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Hawk had been tormenting me as long as I could remember. I was a young mage and my power was still growing. But they thrust me under his watch in the service to our Warlord. And damn him for enjoying every moment he can torment me. Every time I think my power strong enough to challenge him, he finds new ways to torture me. He's told me that I'm his little prey and he'll be kinder when I succumb to him but I've vowed to never let the overbearing, insufferable cad put a hand on my bare skin. It's a battle of wills and wits. He may be more clever but I'm certainly more stubborn! But one thing I've learned about Hawk, never underestimate his conniving...I should've known better than to challenge him.

Erotica / Romance
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Hawk was the second in Command at the Mage's Guild Academy. He was only a couple years older than me but it was a fact which he regularly reminded me.

"I'm older, stronger, and more powerful...As I should be."


"You're insufferable, annoying and ridiculous!" I countered. Watching him walk past me to drop onto the settee in the mage's Main Room of King Detry's Castle.

This room was special. A sanctuary.

Where we all tend to flock to be around kindred. I, however, often avoided this room because of him.

He's always around.

Especially when I'm trying diligently to evade him.

"When are you not in this room?" I asked pointedly. Wanting to know when it was safe for me to come down and read my spell books.

"When you're not." He said flatly. Pinning me with his penetrating green gaze.

"Are you ever going to get bored with this little game of cat and mouse?" I tossed straight blonde hair over my shoulder.

"Not in the least." He ran a hand through his curling black hair to push it back from his head. "Are you ever going to give in and come to my bed like a dutiful little Indo-Mage?"

Indo. I hate that word.

It was true I was a beginner in the magic arts compared to him but I hated the term Indo which meant I was less than or newly born.

He leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees. Black leather pants creaking with his movement. As his intensity focused on me. "Just think of the things I could teach you."

His gaze skimmed over my oversized brown gown before he slumped back. "Were you not in that ugly thing."

"Well," I huffed. "too bad I am." I smirked and put my hand on my hip.

But seeing the hooded look on his face I instantly knew my mistake. "No, Hawk!"

I put out a staying hand but he snapped his fingers. Sending my dress disintegrating in a puff of dust. "Damn you!"

I ripped a cloth off the nearest table and used it to cover myself. Trying to hold it closed near my backside while his eyes shamelessly roved me. "You're the absolute devil."

He stood. Boots thudding with each step across the wooden floor as I watched him in dread. He towered a head and a half over me.

I glowered up at him.

"Then come..." He caught the bit of whisping fabric between his fingers near my thigh. "And let the devil's heat charm you."

He lightly tugged and the fabric slipped between my arms. Billowing to the floor in a swaying motion.

Leaving me exposed.

I squawked and covered myself while reaching to catch the bit of cloth.

"Illoway." He waved his hand in a motion which made me straighten and freeze where I stood.

"No." I shook my head wide eyed. Realizing I was standing naked in the Mage's Main Room. My only saving hope was that it was nearly midnight and likely no one else was awake.

But that also means no one can hear me call for help. Looking up at him I worried how far he'd take this little game of his.

He hooked a finger under my chin and lifted it. Making my blue eyes meet his vicious green ones.

"Let me go, Hawk."

"Now, why would I ever do that?" He smiled cruelly. Green eyes flaring yellow with the power that surged through him at touching another mage.

He could steal my magic. He was powerful enough to do it.

And that'd leave me weak and vulnerable. Would he really take our rivalry that far?

He let go of my chin and brushed my arms aside.

My body was solid, mechanical. I was unable to command it. I stood there stock still while he lifted his hand to scoop a heavy breast. Testing it's weight thoughtfully as he massaged the pink crest.

"It is interesting..." He murmured. "That you think you're competition for me. Rather than a plaything."

"I'm not your plaything." I hissed up at him. Jaw tightening.

"Aren't you?" He tugged my nipple pointedly. "Just think how much I could do to you."

He gestured around. "Right here in the Main Room. Or there," He pointed to the small table I'd stolen the clothe from. "on that table."

I swallowed hard.

"Don't forget, Little Mary Mage. I'm Lord of the Mage's here."

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