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Erotic one-shots

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This is a collection of sexy and erotic one shots. This is just for fun, there is no harm in people exploring their sexuality and enjoying their sexual freedom. Some of the characters are from existing and upcoming stories so I hope you take a look at my other work and check them out too! I hope you enjoy these one shots and I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

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Caleb & Lia

Caleb PoV

Christmas was just around the corner and snow had been covering the pack territory for the last week making it look like a picturesque winter wonderland.

I was sat in the large living room of the pack house with my sister Bailey and her mate who was also one of my best warrior's Briar and my beta and best friend Jamie who was cuddled up to his mate Bella.

They all looked so happy and deeply in love that it made my own situation seem even more frustrating to say the least.

In fact it made me so pissed off I wanted to punch something or someone.

Because here I was not only figuring out what the hell was happening with my own live life but I was also trying to avoid the one person I couldn't bear as she had invited herself to our movie night.

I had to give her props, it was a pretty ballsy move turning up to my pack house like this.

Laura has been chasing me to take her as my chosen mate for months now. Her father was on the council and had even tried using his power to coerce me into accepting her and not holding out for my true mate.

No matter how many times I said no it was like the two of them just didn't seem to hear me. Or perhaps they didn't give a damn because here she was using the advantage of the dimly lit room to try to touch me whenever she could.

I think I'd moved three times to get away from her already.

My phone beeped with an incoming text and I smirked to myself knowing exactly who that particular text alert tone belonged to.

Quickly excusing myself I waited until I was out of sight in the hallway before I opened the text.

I knew the contents would make me smile and someone would question why my usual grumpy self was grinning like an idiot so it was best to read it in private!

'I can't sleep. My body won't relax' I knew exactly what my little minx needed and I licked my lips as wicked thoughts filled my head.

'My bed. Naked. Legs spread. Now' just the way I fucking liked her and the way she liked to be for me.

Only me.

'Yes alpha' she replied and my dick hardened like a rock as I recalled the times she'd cried out those words like a prayer from her lips.

I jogged up the stairs trying to move slow enough to give her time to get ready for me but not too slow because the truth was my mouth was watering just imagining her spread open and eager for my touch.

I took a deep breathe as I turned my bedroom door knob trying to act far more in control than I truly was. The reality was Lia had absolute control over me from the moment I realised who she was and I was helplessly under her spell.

I sucked in a breathe when my eyes fell upon her perfect form; naked and spread wide open for me just like I'd asked. Her hair was tied up in a messy bun that had loose tendrils falling from it like she's been tossing and turning trying to get to sleep and failed.

"So fucking sexy" I muttered with a grimace as my cock strained against my jeans to a painful point.
But this wasn't about me right now. It was about my gorgeous mate and easing her discomfort.

Lia propped herself up on her elbows and watched me with wide eyes as I went into my closet and rummaged around in the large black box, to anyone else looking it would just seem like a tool box but it was much more fun than that.

Once I'd found what I wanted I closed it back up and pushed it to the rear of the shelf high up above my clothes rails. High enough that a certain little someone couldn't help themselves to it when they felt naughty and in need when I wasn't around to quell their desire.

"Cal please" Lia bucked her hips upwards pleading at me as I laid down on my stomach in between her legs admiring the way her pink folds glistened with need.

A need that only I could assist with and as arrogant as it sounded, I was fucking good at pleasing her. I knew what my mate liked and how to make her scream out to the goddess.

"What'd you need from me Lia?" I tormented her running my fingertips through her folds in a feather light way that barely touched her but still had her whimpering at the soft contact.

"My body hurts. I need to relax" she sighed throwing herself flat on her back and putting her hands by her sides in frustration.

"Relax?" I cocked my eyebrow at her and tilted my head, narrowing my eyes at her. I was intent on pressing her for the truth because that sure as shit wasn't it.

"Fine I need to come . I need you up here touching me and making me come! But apparently you'd rather be down there with Ms fucking perfect Laura" jealousy looked so fucking hot on Lia and as she scowled at me my dick got even harder if that was even possible. But it was so damn uncomfortable at this point, I was constantly hard around my mate and our complex issues didn't help to ease matters.

"You know I'd rather be up here with you eating your pussy until you screamed out... fucking you so hard you couldn't walk for a week" Lia was so focused on scolding me she didn't expect it when I shoved two fingers deep inside her and curled them right over her g-spot making her gasp out in pleasure.

"Ohhhhhh" she whimpered as her pussy clenched around my fingers as I fucked her with them roughly, just how she loved it.

She was already wet but I wanted her so wet and frenzied with need for me that she couldn't think about anything else.

I wanted to push her to know exactly who her alpha was and how I only had eyes for her.

I pumped my fingers in and out of her until her pussy was swollen and stretched but I didn't let her come, at least not yet.

Once she was right where I wanted her, just before she peaked I removed my fingers. She opened her mouth to protest but no word left her lips as she stared at me in shock and then surprise.

I sucked her juices from my fingers never taking my eyes from hers , moaning as I tasted the sweet mixture of sex and sin.

Her pupils were totally blown with lust at that point and I was sure mine were the same because I'd never felt this way about anyone before.

"Cal please" she begged again, panting and clearly feeling empty now my fingers were gone.

"I've can't just disappear until the movie is over. But until then I want you to come over and over again right here in my bed. Then when you think you can't take anymore I'm gonna come up here and eat your pussy until the sun rises. I'll make the pain go away okay?" I meant every single word. I hated her being in pain our mate bond was physically hurting her because we hadn't made things official yet and I hadn't marked her.

