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Sky rinsed her hands and let out a sigh. The alcohol was finally taking its toll and she was a starting to feel more than tipsy. She looked at herself in the mirror and wondered how long this was going to go on for. Sky could feel herself slipping away from the cop she once was and was worried that this case was becoming too deep for her.

Axel had strangely tugged on all her heartstrings and she had fallen. Something that was never meant to happen but she had tried her best to steer clear of any emotional attachment but it was too late. Not only for Axel but for Jake who looked after her during the trauma she suffered in the hands of Riley.

Even Zeke's flirting made her start to like him. Blake was yet to win her over but it was starting to happen. Especially when he showed her a rare gummy smile.

β€œFuck,” She said, running her hands through her hair, β€œDexter, I’m sorry. I’m failing you,”

There was a sharp knock on the door and Sky took a deep breath and opened it to a very angry Axel. She glanced over her shoulder to see his friends ushering people away from the toilets with guns in their hands and her heart dropped into her stomach.

β€œMake sure no one comes through that door,” Axel said, pushing Sky back into the disabled toilet, β€œTake Darcy home and the cop to the basement,”

Sky managed to keep her eyes from widening and Axel slammed the door, flicking the lock. She glanced at the gun he held tightly in his hand and she looked back up at his face, trying to keep her composure.

Sky swallowed the lump in her throat, β€œWhat’s going on?”

β€œDon’t fucking talk to me,” He said pushing her against the wall, β€œDid you think you could keep it from us? From me?”

β€œWhat are you talking about?”

β€œDon’t act fucking innocent!” Axel said, raising his voice, β€œI didn’t think you were that fucking stupid!”

β€œAxel, I-”

β€œIf more lies are going to come out of your mouth,” He growled, β€œI’ll hurt you,”

β€œWhat...what do you w-want to know?” Sky whispered.

Axel let out a bitter laugh and shook his head, β€œI fucking trusted you Sky and you’ve made me look like a god damn idiot!”

β€œI don’t-”

Axel punched the mirror next to her head making her gasp, and turn to look at the blood pouring from the open wounds in his knuckles. Her heart was racing and didn’t dare turn to look at him. She hadn’t really felt any fear towards Axel but right now, she could feel her fear start to take over and it made her feel sick. Her lips were parted and she was panting with worry that he was going to hurt her.

β€œDon’t push me, Sky,” Axel whispered, β€œNot right now,”

Sky's mouth went dry and she didn’t say anything. Her eyes were glued to the blood now coating the sink next to her. Her stomach rolled once more when she saw shards of glass poking out from his knuckles, clearly buried deep from how hard he punched the mirror.

β€œY-you need to g-get to a d-doctor,” She whispered.

β€œShut. Up,” He growled and moved his fist from the mirror.

Axel picked at the glass sticking from his knuckles and dropped them into the sink, letting the sound echo around. Sky's heart felt like it was about to stop when he lifted his eyes to look at her and her blood ran cold.

β€œI-I can e-explain,”

β€œOh, you fucking will,” Axel said lifting his bloody hand to her throat, squeezing slightly, β€œI despise being lied to and I really want to fucking hurt you right now,”

β€œP-please don’t,” She whispered, feeling her eyes burn with tears, β€œI c-can tell you-”

β€œStop. talking,” He said tightening the grip on her throat, more blood flowing freely from the deep cuts and down her throat and trickled between her breasts β€œYou’ll get your chance to fucking talk when we get back and if you even think about telling me a fucking lie, I will put a bullet in either your head or that fucking cops head. Are we clear?”

Sky nodded quickly.

β€œMove,” Axel said through gritted teeth.

β€œLet me j-just put s-something around your h-hand,” Sky said reaching for the towel hanging on the wall. Axel flinched when she wrapped it around his hand and her hands shook.

Axel tutted and spoke quietly, β€œI’m not going to hurt you,”

β€œYou just threatened to put a bullet in my head,” She said, barely above a whisper.

β€œI’m angry,” He snapped, β€œBut do you honestly think I can put a bullet into the one girl I’ve ever loved?”

β€œI don’t know,” Sky gulped, β€œYou tell me,”

Axel gritted his teeth and lifted his hand to grab her jaw.

β€œI might not be able to,” He said, β€œBut I’m sure one of my boys could if I told them to,”

Sky's heart missed a beat.

β€œMove,” Axel said, pointing at the door, β€œAnd don’t try anything stupid because there are a lot of people out there with guns,”

β€œI won’t,”

β€œGood,” Axel said gripping the top of her arm tightly, β€œNow get moving,”

Sky yanked her arm away and held her head high as she walked away from the toilets, trying not to show that she was scared. Zeke and Blake were leaning against the wall holding their guns when she stepped out and they gave her a blank expression. She could see Blake's eye twitch when he spotted the blood covering her body but he kept his mouth shut.

β€œWhy are you stopping?” Axel hissed pushing her, β€œHurry the fuck up,”

Sky clenched her fists and moved through the club under watchful eyes of the members. She caught eyes with Nico who was on his feet, watching with a frown. But a slow smirk appeared on his face and he tilted his glass in her direction before turned to the girl sat behind him.

As soon as Sky stepped outside the club, her body began to shake from how cold it was. She wrapped her arms around her body and was pushed forward slightly by Zeke. She walked the short distance to the limo and climbed into the back, clutching her dress tightly.

The ride back to their place was deadly quiet and all she could think about was the safety of Jason, and if she was going to live to see another day.

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