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Jazzmine & Finn are newlyweds who’ve been itching to try out something new in the bedroom away from the pyring eyes of their high-profile jobs. They get their wish when they decide to book one of the fanciest hotel rooms in the city...

Erotica / Romance
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“Hehe... Finn, stop tickling my breasts...!”

“Mmm... I don’t think so, Jazzmine... you’ve been teasing me all week... and it’s made me sooo fucking horny for ya...”

“So teasing you was a good thing, in this case...”

“Mm... but now it’s my turn... to tease you, Jazzy...”

My new hubby Finn was fulfilling his promise to pay me back for teasing him all week long and I didn’t mind a bit. He was everything I wanted in a man- taller than me, the tan body of a Greek god, long dark hair, beautiful dark eyes, and a strong sexual appetite. But more than that, he was the sweetest and most gentle soul I’d ever met in my life! Together, we created and own an expensive wine brand called “Sipped Away” and with it comes a rather intense fast life. So Finn and I decided to plan a week’s worth of relaxation away from the choas at Cliffside Mountains, our favorite fancy resort. One night alone costs around $1,500, but you can do just about anything you want from sky diving lessons to surfing at the beach! Not to mention how the staff are such lovely people.

Finn spent a whole month planning our trip and during that time, I made sure to get him all hot and bothered! Not that I needed to, I just enjoy watching him drool over me. I was blessed with a perky pair of C-cup knockers and a killer booty from doing squats, so I would put on a tiny little skirt that barely covered me with a colored thong underneath and walk around our swanky apartment. Then I would find every opportunity to bend over, especially if Finn walked in on me doing something! It was even better when he needed to go out for something important and would get an eyefull of my shapely ass before leaving with a huge blush on his face! Other times if I was really horny, I would wear nothing but the dark hair on my head and watch in delight as Finn got a huge boner.

So I didn’t particularly mind when my hubby started teasing me in return as we stood inside of our hotel room almost completely naked except for our soft white bath robes. With his hands tickling my breasts, he kissed me like there was no tomorrow.

“Are we just gonna... stand here... and kiss... all night long?” I mumbled.

“Oh, no... my love, not at all...” was Finn’s muffled reply as he slipped the bathrobe away from my body. “Soon you’ll be a wiggling, squirming mess underneath me... just you wait...”

After slipping out of his own bathrobe, Finn picked up all 5 feet and 5 inches of me, walked over to our king size bed, and sat down on the blankets. He had a mischievious smirk on his face that made me smile.

“What now, Finnie?”

“Well... I have a question for you, Jazzy... what’s 26 plus 43?”

“It’s 69...” I told him with a funny look before it hit me. “Oh... ooohhh...!”

“Exactly, Jazzy... and I’m gonna make you scream...”

I looked my hubby dead in the eyes and said, “You’d better get started, then...”

The next thing I knew, Finn was flipping me upside down so that my head was near his genitals and my bottom half was directly over his face. He had also somehow managed to lay down flat on the bed and make himself comfortable. Without even waiting for me to get started, he slipped his tongue into my pussy and licked without mercy. My legs were tangled up in his arms so that I couldn’t move as much. He made sure not to go too deep and to avoid my clit, but that didn’t stop me from getting wet.

So to even the score, I grabbed his growing penis into my hand, cupped his ball sack in the other hand, and teased the swollen head with my tongue. I made sure to avoid the tip and just focused on the area around it. Before long, I saw him starting to leak with pre-cum and gently squeezed his ball sack.

“Mmmph!” he grunted.

Finn didn’t give up, though- he just squeezed my ass cheeks and nibbled on my clit, the erotic bud hardening between his lips. Then he added a finger and I started to unravel.

“Mmm! Baby... OH! Yes! Don’t stop... ha... fuck...!”

To my great shock, that’s exactly what he did with a cocky smirk on his face!

“Finn! What the fuck...?!”

Without a word, he rolled me over onto my back and motioned for me to lay upright against the pillows.

“I told you I would tease you, Jazzy... and I’m just getting started...”

My brain had stopped being able to think at this point and I couldn’t do anything else but lay there watching as my husband poked the head of his cock against my clit with one hand. His other hand pinched my left breast and every time I got on the verge of an orgasm, Finn would stop poking me and smirk.

“Tell me... what you want, Jazzy...”


“Damnit, Finn! You know what I want- aaarrrggghhh...”

“No, I don’t, actually... you’re gonna have to tell me, Jazzy... or else I can’t help you...”

I wanted to smack him, but I just couldn’t take it anymore!

I want you to park your giant cock inside my pussy and fuck my brains out!!

Finn leaned down to wrap me up in his arms and kiss me savagely.

“I thought you’d never ask...!” he snarled.

With one push, my hubby had shoved all of himself inside of me and was thrusting away like a madman. I arched my back and held on tight as I screamed out.

“Mmm... OH, GOD! Ha... ha... YES... fuck me... oh, Finnie... ha... I’m... I’m close...!”

“Cum for me, Jazzy baby... let it all go...”

My orgasm came like a tidal wave and Finnie continued to fuck me hard with his tongue in my mouth. My pussy pulled him in deep all the way up to his ball sack and my eyes rolled back into my skull as a second orgasm tore right through me. Only then did my hubby finally have his own orgasm.

“Fuck, Jazzy... you’re so fucking gorgeous...”

Finnie sucked hard on my neck and emptied his baby cream into my love box, grunting like an animal. Then the delicious afterglow set in when he pulled out.

“I love you... Finnie...”

“I love you, too, Jazzy...”

He kissed me long and hard one more time.

“I guess I’ll have to tease you more often...” I giggled.

“And I’ll have to keep fucking your hot little pussy in return, Jazzmine...”

I reached over to turn off the only lamp in the room and gazed at my husband lying on top of me. He snuggled in close under the blankets.

“Goodnight, my sweet Jazzy...”

“Goodnight, my darling Finnie...”
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