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This is about a girl who is very submissive, but is also a little. Rey's life is crap, with a crappy job but she's making the best out of it. She goes to online college but is goin to graduate early. So she gets a job that she turns out to hate so she decides to go looking. She finds an job opening at a business where she meets him. Who is him you may wonder Benji Knight. He's one handsome devil who runs a company but is feared by most. She has no idea who he is and has no idea what she is getting herself into. Let's see what Rey and Benji relationship turn into. * If you see this give a look at it * Thank youuuuu

Erotica / Other
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*I should add in that things are going to be misspelled. Somethings are going to be because of how the character talks. I will be editing things though.
My grammar will probably be off but I am not worried right now until finished.
Sometimes grammar in this book is supposed to be messed up please understand that
Hello, please understand this is my first story and I am not that good, if you can give any advice inbox me, or if you find anything interesting comment. Also, please understand I won't give much description for the main characters, maybe a few things, as a reader I like to imagine what the characters would look like based on certain things so, I want you guys to be able to. I will include personality traits. This is a MATURE STORY SO IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, please don't read it don't want anyone upset. Thank you please enjoy reading.
This story may get steamy but not when the character is in little space to yeah

Little space is when someone gets into a different headspace, like the headspace of a child. The person is entering care free from the adult world. Some use it as a coping
What is little? A little is someone who takes on the role of acting childish. Someone who goes into a different headspace sometimes called little space. Could be solo or more.
What is a daddy or caregiver?
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