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Axel yanked on the girl’s hair, pulling her hair back as he rammed his hips against hers from behind, making her scream out in pleasure. He bit into his lip, grunting loudly as he felt his orgasm build up.

β€œFuck,” He grunted, forcing himself as far inside the girl as possible, emptying himself. Axel let himself come down from his high and pulled out, seeing his come trickle out of her, β€œClean yourself up,”

Axel pulled his boxers and trousers back up and the girl turned to look at him out of breath.

β€œI didn’t get to finish!”

β€œNot my problem,” He said picking his blazer up from the chair. He pulled his wallet out and dropped a wad of cash onto the table, β€œYour payment,”

Axel sent a quick wink to the girl and left her in the run-down flat she lived in. He walked down the stairs to the exit and his friends were waiting for him. They flicked their cigarettes away and got into the back of the car.

β€œSo?” Blake asked, β€œWhat do you reckon?”

β€œDisappointing,” Axel muttered, β€œYou were right. She only cares for her own pleasure,”

β€œThat’s what I thought,” Blake said, β€œI won’t hire her,”

Axel nodded and looked out of the window, watching the other hookers try to earn money and he suddenly smirked, β€œHow’s my girl doing?”

β€œYou mean Sky?” Blake asked and he nodded, β€œWell. Her face isn’t as bruised as it was a few days ago. She gets a lot of clients but she also turns a lot down,”

β€œShe can afford to be picky,” Axel said, β€œDid you check her out?”

β€œI wish it could be in the way I want to,” Zeke said, handing a folder, β€œCan I not fuck her once and see if she is any good?”

β€œNo,” Axel said, and flicked through the folder, β€œSky. 25. Has a younger brother, unknown, parents deceased. Any ex-boyfriends?”

β€œProbably,” Riley said, β€œBut she has a clean record and nothing suspicious,”

β€œI wonder why she became a hooker,” Jake asked, β€œShe’s got the face and body to do something more with her life,”

Blake shrugged, β€œI don’t tend to ask them why they sell their bodies. Not my business unless they bring me problems,”

β€œWhy the sudden interest in her?” Riley asked.

β€œI like a feisty girl,” Axel grinned, β€œAnd you saw how she put Bishop on his ass. No girl has ever been able to fight back,”

β€œDo you want me to call her in?” Blake asked.

Axel shook his head, β€œNot yet. Let her earn some more money and we will go from there. Just keep an eye on her when she's on the job,”

β€œNot that I like to change the subject about girls,” Riley said, β€œBut we got a tip-off about someone selling drugs in our territory. Not a rival gang but just a bunch of idiots,”

β€œAlright,” Axel said, looking back down at Sky's folder, β€œLet’s see who these idiots are. That girl was disappointing,”

His friends laughed and Blake nodded, β€œAre you sure you don’t want me to call Sky in?”

β€œI’m sure,” Axel said, β€œI might lose interest,”

β€œIf you do, then I’m bringing her in,” Zeke said, β€œAnd don’t worry, Blake, I’ll make sure to follow the rules properly,”

β€œIf you don’t, I’ll cut your nuts off with a blunt knife,” Blake said.

The kids who were trying to deal their cheap drugs in their territory were easily scared off but now Axel was bored. It was barely midnight and there had been no other issues. He had planned to go home to sleep, but his mind was elsewhere.

On the pretty brunette standing on the streets bringing in money.

Axel ran his finger across his bottom lip, β€œLet’s go back to Bishop’s old area. Make sure there are no other issues. I want to see how the new guy treats his girls,”

β€œYou just want to see the new girl,” Jake grinned, β€œJust give us the real reason why we are going there,”

β€œFine,” Axel said, β€œI want to see the new girl. Is there a problem?”

β€œNone at all,” Jake laughed, β€œI’ve never seen you so interested in a prostitute before,”

Axel shrugged, β€œWhat can I say? She’s interesting,”

β€œInteresting is one word to describe her,” Riley said, β€œI’d really like to see how she is in bed,”

β€œWith the money, she’s bringing in, better than the other girls,” Blake said, β€œIt’s tempting to see how she’d be as an escort,”

β€œLeave her where she is,” Axel said, as the car got closer to where she’d be, β€œDid you find out who the girl she stands with is?”

β€œYeah,” Riley said, β€œDarcy Louise Birch, 20 years old. She’s been one of Blake's girls since she was 18, but her dad sold her off to the industry when she was 16. Nice girl. Brings in a decent amount of money but always manages to get the nasty client. She’s been in the hospital a few times but she still comes back,”

β€œShe’s got a big debt to pay off,” Blake said, β€œDarcy won’t go anywhere until that’s paid off,”

β€œHow many years?” Axel asked.

Blake looked over at him, β€œIt’s a big debt, Axel. It’s been 4 years and she’s still not paid even half of it,”

β€œHer dad?”

Jake scoffed, β€œDisappeared, probably building up more debt and will most likely send men her way to pay it off,”

β€œDamn,” Riley whistled slightly, β€œShe really does stand out from other girls,”

Sky was leaning on the wall laughing with Darcy, after seeing her last β€˜client’. She felt pissed off that they had sent Hugo but he sat in silence, watching TV while she sat by the kitchen eating. It didn’t take him long to hand her money and leave with his hood up. He didn’t ask how she was because he didn’t care, and Sky didn’t care because she didn’t like him.

β€œNo way!” Sky laughed and threw her head back slightly, β€œDo men really ask for that?”

Darcy nodded with a smile, β€œYup! You’d be surprised how weird men get during sex,”

β€œI still find it hard to believe that he just wanted you to watch him wank, call him a loser and then pay you,” Sky grinned, β€œYou have to tell me more stories. This is the best entertainment I’ve had all night,”

β€œIt’s about to get a lot more interesting,” Darcy said, looking over Sky's shoulder.

Sky looked over still wearing a smile, and it slowly faded away when she saw Axel and his men walking towards them. He flicked his cigarette away and she saw him smirk as he got closer.

β€œFuck. My. Life,” Sky muttered.

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