you to wait,” She said and a familiar car pulled in front of the limo. Jason popped his head out then quickly pulled it back in, β€œExcuse me. I have work to do,”

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