My Sisters Peachy Soles

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A story from a young mans perspective of a blissful sexual encounter with his sister and her gorgeous soles.

Erotica / Romance
Jamie Baker
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My Step Sisters Peachy Soles

If you’re reading this then you’re probably not looking to be bored with endless details about my, or my families’ lives. I imagine you’re wanting to dive right into the juicy details of what went on between my sister and I. First, however, some background is needed. I’m 19, and my older sister is 23. We’ve always had a decent relationship for siblings, and I think of her fondly. Although after recent events, I may think about her too fondly. I have a huge fascination with feet, I’ve fantasised about them from a young age, and I spent hours as a teenager looking at pictures of beautiful soles and toes online.

Ever since I was a teenager I would spy glances of my sister, Jasmines’, feet. Her soles were beautiful and shapely, with a pale and peachy hue to them. Her toes were usually painted a cute sky blue and they too were perfect in my eyes, not too slender, and just perfectly round enough that you could picture sucking on them all night long. Needless to say, I had many erections around her. Whenever we’d sit on the couch late at night, she would have her feet up near me, and I would stare at her soles, dying to taste them.

It all happened one day when I was in the shower. I was stood letting the water rush over my body and cool me down after a recent workout. I looked around the room and noticed our shared laundry basket. It never occurred to me before, however, at that moment I pictured its contents and the possibly sweaty socks that were inside it. I felt my cock harden and reached down slowly to stroke myself a few times at the thought. It was dirty, depraved, and yet, I could hardly wait to go look. I finished and dried myself off lightly before stepping out and over to the laundry. My cock hadn’t gone down, it pulsated. I peered into the basket and began to search, moving worn t-shirts and pants of both mine and hers. It didn’t take long until I found a worn sock and something more than I bargained for: her panties. I took them both out and knelt on the floor in the bathroom, my cock bouncing lightly, fully tensed. I put the socks to my nose and inhaled, the smell was wonderful. They smelt of her, with a strong smell of sweat. My cock pulsated even more, and I began to stroke as I smelt her sweaty socks. I pictured her toes and burying my nose in them as she laughed at my desire to be beneath her feet.

Before long I felt my cock swell, and I quickly held back orgasm. An amazed and excited sigh left my body, I was in heaven. I took her panties next, shaking slightly at the thought of what I was going to do. Pushing the thoughts aside I quickly buried my nose into the panties where her sexy vagina was rubbing against all day. It smelt amazing – I was loving the smell of my own sister’s pussy. I put the panties against my cock and stroked, feeling the slightly still damp panties rub against my tip. It was a feeling I’ll always remember, pure bliss.

Then the door opened. The bliss melted away, and I found myself rudely awaken from heaven, and instead, I was knelt on the cold tiles of the bathroom, my sisters’ panties around my pulsating cock, and her sock against my nose.

“What….the fuck?” Jasmine stepped back a bit, holding onto the door for support.

“Oh, god, I’m sorry, I can explain-“ I stammered as I put her garments back into the laundry and stood up

“Cover yourself up NOW!” she shouted, interrupting me in a hushed voice. I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me – my hard cock lifting it slightly. I was speechless, I could only stare at her, and the confused yet enraged look in her eyes.

“You’re fucking dead” her words scared me, I wasn’t sure what exactly she meant, but it wasn’t good

“Wait Jaime, I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself, you’re beautiful” I struggled to explain

“I’m your fucking sister, what is wrong with you??” she stepped towards me aggressively and closed the door behind her.

“I don’t- I’m sorry, I just don’t know” I stumbled over each syllable.

“You’re disgusting” she spat

“You want my feet so bad? Then kneel and kiss them” I couldn’t believe my ears

“W-what?” I said nervously

“You heard me”

I knelt down and looked at her legs and feet. Her skin was so soft, mostly pale with only a slight tan. Her legs were recently shaved and were gorgeous to look at. Her feet were perfect as usual, the weight of her body pushing down on her toes made them look slightly wider than normal, although it only served to arouse me further. My towel fell off and revealed my body and hard cock/

“You’re rock hard from smelling my socks, I can’t believe you”

I made a sound which was supposed to be an apology but was mostly just a whimper, before kneeling and kissing the tops of her feet.

“That’s right, kiss them you fucking freak” she spat, her demeaning voice only arousing me further

I began kissing her left foot all over, my kisses getting sloppier and sloppier until I was mostly just licking her feet and toes.

“You’re revolting” I heard from above me, I ignored it and moved onto her other foot.

“Oh god, you’re disgusting. Kneel on all fours” I did as she said and watched as she sat down on the floor in front of me, one knee raised towards her chest, holding on for stability. Her other leg was outstretched, her foot beneath my hanging cock.

“What are you doing?”

I stammered

“Shut the fuck up, I’m teaching you a lesson”. My sister said as she brought her big toe to her mouth and spat on it, before stretching it forward and pinching the tip of my cock between her big and second toe.

“Ohh, fuck, Jasmine” I looked up at her, she was smirking, her free hand subtly rubbing a finger against her yoga pants, right where her pussy was. It was a sight I could have only dreamed of.

“Don’t look at me bitch” she pinched her toes and began to slide them up my shaft, occasionally rubbing her big toe against my sensitive tip, bringing me closer and closer to a shuddering orgasm each time.

I moaned and looked down to see her gorgeous slender toes milking my cock.

“Please let me suck your toes” I said without thinking

“Beg” she replied firmly

“Oh please sis let me suck your perfect toes, I’ll do anything” I pleaded

She raised her free leg and shoved her toes in my mouth, they were delicious. Mostly clean with a hint of sweat, I savoured every moment. Before long I found myself moaning and breathing heavily

“Sis, I’m….going…to cum” I moaned out each word as my chest heaved, ready to shoot the biggest load of my life for my sister.

“Let it out” she giggled slightly, taking her toes out of my mouth and placing them in front of my cock.

“Ohhh god, I love you” I weakly moaned as every drop of cum drained from my balls, covering my sisters’ beautiful pale soles. Cum dripped between her toes and onto the floor.

“Lick it.”

I devoured every drop of my warm cum from her soles, looking her in the eyes as I did so. Afterwards, I sat back, breathing heavily. My cock, still slightly hard, leaked cum onto the floor. I looked up at my sister, suddenly embarrassed and ashamed.

“Pick up your towel, I want you gone by the time I turn around”. She stood up, faced the shower, and began to undress. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I quickly grabbed my towel, tied it around my waist and hastily left the room.

“We aren’t done” I heard Jasmines’ voice as I pulled the door closed behind me. In the moments before I shut the door, I could see her look over her shoulder and smirk as the water ran down her naked body.


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