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He came into our village like a shadow. A Dark Dread filled with powerful magic. The King merely called him Warlord. And he owned the name. Leaving wreckage in his wake. But for me he had other plans. His cutting blue eyes seeing straight through my disguise. As his slave, his mere plaything, I'll learn the true darkness of magic without conscience. Anything he wants if me, he takes. Anything he wants me to do. I am willed to do with the flick of his hand. His power is an all consuming whirlwind. And I'm just the pretty butterfly caught in it.

Erotica / Romance
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“Whoa...” The king reared back, remarking. “’twould appear you’ve yourself a live one, Warlord.”

“No one dares talk to him that way.” Hawk snapped from the otherside of me. Striding up next to me with wrath written over his face.

Warlord solemnly lifted that staying hand and Hawk silenced and fell back.

“Just because they listen to you,” I looked up at his profile next to me. “Doesn’t mean I ever will. You might as well put me down now. You’ll never have me!”

“Oh, won’t I?” He quirked a black brow in a way that was somehow deeply threatening.

Ducking my head, I eased further away from him. Trying to slow my pace enough I could force myself to stop and run again.

“Walk.” He commanded.

“I don’t want to walk!”

“Would you prefer I make you run ahead?” He countered flatly.

I curled my lip in contempt and jutted my chin.

“You’ll have to teach this one her place.” The king remarked. Riding slowly behind us as though to observe the interchange. Humor written over his face.

I slowed in shock as the massive castle came into view. The walls towered above me and there were guards everywhere. I looked around trying to spot another escape but there were knights everywhere.

I was tiny and quick but not fast enough to get away from this many.

And what good will it do me, if he can stop me with one command? I needed to figure out how his magic worked and find a way around it.

The man hardly looked at me, so I’d stopped worrying he was taking me to breed me.

He wants a servant girl. I guessed.

I won’t be anyone’s servant. He can cast me out to the wild wolves first.

His blue eyes flicked to me pensively. And for a moment, just a moment, I wondered if he could pick up on my thoughts.

Some wolves could. But I’d never heard of a mage being able to.

As if cueing in again, he gave me a longer look. Tilting his head down enough the brim of his hat shadowed his face. And for a second I was certain that his eyes flared yellow the pupil narrowing to a slit.

“What are you?” I whispered.

“You,” He straightened his head staring ahead. “are about to find out…”

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