Tales Of A Shifter (P1) - The Meeting

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Chapter 22 - Frying Pot To Fire


Ezekiel panted to himself. He wasn’t tired, but the adrenaline crawling all along his heart made him gritty. As did the Leopard inside that was wide awake and snarling to get free.

And it wasn’t mad like he was. No. It had enjoyed the chase....The leopard was pouring its power into him, it was scratching at his mind trying to break free. It liked the hunt.....maybe a little too much.

Ezekiel ignored its mewling calls in his head and tried to focus on the strange green eyed mortal who was proving to be as slippery as an ell even with his exhaustion clear to the naked eye.

How in god’s name is he still able to move!

Ezekiels asked himself.

He was two seconds from death this morning. What the hell did mom do to him?

Knowing that these questions were really the last things that he should be worried about, he shook them away like the demanding call of his inner beast.

Hoping to waylay any more of the mortal’s crafty moves and thus the mortal’s desperate attempt to escape Ezekiel pinned the mortal to the wall with his thighs and his chest, while his hands held the mortal’s arms immobile above his head. The mortal screamed profanity’s at him and struggled mightily against his hold and though Ezekiel had to tighten his grasp on his wrists to keep the mortal in his power; he could feel the frailty of the man’s body as it pushed against him. But beyond all this. Beyond the screaming and the aggression was the reality that the mortal was right up against him, his heat, amplified by the fever burning in his pale skin, poured into Ezekiels chest and stomach as the mortal pressed into him. His mint green eyes were full of cool calculation fire.

He was obviously furious at Ezekiel for boxing him in, but beneath that Ezekiel could see the calm edge of his thoughts. He could see that the mortal was trying to get a grasp of his surroundings and maybe even think up an escape plan.

And then there was the smell of him. A curious scent that had haunted Ezekiel ever since their meeting in the woods. There was no set way for Ezekiel to describe the smell, it was more of the feeling that came with the mortal’s scent that haunted him. He in-hailed and it was like a spike of awareness strait to his gut and spine, a hum, a burn. Pleasant, but unpleasant. It was warm and shocking, but constant. That awareness had stuck with him for days, and now here he was with the mortals scent all around him.

With the mortal standing before him he felt that same spike in his stomach. That same awareness.

The mortal had finally stopped screaming at him and sagged up against him slightly. He was exhausted. His legs shook against the front of Ezekiel things and the heat of fever wafted off the mortal’s skin making him wonder if they would have to put him in a tub of ice sometime soon.

Ezekiel took this time to regain his own breath and as he dropped his head and sighed deeply, his face came closer to the mortal. The strangers head was tipped back, giving Ezekiel a clear view of his throat. As the mortal also tried to get back his strength. So close to his pulse Ezekiel caught his breath as the strangers scent washed over him completely.

He began to lean forward chasing that...smell.

Unbidden his nose then his lips brushed against the side of the mortal’s throat. Ezekiels eyes drifted shut as he felt the soft warmth meet his lips his skin suddenly felt like silk which made Ezekiel want to touch him more. He in-hailed and ex-hailed drowning himself in that smell before he let his mouth drift open and he let his teeth ghost across his throat in a soft bite.

Ezekiel pressed close as he nipped at the mortals’ nape a second time, and the tip of his tongue flicked out to taste him on his fangs, hissing to himself in satisfaction when the mortal sighed and leaned into him more. Weather he did it from shock, pleasure or exhaustion Ezekiel didn’t know and he didn’t get the chance to find out.

He released the mortal’s right hand and softly grasped the mortals chin as he lifted his head from the man’s throat and looked at him.

The mortals eyes were closed, his mouth parted slightly as he continued to labor for his breath. Then probably sensing Ezekiels stare the mortals eyes opened slightly. Green gems gazed back looking lost and overwhelmed.

Wanting to shake himself, but unable to help it; Ezekiel caressed the mortals cheek with his thumb and lifted his chin. The confused flame that he glimpsed there in the man glimmering eyes made him shiver. Fresh awareness pooled down inside of him, awareness that maybe he wasn’t the only one feeling....whatever this was, this magnetism.

“Who are you?” And as the question tumbled from Ezekiel lips, he was hit with the realization that he had pinned a literal stranger to the wall. And the fact that he was enjoying having pinned that stranger to the wall didn’t slide past him either. The contact between their forms was oddly pleasing.

