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Cora Bennett. Long dark hair, big brown eyes, body of a goddess...and a pain in my ass. She’s the opposite of my type - loud, independent, fierce. I like my women sweet, compliant and demure. So why the fuck do I keep dreaming of her? Sebastian Fitzwilliam. Muscular and dark with baby blue eyes, he’s got an arrogance that makes me tremble and stubble I want between my thighs. But he’s not the kind of man I want or need. So why the fuck do I keep thinking of him? Cora and Sebastian couldn’t be more different. Sebastian is used to women falling at his feet. Cora has a defiant streak and her obsession with her work has torpedoed more than one relationship. He’s used to pretty girls who adore him, she’s used to men treating her like ‘one of the guys’. He wants a well-behaved wife, she wants a partner to challenge her. He’s planning a white picket fence future and she’s looking to conquer the world with someone. He’s prejudiced against her strength, she’s prideful of it. Can they make it work?

Erotica / Romance
Cordelia Monroe
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© Cordelia Monroe 2021

This is a work of fiction. Unless otherwise indicated, all the names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents in this book are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Bas glared at the two men kneeling before him, his arms crossed tightly in front of his broad chest. They were both skinny fuckers with dirty hair and skin, neither looked like they’d showered in weeks, if not months. One was blonde, his pale blue eyes wide and terrified. The other, a dark-haired man with a scraggly beard seemed older and more seasoned, not so much scared as pissed off as he glared at Bas with soulless brown eyes.

“So, who the fuck are you?”

They side-eyed each other but kept their lips clamped shut.

“I’ve called the police, they’re on their way.”

Bas turned to see his plasterer, Sean, enter the main living area.

“Did Ollie find anything?”

“Other than a shit ton of crystal and a lab that looks ready to blow?” Sean quipped. “Nah, nothing to say who they are. He’s keeping an eye on the front in case they have any friends.”

Bas rubbed his temple before running his hands through his hair. This wasn’t how the day was supposed to go and he couldn’t be fucked to deal with this shit. His company had purchased a selection of run-down houses on what had once been a council estate and was now a trendy area in the south of the town. The plan had been to renovate and flip the houses quickly for a high profit so Bas could focus on building something new.

Instead, they’d turned up on day one and discovered a crystal meth lab run by the three idiots kneeling in front of him. Bas wasn’t one to judge but he was well aware of recent deaths due to the drug since it was being cut up to fuck and handed out to snobby teenagers with more money than sense. Plus, there would certainly be a delay on starting the renovations. The police would tape off the house and ransack it for evidence meaning they would lose at least a week which was unfuckingacceptable.

He frowned as he looked at the dark-haired man, noticing a tattoo on his neck of a rose dripping with blood. Was the guy part of the local MC? Bas had a few friends who were, and he was surprised they’d be involved in something like this. Surely there were easier drugs than meth?

It made sense they’d chosen this house. Of the three in the area that the company had purchased, this was the most remote, with a long driveway that set it back from the road and plenty of space inside since the house was Victorian and had large rooms with high ceilings. What the dealers hadn’t counted on was choosing a house that had been auctioned off weeks earlier. The only reason Bas hadn’t visited the house in the meantime is that he had been busy with other jobs and determined to be first onsite.

The dealers had been about to sample their product when he came stomping through the front, Ollie and Sean had entered through the backdoor and luckily for them, the dealers were unarmed so they were able to overpower them. Though they’d found a gun in the kitchen and Bas didn’t like to think how things might have played out if they’d been armed. He didn’t know much about guns; except he didn’t want to be at either end of one.

Sirens sounded faintly in the distance and he saw the youngest of the two men tremble as panic took over his face.

“Fuck man,” he groaned as the sirens got louder and closer. “Fuck I don’t wanna go to jail!”

“Shut the fuck up dickhead,” the dark-haired guy muttered, his angry gaze sweeping over his friend.

“I’m just the chemist,” young guy blubbered, tears beginning to fall.

“I’ll meet them,” Bas said, jerking his head to the sound of cars and sirens outside, not even remotely sympathetic to little tweaker’s worries.

He had no fear of leaving Sean. The guy was six foot seven and wider than Bas who was pretty built himself. If either of the guys tried to run, Sean would steamroll them.

He headed out of the front door and saw Ollie talking a police officer beside his car, the blue lights flashing. Ollie motioned for him to join them.

“Officer,” he said greeted. “You up to speed?”

“Derelict house, two dealers and three good Samaritans?” the police officer queried, his eyes searching Bas’s face.

“And a lab that looks rickety as fuck. My man is inside keeping an eye on them,” Bas said, crossing his arms again.

“My partner and I will secure them now and send your man out, please wait out here for the DFP to arrive,” the officer said, nodding to another who exited the car. “We’ve got a dog on the way but once you’ve given your statement, you’ll be able to be on your way.”

“Any idea how long the site will be off limits?” Bas asked, frustration making his voice harder than he intended.

“As long as it takes,” snapped the second officer as he headed for the front door.

The first officer gave an apologetic smile before following his colleague Bas sighed deeply and moved to sit on the low wall that ran from the front entrance along the empty flower beds surrounding the house.

“Could be worse boss,” Ollie said, coming to sit beside Bas.

“How Ollie? How could this be worse?”

“The house could have blown up.”

Bas chuckled. “You’re right, that would have been worse.”

Sean joined them after a few minutes, and they sat in silence as they waited. A short while later a number of police vans and cars arrived. Various people introduced themselves as the house was taped off and crime techs arrived to analyse the scene. If he hadn’t been so pissed off, Bas might have been intrigued by the whole scenario, he kind of liked reading true crime and was forever googling weird crime facts.

They’d given their statements and were about to head to their cars which they’d parked at the entrance to the drive since they’d planned to call in a skip and wanted the drive free, when a final vehicle arrived. It caught Bas’ attention because unlike the rest, it wasn’t a police car or van. It was a black four by four with tinted windows and ridiculous alloys. He watched as the owner exited on the far side and moved to the back, the bulk of the car obscuring his vision. The boot opened and he heard a deep bark and a female voice laughing. That caught his interest and he watched with interest as a dog bounded from behind the car, it’s body barely restrained in a harness as a slender arm tugged it back, the female voice sharp as it spoke.

“Fuss!” she said sharply as her body came into view and the dog immediately backed up to her side, gazing up at her.

Bas sucked in a breath as his eyes took in what could only be described as a goddess. She was dressed in black from head to toe but it couldn’t hide the most delectable body he’d seen in a while. She was curvy as fuck, tiny too, probably five foot. He loved a pocket-sized princess and she fit the bill it seemed.

“Braver hund,” she said, her voice rich and luscious, running her hand over the dog’s head. “Komm.”

“What the fuck is that?” Ollie breathed, his eyes bulging from his head.

“The answer to my prayers,” Sean grinned as the woman made her way over to the lead detective from the DFP, her curves swaying as he greeted her, a greedy smile on his face as he checked her out.

“She’s fucking glorious,” Ollie moaned, his gaze fixed on her.

“Back off pricks,” Bas muttered as the woman headed in their direction. A female police officer wasn’t his usual prey, but he’d make an exception this time. She was hot as fuck even from a distance and Bas was still bitter from his last disastrous effort to date. She’d be a good distraction if nothing else.

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