The Eyes, the Heart, the Soul (18+)

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The world has not changed much since medieval times with monarchies still controlling the lands. Though technology is ever present and up to date, councils, kings, and queens still hold law. Creatures thought to be mythical centuries ago now live in harmony. Katherine and Corina are twin sisters who live in Corbenic where men are said to choose their bride not by outer beauty but by inner. The Oracle insisted this, when centuries ago the king made the wrong decision that almost destroyed the kingdom. Lust being his guide. Katherine and Corina have been put through more than others to test their hearts because only one sister can be chosen by the prince. They have more to endure before its over. Betrayal, death, and attacks from everywhere and anyone. Especially from where you least expect it. The prince has to choose wisely for it could determine that fate of the kingdom. A foul heart and soul will destroy everyone, but a pure one would save them all. But who is the prince for that matter. No one has even seen him.

Erotica / Fantasy
N. K. Allen
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"If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the heart is the door to love." - unknown

"The eyes are one of the most powerful tools a women can have. With one look, she can relay the most intimate message. After the connection is made, words cease to exist." - Jennifer Salaiz

October 28

Prince Rory

Our history is filled with peace, but it wasn't always like this. We go back 1000 years, but the first 200 were dark times. War littered our land. My forefathers made horrible decisions.

Our island kingdom of Corbenic lies between the Irish, English, and the Norse. On the island there is also area of no mans land to the south that no one claims and a small peaceful werewolf kingdom called Tintagel beyond that. We share language and some beliefs of the Irish and Norse, but we are far from the same.

The only thing that brings us all together now in this world is the technology that binds us. We think differently than others, but the internet, transportation, weapons, and other advances makes it hard to not have exposure to the outside world. The good and the bad coming through. We listen to our Oracle to guide us, so we stay on track for the future of our kingdom.

Some may call out ways drastic, but they haven't lived our past. Outsiders may not like our reasons for our traditions, but they have walked in our shoes. We've learned from our past. We learn it not to repeat it.

My ancestor, King Cathal, wouldn't listen to our Oracle 900 years ago, and it almost destroyed us all. I remember her warning to him. I'll never forget it from my studies.

Heed my warning, oh great king. Choose your bride by virtue of deed, by pure of heart, by beauty within. Lust will ruin us all, if chosen instead.

He chose wrong. The girl was gorgeous from the portraits of her, but her heart was made of coal. She had multiple affairs with other kings. Wars were fought over her deception. The kingdom barely survived them, and financially it almost ruined us.

The queen was killed during a siege in the last of these wars. Literally ripped in half by her lovers, the Irish and Norse kings, before King Cathal's own eyes. Never to know the father of her unborn child.

Years later the king in his old age took a young servant girl to wed to secure an heir. The king passed, when his son was only 15, and a council was formed by the new queen to help him rule until he was of age. The new king decided to keep the council once grown, using them as advisors.

The young king chose wisely for his bride, but the damage was already done to the kingdom. The new Oracle gave a new warning to all, and this time the new council along with the young king and queen heeded it.

Look to the eyes to see the truth. The heart, the soul will be found there. Cover your girls, cover your women so men won't be tempted by the flesh. Do this till you wed, then reveal your bride.

The prince may choose only one of two twin girls made to be servants at ten. Let them know knowledge, let them know servitude, let them know all.

Don't let the world know the name of your heir or his appearance. Keep this a secret till the day he weds his bride.

Look for the pure of heart or all will be damned.

The council made laws and the young king made decrees making our traditions what they are today. Wars were avoided and marriages successful, filled with love. 800 years of overall peace following the words of oracles past and present.

We have fought battles over land, over trade, but never over women again. Nothing went to full out war.

My thoughts are interrupted by the sounds of my son babbling through the baby monitor. I make my way to his nursery, so my princess can sleep. She has been planning his first birthday party for today, and you could see the exhaustion last night in her eyes.

I pull him from the crib to change him before making my way to the kitchen to make a bottle. Thankfully my wife saves up her milk for just these occasions. I stand there against the counter with him on my hip thinking about things. I worry for my son's future. The Oracle said he would be a great king, only if he chose his bride wisely. We have yet to find the twins for him to choose from. We always find them within the year, but it's his birthday and still no word.

I sigh and stare down at my son sucking down his bottle as I hear cries coming from the corridor. Elijah, my best friend and royal guard, comes in with his 8 month old son. He makes a bottle as well as we talk.


Around lunchtime in my office I get the call that I started to think would never come.

Phone conversation

Rory: "Speak."

Council woman: "Your highness, your father, the king, asked if I could relay you the good news because he is traveling at the moment to come to the celebration. We have been informed of twin girls being born in the sea side town of Farraiage early this morning."

I breathe a sigh of relief.

Rory: "What are their names? Tell me about the family."

Council woman: "Katherine Rose Byrne and Corina Ann Byrne born to Elena Jocelyn Byrne and Joseph Daniel Byrne. The father is a well respected veterinarian and the mother a housewife. We have been told they are a well respected loving couple with no other children."

Rory: "Set up a meeting between us and the parents in two weeks, so they may be informed of what's to come."

Council woman: "Yes your highness. I'll see you soon for the celebration today."

Rory: "Thank you, see you soon."

End phone conversation

Well that's a weight off my chest. I just hope they grow up to be smart, kind, capable women. Only time will tell.


Any questions on the traditions and customs so far?

What did you think of the reasoning for their customs?

What did you think overall?
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