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Sky winced as Jason dabbed the blood away from her face. She sat in silence, not wanting to say anything knowing that he wasn’t happy.

β€œIt’s not that bad,” Sky said, trying to lighten the mood.

β€œThe guy beat you up!” He exclaimed, β€œHow is that not bad?”

β€œI’ve had worse but that isn’t important,” She said with a shrug, β€œI thought there were only 5 in the inner circle. Who were the other 2 men?”

β€œI’m not sure. If you see them again, remember their features and draw them. I might be able to get an identity from your sketches,”

Sky nodded, β€œDoes anyone have any leads on Dexter's murder?”

β€œNot yet, but we are trying. Are you ok? I mean, that guy just attacked you and you are living in this place. Do you feel safe?”

β€œNot really but if anyone tries to break into this place, then I will have to sort them out,” Sky smiled, β€œOh. When you leave, make sure no one sees your face. You need to be careful that no one finds out who you are. I don’t want another death on my hands,”

β€œDexter's death wasn’t your fault,”

Sky shrugged, β€œI didn’t see the car coming because I was too focused on my coffee and Dexter. If I was paying attention then-”

β€œYou’d be able to make him dodge a bullet?” Jason said, β€œIt doesn’t work like that. His murder was horrible, it really was, but you can’t blame yourself for it,”

There was a loud knock on the door and their eyes went wide as the handle started to rattle.

β€œQuick!” Sky said dragging him into the bedroom. They jumped under the cover and quickly made it look like they were having sex, β€œI can’t fake noises right now! It’s embarrassing!”

Jason covered her mouth with his hand and buried his face in her neck, β€œThis is so embarrassing!”

Sky held back a laugh and the door opened, making her heart drop into her stomach. Jason quickly moved his hips and moaned, making them both blush in embarrassment.

β€œB-busy!” Sky stuttered out from under his hand and the door closed again, β€œHoly shit,”

β€œWho was it?” Jason whispered.

β€œBlake Grey,” Sky whispered back.

β€œOh god,”

β€œCome too early?” Sky giggled and Jason sat up glaring at her, β€œSorry. I couldn’t help myself,”

Jason tutted and climbed off her, straightening his shirt that she pulled on, β€œHow am I supposed to leave with them hanging about?”

β€œDoes it look like I’ve just had sex?” She said quietly.

β€œNo,” Jason muttered, β€œSlap your cheeks a bit or something,”

β€œOr say you were a letdown,” Sky said, β€œI’m sure hookers get that all the time,”

Jason shrugged, β€œProbably and just to let you know, I never let a girl down. They always want more,”

Sky grinned and spoke quietly, β€œYou don’t have to prove anything to me, Jason. I’m sure girls are happy when you have sex with them,”

Jason blushed, β€œDo you think those stairs could handle my weight? Ah, but shit. My things are out there,”

β€œI’ll get them,” She said kicking her boots off. Her hands almost shook as she opened the bedroom door and slipped out. 5 men sat in her small flat and she ducked her head not looking at them. She gathered Jason's belongings and quickly went back into the bedroom, β€œThe unknown guys aren’t there,”

Jason pulled his jacket on, β€œI’m sure they will turn up again,” He whispered, β€œIf they ask why I left this way, make an excuse,”

β€œI was planning to,” Sky said quietly, hugging him β€œBe careful,”

β€œThe same can be said to you,” Jason muttered before heading down the creaky staircase.

Sky took a deep breath and went back outside pulling her hair into a messy bun. Every move she made the men watched her. She cleared her throat and faced them.

β€œBeer?” She asked and surprised herself at how steady her voice sounded. They just shrugged and she bit into her tongue, grabbing them a beer.

She sat at the small dining table and crossed her legs, gulping her beer. The silence was horrible and she shifted slightly.

β€œHow did you know where I lived?” Sky asked.

β€œWhere’s the guy?” Blake asked.

Sky cleared her throat, β€œHe’s the type who doesn’t want to be seen with a hooker. Probably married or something,”

β€œFair enough and you’re the new girl,” Blake said, β€œIt’s in your best interest that I know where you live,”


Blake lifted his eyebrow, β€œSo if you get beaten again, I can find out who did it,”

β€œI think you found that I can take care of myself,” She said and quickly cursed, β€œSorry. That’s why I got beaten up. I answered back,”

Axel got to his feet and Sky felt herself freeze as he walked over to her. She flinched when he ran his finger gently across her face and he put his finger on her chin, making her look at him.

β€œYou won’t be having problems from Bishop anymore,” He said, β€œAnd if the new pimp causes you problems, do what you did in front of us. If not, call Grey,”

β€œWho?” Sky said quietly.

Axel chuckled, β€œYou don’t know who we are?”

β€œWhy should I?”

β€œInteresting,” Axel said pulling her to her feet and snaked his arm around her waist, one hand resting on the back of her neck, β€œMost girls know who we are. Who I am,”

Sky tried not to shiver under his touch but she couldn’t help it when he slowly ran his finger across her lower back.

He smirked and lowered his mouth to her ear, β€œIf you don’t want to call Grey, you’re more than welcome to call me. I wouldn’t mind coming to help a girl like you,”

Sky snapped back to her senses and pushed him away, feeling his hard muscles tense under her hands, β€œThanks, but I’m a big girl. I know how to look after myself and if you want to call upon me, you pay,”

Axel laughed and looked at his friends, β€œThis girl is great! Make sure she’s looked after. I’m sure she’ll bring in a lot of money,”

β€œAnd she’s cute,” Someone said biting into his lower lip, looking her up and down, β€œI wouldn’t mind being a client of hers,”

β€œYou know the rules, Zeke,” Blake said, β€œDon’t sleep with the girls unless-”

β€œYeah, yeah,” Zeke said, β€œI know the rules. I was just saying,”

Axel grabbed hold of her chin yanking her face towards his, and he placed a kiss to her lips making her eyes go wide, as he forced his tongue between her lips. She gasped and he pulled away chuckling.

β€œSee you around, beautiful. Try not to piss anyone else off,” He grinned and walked towards the front door, β€œGet her checked out Grey. She has my interest,”

β€œYess, boss,” Blake said getting to his feet. He walked over to Sky, and ran his thumb across her bottom lip, β€œPut some ice on that, beautiful. You’ll definitely bring in the money with your face and body,”

The others followed Axel and Blake, but Zeke stopped in front of her, pressing her against the wall. Sky gritted her teeth and looked away from him.

β€œI’ll look after you if I have to Princess,” Zeke said, grinning at her, β€œIn more ways than you think,”

β€œZeke!” Riley said, β€œHurry the fuck up. We have places to be and she needs to get back to work,”

Zeke chuckled and kissed her cheek, β€œSee you soon Princess,”

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