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He came into our village like a shadow. A Dark Dread filled with powerful magic. The King merely called him Warlord. And he owned the name. Leaving wreckage in his wake. But for me he had other plans. His cutting blue eyes seeing straight through my disguise. As his slave, his mere plaything, I'll learn the true darkness of magic without conscience. Anything he wants if me, he takes. Anything he wants me to do. I am willed to do with the flick of his hand. His power is an all consuming whirlwind. And I'm just the pretty butterfly caught in it.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

I cowered behind the tree just outside my village. Crouched and covering my ears to block out the sounds of men, women and children dying.

And the smell...The smell.

I'd done as my uncle had told me and covered my pretty hair in mud and scraped my face with rocks snd dirt. Tosding on one of uncles oversized tunics and cloak.

Hide how you look. Uncle Tom had told me.

I did. But I had returned and watched in horror as the man strolled through our village. Dressed in black and followed by licking black tongues of smoke.

He lifted hid hand and a man slid up a tree then fell and broke his back.

"Warlord." King Detry called. Making the sorcerer turn.

The King pointed to another man.

A flick of the Warlord's fingers sent the man careening against a tree then crumpling to the leafy forest floor.

He waved a flat hand and hits levelled. Crushing in on themselves.

I'd never seen anyone so terrifyingly powerful.
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