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Betrayal of the Bayou

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The Blackwood pack is struggling with different problems personally in the Bayou of Louisiana, while facing an unknown enemy that could potentially destroy them and everything they know and love. Davina is conflicted about her relationship with her best friend's uncle and a mysterious new stranger, while her parents disapprove of her choices. Emelia struggles with resentment towards her mate, who is the Alpha of the Blackwood Pack. Kai is dealt with judgment for neglecting his duty as taking the role of Alpha while living his new life with his mate. Paisley is still mourning the death of her father and surviving the wrath of her mother while Augustine protects her. How will these wolves survive brutality and betrayal from an unsuspecting member?

Erotica / Other
The Bayou Wolves
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Please read before continuing!

This book is meant for an 18+ audience but some content may be uncomfortable or trigger readers.

Some of the material will include, but is not limited to, the following:

- Sexual content
- Sexual assault
- Attempted rape
- Alcohol
- Violence
- Domestic abuse
- Murder
- Death
- Foul language
- Emotional trauma
- Stressful situations
- Bullying

If you feel as though you cannot handle these situations, or they could be detrimental to your mental health and/or well being, we encourage you to not proceed.

Thank you.

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