I hadn't even fucked her yet.

We both wanted it so badly it hurt but it was complicated.

She was human after all and we didn't know how my mark would affect her. The full effects of the mate bond could overload her senses and it could be just way too much for her.

Not to mention her family.

Lia was desperately trying to figure out a way to gain her family's approval of our relationship before she'd let me mark her. Fucking her meant my wolf might take control and mark her and there would be nothing I could do to stop it.

"Just do it please Cal" Lia ran her fingers through my hair and that touch alone made me refocus on the task at hand.

I found her clit, all pink and puffy so I eased the toy onto it before pushing the g-spot vibrator part inside her.

The moment I switched it on the sucker came to life and Lia yelped in surprise letting me know it was in the perfect spot. Her body began to go limp and sunk into the mattress as a lazy grin spread across her face.

Goddess she was so sexy!

"Make sure you counting how many times you come for me okay? It's so fucking hot knowing you are in my bed coming over and over again waiting for my mouth to eat you up" I scooted down the bed and had every intention of leaving to finish the movie before anyone got suspicious of where I was.

I really did.

But the soft moans that escaped her lips had me transfixed on her and frozen on place.

As the toy fucked her and sucked on her clit Lia writhed around squeezing her eyes shut as the feelings coursing through her overtook her entire being.

"Oh fuck... fucking hell Cal .. fuck" She shook from head to toe using her own hand to dull the groans that fell from her mouth. Her other hand found mine and she interlinked our fingers and squeezed my hand tightly as her body shivered in delight.

But the toy didn't stop just because she came.

It didn't soften its attention to give her time to calm down it just continued to provide her with that heightened level of focus on her aching clit and pussy, pushing her towards the edge of the cliff again.

Orgasm number two caught her off guard and she opened her mouth yet nothing but a silent scream and the sweet smell of her juices filled the room as she lifted her hips from the bed as if they had a mind of their own.

"No Cal I can't take anymore please it's too much.. it's too nice" Lias head shook from side to side as she gripped my hand digging her nails into my skin as she fought to maintain some shred of control in a situation she was clearly losing.

Her body was quivering out of control and her eyes were so dark they looked almost black like she was drowning in the devils sin itself.

"It can't be too nice baby. Just count for me. This is three right?" Hell yeh it was number three.

I most certainly was counting because I was concerned just how many times it would take of watching her fall apart in front of my very eyes before my cock would explode from too much blood rushing through it.

"Turn onto your stomach" I ordered then watched with baited breath as Lia flipped onto her belly, her pert little ass tempting me to bite down on the soft flesh like a sirens song.

I slid between her legs and rested on my knees then leant forward to slide my arm under her so that I could use the flat of my hand to push the toy tighter against her.

"Oh fuck" Lia cried out bucking against my hand so that the toy was shifting slightly with her movements.

Each time the pressure pushed it deeper she moaned out and began to roll her hips in time with the pulsing of the toy. Lia was now working with the toy and using my hand to help her chase the high that she so clearly needed.

The toy was sucking her clit as the g-spot vibrator buzzed inside her at a steady rate that seemed to be the right setting for her but I wanted to push her.

I wanted to see her totally unravel until she came so hard she couldn't remember her own name.

Only then would I screw her brains out. I knew that would be my breaking point and I was testing myself just as much as I was testing Lia.

How strong could I be when she was pushing my self restraint right to it's limits?

How far would my wolf be pushed until he broke free and took over completely and claimed her and said to hell with the consequences?

I used my finger to alter the power and pattern of the toy so that it was working at a hard and fast pace that quickly had Lia shaking from head to toe and grinding herself against my hand like it was the only thing keeping her alive.

"Enjoying yourself baby?" I asked against the soft skin on her back as I laid kisses up her spine making her curl up into me as if I was her anchor keeping her grounded to the earth as her own body tried to lift her up into the clouds.

"Cal please ... I need you... I want you to fuck me so badly. I want you... oh holy shit... no I can't... no no...oohhhhhhhh Ccaaallll" my pretty mate ended her protest groaning out my name as I slipped my index finger inside her wet pussy and pumped it in and out of her a few times easing her body into an explosive orgasm that had her body convulsing and her hands gripping the bedsheets tightly in her fists.

"4" is all I said barely able to form words at this point. Watching Lia come so hard had made my resolve to hold off fucking her until we'd told her family and figured out this entire wolf/human mating situation just hanging by a last thread.

My wolf howled as he'd watched his mate come, utterly proud and in awe of the beauty and sexual expression she holds.

"I feel better now. Can you remove the toy now please?" Lia turned into her back and sat up brushing her fingers up and down my back and even through my shirt I could feel tingles if electricity rush through my flesh.

"Yeh I think you've had enough" I chuckled and watched as she parted her knees in order for me to remove the toy. I slid the toy out if her carefully switching it off and tossing it aside.

Then I made my move. I dove in between her parted thighs. My open mouth latched onto her swollen, super sensitive clit and sucked hard then after a few strongs sucks I bite down on it using my canines to graze the ultra sensitive nub of nerves.

"HOLY FUCKING SHIT CALEB" Lia screamed at the top of her voice as my tongue dipped deep inside her pussy lapping up her overflowing river of juices.

Yes. It was safe to say our secret was out.

Everyone would know exactly who Lia belonged to.


The alpha.

And I gave absolutely zero fucks if they had a problem with it.

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Lia's story?
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