Tales Of A Shifter (P1) - The Meeting

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Chapter 30 - Butting Heads

The stranger grabbed him and Ezekiel couldent understand or quite deny the sharp arc of soft electric awareness that caressed him all over his skin as the man wrestled with him.

His long lean legs wrapped around Ezekiel hips, while his other hand snatched at Ezekiels hair, tangling in his scalp and Ezekiel sensed the strike that was coming next.

The mortal was going to stab the needle into his chest. Speed and skill brought his palm up into its path. He crushed the mortal’s hand into his own and the syringe and at just the right angle to keep it from shattering.

The mortal gasped, his green eyes widening in fear as Ezekiel nearly crushed his hand. Ezekiel could have snapped his wrist just them, or used his strength to force the syringe to burst in his hand and cut his palm open...

But Ezekiel could still see that the mortal was not in any shape to take more damage. He saw the cut in his temple, and felt the heat on the mortal’s skin and just faintly beneath his over powering scent was the smell of rot still coming from the wound in his side...

So Ezekiel used his fingertips to apply pressure to the mortals’ wrist and tendons instead.

The soft sound of glass shattering as it hit the ground came to him as the mortal gasped in pain and released the needle. But Ezkeiel ignored it. He regained his balance, shook off the mortals hand and pushed him soundly into the wall again.

The mortal tried to scream, but Ezekiel slammed his forearm into the mortal’s throat and locked it there. With a soft gag the mortals head and back slammed into the wall. While his legs remained wrapped around Ezekiels hips.

Ezekiel used his body to press him into the wall and hold him against it with his own hips and weight.

“Fuck...let...go!” The mortal panted and suddenly he was clawing at Ezekiels arm.

Ezekiel ignored the sharp bite of nails on his skin as he used his other hand to capture his wrist and push his arm behind the mortal. The mortal pushed and struggled against him, but soon Ezekiel had his arms shackled behind his back and used the wall to hold him in place. The mortal grunted in pain as the pressure hit him in his shoulders and undoubtedly in his stomach, but instead of calming down he tried to maneuver his chin downward so that he could take a bite out of Ezekiel arm that he had over his throat, pushing him into the wall.

Ezekiel hissed and leaned into his arm, pressing on his throat more. The mortal wheezed. “Stop right there! I’ll be damned if I let you sink those vicious things into my arm again.” Ezekiel told him.

“Let go of me you ass!” The mortal panted, his eyes staring down as Ezekiel forced his chin up was with his forearm. Angry gossamer green eyes glared down at him.

“No.” Ezekiel told him...still talking softly as he cast the door a look to see if anyone was coming in. So far Ezekiel could see that ....no one was messing with the door, but he knew that he had to get the mortal calm before his family came bargaining things got blown totally out of proportion. Ezekiel leaned in slightly, still speaking in a whisper he talked up to the man. “Hey please clam down. I’m sorry about this, but I had to stop you before you hurt someone... I’ll put you down now if you can be calmer.”

Rather then calming down the mortal bucked again. “Why the hell are you whispering!?” The mortal tried to shout around the arm pressed to his wind pipe, but he only managed to get out a short harsh wheeze.

“Im whispering because there are some people out there in the hallway who don’t need to know about you attacking me again!” Ezekiel said softly and pointed with his chin at the small pile of glass next to his feet where the needle had shattered in the carpet.

The mortal didn’t look where he indicated instead he wiggled against Ezekiels hips, trying to pushing him away, but only pushing their bodies closer. “Get off of me...” He moaned. “Why do you keep trying to stop me from running!?”

“Well you’re the one that keeps running when you see me....and it’s kinda in my nature to chase.”

Ezekiel said to the mortal. “Now be quiet, before you cause a scene!” Ezekiel said as softly as he cold... then feeling a shiver as the stranger pushed against him with his hips he hissed at him. “And you’re the one holding on to me...so YOU let me go stranger!”

“No....you let my neck go first!” The mortal shot back. The fever on his skin bleeding through his clothing and highs into Ezekiels body as their bodies leaned against each other.

Ezekiels tried to ignore the picture that suddenly popped into his head of two spoiled children fighting over something. But more than anything else the mortals scent tried to take him over again. And the feel of the mortal’s body laid against him and wrapped around Ezekiels hips....didn’t help him turn the strange smell aside either. He felt his lower half stirring to life and stiffening. A small shudder of awareness kissed his gut. He tried to focus on the stranger’s eyes instead of his body heat and in their green depths he could see the violence simmering beneath the surface.

“Why would I let you down?” He hissed at him. “Your just going to attack me again !”

“Yes I am! What gave it away!?” The mortal bit off still trying to pull away from him.

Ezekiel snarled, surprised by the mortals reckless tongue. Then Ezekiel hid a hiss of frustration, feeling the mortal’s legs tighten around his hips some more and not entirely disliking the sensation. “Well If you think you’re going to get another shot at me....your insane. So were just gonna be stuck like this unless you let me go and quietly get back into the bed!” He told the mortal.