“What is your name?” he questioned the mortal softly.

“Uh. Who am I!? Are you serious!?” The mortal said suddenly speaking for the first time since waking up in the room besides saying “Let me go! Ive said it like three times!”

His cool green gaze shot to the left, and down the hall then shot back to Ezekiel. He twisted and shifted against the paint trying to pull his hands down, but he was trapped and Ezekiel sensed that he knew that too. “Who am I?” he said giving Ezekiels a shrewd glare. “Why the hell would I tell you that. Tell me who you are and maybe Ill think about it.”

“Answer the question.....” Ezekiel began, he pushed in closer and snarled at him. “Before I make you regret attacking me!”

“Oh, was that a threat?” The stranger quipped, his eyes connecting with Ezekiels. “I don’t respond well to those. Maybe you should rethink your fucking tone!” he challenged.

Ezekiel leaned back slightly at the man’s teasing and almost arrogant tone. His vulgar mouth. He either didn’t know what his current situation was or he didn’t fear it. Looking at his clear eyes Ezekiel had a feeling that it was the former. He wasn’t even a little bit frightened from what Ezekiels could see. Just....frustrated that he couldnt get free just yet.

“I don’t care what you respond to intruder!” Ezekiel shook his head. He hissed, still trying to intimidate him. And sort of liking the fact that it wasn’t exactly working. “Now what is your name!?”

The mortal took a deep breath as if he were being highly put upon. “OK.” He said suddenly and before Ezekiel could restrain him he leaned in and put his mouth next to his ear. “Ill tell you exactly who I am blue boy. Im dangerous...” He whispered in Ezekiels ear. “I’m the last person on earth you should be touching so casually.”

“What? And did you just call me Blue boy?” Ezekiel growled moving back to glare at the stranger. This conversation wasn’t going how he thought it would at all.

The mortal only smirked at him saying nothing. Giving him nothing but that cool stare. No fear or rage, and instantly Ezekiel got the impression of danger from him, but it was more than that. It wasn’t just danger. It was like seeing a feral cat or dog looking back at you. Wild. Unruly. Crafty. Skittish.

But the connection lasted only for a second, maybe less before Ezekiel was suddenly snatched off the mortal. He was jerked back from the wall and thrown quite hard to his back. His head cracking against the wooden floor like a slab of cement, made him shout and grab at his skull in pain and unpleasant surprise.

“Are you fucking kidding me!!?” Ezekiel heard his fathers thundering voice snarl in rage from somewhere over him.

“Have you lost what little sense god gave you...!?” Mantilo hissed crowding him, his brown eyes slit like a leopards and glowing yellow in righteous indignation.

Somehow still unable to help himself Ezekiel snarled as he rolled to his feet and turned back on his father. He couldn’t have halted the disrespectful sound from rising in him if he had tried. He didn’t like being separated from the mortal. His father had no right!

But just as fast as the anger came over him it faded. As did his misplaced instinct to stake a claim. He felt lost for a second. The warmth of the mortals skin was gone, as was the mortals scent. All he could see was his family, standing in front of him like a wall, blocking him from the mortal.

He could only catch glimpses of the stranger now between his families’ shoulders. The mortal was crouched down in a ball on his knees in the spot where Ezekiel had released him. He didn’t attempt to speak or attack. He just sat there in a ball of obvious agony.

Ezekiel looked at his siblings next because all three of his brothers were staring at him with bemused expressions, on their faces. That clearly spelled out how deep in the shit he was. His mother looked down right worried. She was chewing her lip and alternated looking between him and his father anxiously.

And his father was glaring right at him, his jaws clenched in anger. Knowing that he was past the point of no return Ezekiel tried to speak. “Dad...” he began.

“What did I tell you!!?” Mantilo snarled at him, using his voice to dominate him completely. Suddenly unwilling to anger his father anymore then he already had Ezekiel looked down and away from his burning eyes; conceding dominance with that small gesture. “I told you that mortal is dangerous! I command all of you to stay away from him!! What more do I have to say to make you obey my commands!?”

“Let me explain...” Ezekiel began once more speaking out of turn, only to have his father hiss and step toward him threateningly.

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