“God....I need another needle, or a knife...or a gun. ” The mortal groaned and put back his head on the wall with a small thump, but for the most part he didn’t release his hold.

“So...I guess were at a stale mate?” Ezekiel chuckled softly and pulled his arm back slightly so that the mortal sank down onto his hips a little heavier and Ezekiel wouldn’t have to strain to look at him directly. The position of their bodies against the wall was awkward and far too close for two people who barely knew each other. With Ezekiel locked between the mortal’s thighs and his arm on the mortal’s neck their chests and hips brushed as each of them shifted or took a breath and as thier eyes connected Ezekiel sighed.

“How does it keep coming to this Stranger?We have seriously got to stop meeting like this. As first impressions go....I’ve actually had much better you know? I’m not a bad guy...”

“Really? I don’t care.” The mortal mused, a sarcastic tilt to his words as he glared up at the ceiling and refused to look at Ezekiel or let him go. “Just release me...”

“All though, I’ve had worse first impressions....you are the first one that has tried to kill me, stab me...bite me. ” Ezekiel shrugged ignoring his rudeness. ” And trust me I know you’re a little bit scared right now...but, no one’s trying to bring harm against you so if you could just comply....”

“Shut up! Don’t lie! That big man said he was going to kill me!” The mortal grunted trying to push against Ezekiel again, but he soon found that he couldn’t make Ezekiel step back no matter how he arched his back or squirmed. The soft undulation of his body against Ezekiels was shockingly arousing and the Guardian fought his bodies reaction to the man. He fought it hard. He knew getting a hard on at that moment would have been a unspeakable disaster.

“Ah... you mean Mantilo?” Ezekiel pushed him flat against the wall again as he shook his head and focused.

" Well, I’m told that You upset him with rude remarks. So he was just angry, and he spoke out of turn but he wont hurt you. I think we can all resolve this...”

“No! HE was serious!” The mortal panted cutting him off. That asshole named Mantilo came in here and told me to leave...but I fell asleep and now it’s a new day and he sent you to kill me.” The mortal said with a frantic pace to his words...that nearly left Ezekiel behind. “So excuse me for trying to protect myself, but that Shifter with the yellow eyes brought the topic of killing into this situation first.”

“Again his name is Mantilo and he’s my father, but he is also a very benevolent man! You provoked him but he didnt mean to lose his temper!” Ezekiel explained to him....hoping to get him talking more..

“That makes no sense! I provoked him by not telling him my name!? Screw you...” The mortal grunted at him again, his expression of inquiry at odds with the shifting and moving the mortal was doing against Ezekiel and the wall behind him as he tried to pry his arm out of Ezekiels grasp.

“....Oh!” The mortal cried a moment later as he relaxed for a second gasping for air. Perhaps realizing that he couldn’t break away from Ezekiels grip he glared. “I get it now...You’re the one that he accused me of trying to kill! I stabbed you or something?” he panted slightly.

“Yes. You did some damage when I first found you with a blade you were carrying, and now you’ve attached me twice in the last seventy two hours....” Ezekiel tried not to hiss and sighed instead as he looked at the mortal directly. “But.....” he began. “Since were all adults here. You could let me go and then we could have a nice calm conversation instead of fighting like this.”

“Can we?” The mortal said back, his cool green eyes turning slightly cloudy. “Mr. Teeth and yellow eyes seems to want me dead. I cant trust you.”

“Well can I blame him?” Ezekiels muttered more to himself then to the mortal, but he still spoke loud enough so the mortal could hear him. “You seem to have a bad habit of hitting first and asking questions later.” Ezekiel hissed at him.

“I like hitting first....feels good. Its fun.” The mortal stated with a cold shadow in his eyes that made Ezekiel pay attention suddenly. ” Besides it’s better than hitting last and regretting it I say.”

Ezekiel didn’t like the sound of that.

Ezekiel felt that only someone with true combat history would utter a sentence so....heavily. So seriously. Someone that was used to exchanging blows and had taught themselves to be as quick on the draw as possible. Ezekiel had witnessed the strangers aggression, and speed already. And somewhere in there he had identified the skill that may have existed if the man wasn’t a sickly bunch of stitches and fever, but he wondered what made the stranger so wild and reactionary.

Who the hell is this guy?
Ezekiel thought to himself even as he opened his mouth and sneered at the man bound against him and the wall.

“Well aren’t you just a little black hole of aggression? What are you gonna do...just keep throwing punches until you get your way?”

“And what’s wrong with that?” The mortal shrugged, or tried to, but only managed to lift one shoulder.

“WELL for one it’s pissing off everyone you meet! Your being rude too!” Ezekiel pointed out with a hiss.

“Oh that sounded like a personal evaluation of me...Do I detect a note of anger or maybe embarrassment in your voice?” The mortal said in a sickly sweet voice that made Ezekiel hiss up at him in annoyance.

“Anger I get...” He said confused, by the mortal’s choice of word. “But why would I be embarrassed here?”

“Because I totally owned you twice now! I beat your ass up and down that hallway Shifter.” The Mortal laughed at him softly. Goading him. “I can do it again too! Perhaps you’re feeling a little sore over that? Big dominant guy like you can’t keep up with me? How sad!”

“OH! Is that right? Well let’s see you try it again?” Ezekiel challenged back leaning in so close that he nearly brushed the mans lips. His breath caught at Ezekiels proximity and the fire in his gaze flashed with both challenge and something like amusement. His scent was intoxicating and his eyes beguiling and deep. This guy was playing all sorts of games with his self control at that moment. Never before had Ezekiel been so tempted to take the kiss of another. To let his dominance and aggression free, to push it on the man and make him submit to him.

“Your playing with fire....I dare you to keep pushing me, but you’re pretty hopeless in your current position.” Ezekiel said glaring in his eyes, and hissing as he let his fangs flash openly, before pulling the strangers arm and shifting it upward slightly behind his back to drive home his point. The mortal gasped in pain and arched against him as Ezekiel put pressure on his shoulder blade, then released it a moment later.

“I could have shattered your arm by now.” Ezekiel said sharply. “But.....lets say by some miracle you manage to beat me? I guarantee you that you won’t get out of this room alive. They would probably rip you apart in the hallway.” He finished using his eyes to indicate the door.

As if to punctuate his words Lander snarled and kicked the door. “What the hell’s going on in there!” he growled. “What’s taking so damn long?”

The mortal looked at the door and his hands tightened in Ezekiels as he probably realized that there were more people outside the door then Ezekiels mother.

“So you’re ganging up on me? What’s the matter little man can’t handle me yourself.” The mortal bit off meanly.

Ezekiel laughed and used his hand to tilt the mortals face to the side. The mortal tried to snap at his fingers but Ezekiel didn’t let him “Oh please Mortal. If you could beat me you would have done it by now. You’re all talk at this point and we both know it!”

The mortal glared at him green eyes clear and sharp as the challenge seemed to hit a nerve. “Let me go and I bet I’ll have you on the ground again in no time.”

“You know....? For someone that’s so weak you sure do talk a lot of shit, but all you’re doing is hurting yourself.” Ezekiel hissed and slowly pulled his arm across the mortal’s throat until his hand was wrapped beneath his chin.

“Listen to me carefully now. I don’t want to hurt you, and in your state you’re hardly a threat to anyone. I could have broken you apart with my fingertips if I wanted to.....” He felt a wild sense of beastly satisfaction as he suddenly snarled, snatched Brandon up against him, and carted him across the room. Once he reached the bed he unceremoniously threw him down into it. “Now sit down and shut up before I tie you to that bed. You’re supposed to be sick! No more attacking the first thing you see, got it!?”

“I am sick!” The mortal coughed putting a hand to his throat. “I’m sick of you people telling me what to do and man handling me! Ever since I woke up your ugly face is all I see!” The stranger mortal snapped at him as he struggled to sit up on the mattress, kicking pillows off the bed as he did so. “Hey are you listening to me you blue eyed bastard!! I’m gonna RIP your head off!”

He’s so angry like a little yipping dog biting at my heels...Dare I say it’s kinda cute?

Ezekiel internally thought, watching the smaller man railing at him in a fashion that should have been threatening, but simply came off....entertaining?

The Stranger tried to stand up suddenly....but a wave of green washed over his features and he was brought back down on the bed with an agonized cry. The mortal put a shaky hand over his side and instantly thick red blood bleed through the material of his shirt and nearly slapped Ezekiel in the face with the smell of it.

“I think....” The mortal panted pressing a hand into the bloody cloth and scrunching his eyes in pain. “Shit....I think I’m about to pass out.” The mortal said as he looked up at Ezekiel form the bed, his enchanting green eyes glazed slightly, but the moment he looked at Ezekiels he froze.

And Ezekiels knew why. He knew what he saw in Ezekiels gaze....eyes more like slits then circles....a predator eyes locked on the blood smearing the mortal’s hands. And try as Ezekiel might he couldn’t make the beast flowing into his gums and eyes go away, so he turned away from the blood. Dangerous. Foolish. He had let his control slip and he knew he had to pull away quick. His inner beast roared in anger when he moved away. He tuned out its wild desire for the man.

“Jesus I’ve got to get a hold of myself. It’s unnatural! I don’t fucking crave blood!” Ezekiel said softly ignoring the beast inside that was starting to urge him to go to the bed and taste the red blossoming on the mortals clothing. Run his fangs and tongue over his skin...Taste him...all of him.

Swallowing dryly instead, he walked briskly over to the door and opened it.

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