Tales Of A Shifter (P1) - The Meeting

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Chapter 47 - Thirst

Chapter 48

The moment Ezekiel, walked into the room and touched him he felt the strange, but increasingly familiar burn beginning. He smelled the blood.

But he tried hard to ignore it. He tried to focus on the medicine....but his inner beast locked into the smell of the mortal’s skin, the weight of his body in Ezekiels arms and the feeling of his skin as it accidentally brushed against Ezekiels lips.

He remember the strange thirst from their previous meetings. He remembered the want to bite.

And an image flashed across his mind.

He saw himself pull the mortal against him and he watched himself suck on his soft skin, nibble on it, then his teeth sank into his pulse. He imagined pushing the slender mortal in to the mattress and pulling deep and hard on his vein until they both unraveled in pleasure from the act. It was a day dream, but for a second Ezekiel felt something spicy and hot roll down his throat. And for a second he imagined how good it would be if the mortal pulled him in. Turned in his arms, put his legs around him and pressed his slimmer body into Ezekiels.

He actually felt a slight shiver roll down his spine as he imagined Brandons taste. Felt the mortal as he moved and moaned against him. He imagined that Brandon’s fingers slid up into his scalp and pulled on his hair as Ezekiel pulled harder on his vein. The feeling, the images, it felt so real, they locked him in place. Something in him clawed at his chest pushed on his mind.

Bite him? What the fuck?

Ezekiel thought to himself, feeling slight of breath. He slowly came back to the moment and realized that he was still holding the mortal, his mouth in the crook of his neck. Ezekiel was disturbed to feel his teeth peeking out of his mouth.

A burst of copper in his mouth made him panic for as second, but he quickly realized that what he tasted was his own blood. His canines had sharpened so fast that they had sliced into his tongue.

With a hiss Ezekiel snatched back from the bed, breaking Brandon’s hold on him. In the back of his mind he registered his hip striking the night stand and the glass of water shattering on the carpet....but just then he was more focused on regaining his control.

It was then that he realized that Brandon was on the floor, barely managing to stay in a sitting position. His teeth were clenched and his pale skin had a distinct green tint to it suddenly. “Shit! That fucking hurt...!” Brandon grumbled as he tried to stand, holding a hand to the bloody remains of his robe.

His glare transferred from Ezekiel for a few moments to land on the wet spot on the carpet that was littered with the shards of a broken cup. “You....you dropped the pain meds.” He stammered softly.

The mortal clutched at his wet side and glared up at him, his stunning mint green gaze all too sharp for Ezekiels comfort at that moment. A moment of silence leveled between them, a moment Ezekiels spent trying to tune out the stinging scent of fresh blood.

“Hey, stop staring at me! What’s wrong with you!?” Brandon bit off through clenched teeth. He put out a black gloved hand and demanded. “Help me off the floor!”

“Damnit....I’m sorry. I just....” Ezekiel stopped talking because he truly had no words for what had just happened. He shook his head slightly as he stood in place and remained silent. He ignored Brandon’s hand at first.....he didn’t trust himself to touch the mortal just yet.

So to stall for time, he pretended to turn and look at the mess of water and medication smeared into the carpet by his heels. “Damnit.....that was the last pack in Nate’s room.” He commented, turning back to Brandon and licking his dry lips. “Were going to have to get you something else for the pain.”

“Great....” Brandon breathed at him sarcastically. “So what do I need to do now?”

He asked Ezekiel still sitting on the floor, he pressed his hand to his side, and the wet slap of his gloves in the blood made Ezekiel swallow.

“Well.....my mother is a Healer.” He said, taking a deep breath and trying to kick start his mind on anything else but the smell and burn on his tongue. His mind pulled together slowly, but he quickly finished. “I’ll take you down to her...she might have a few herbs or something she can mix for you to drink that will dull your reaction to the pain.”

“Just help me up...” Brandon panted still extending his bloody and leather covered hand outward.

Still not sure what to make of what he had just...imagined. Ezekiel tried to play the whole thing off. He stepped back up to the bed and leaned down. This time he only grasped Brandon by the right hand and bicep. Taking a step back he slowly pulled Brandon up to his feet and noticing how badly he was shivering, Ezekiel stepped beside him and ducked beneath the arm that the mortal wasnt using. Of course Brandon tried to blow his ears off with angry questions.

“Seriously what was that all about!?” Brandon began, as Ezekiel began to carry him across the room and towards the door. “I nearly puked when I hit the ground....What did I do? Because you dropped me to the floor like I was a dirty rag or something! Hetmy I’m asking you a question . ..!” He panted limping along beside Ezekiels side.

He knew he should tell the man that he had done nothing to deserve the fall, But Ezekiel wanted to remain silent, the irritation in Brandon’s voice felt contagious. Especially since his blood covered glove was hanging across Ezekiels shoulder dangling in his periphery. The fresh blood nipping at Ezekiels mind, making the beast inside restless. Making his gums itch as the canines inside them tried to pop back out. He couldn’t focus with Brandon’s voice all in his head.

“Jesus Brandon!” Ezekiel snarled at him in frustration, cutting him off from further fussing. Although Ezekiel knew that his anger was unjustified. “Unless you’re going to fucking walk down the stairs by yourself, shut up and let me think for a second!”

With that Ezekiels walked him out of the bed room door. The soft candle light was missing in the early morning hours, replaced with the stale sunlight that poured into the hallways through the blinds that had been pulled back.

Brandon who was obviously irritated with Ezekiel held his silence, possibly only because the pain kept him from speaking. With a snide comment too low for Ezekiel to really hear Brandon silently let himself be carried.

Soon Ezekiel exited the hallway minutes later and mounted the steps easily with his frail burden, but as the silence stretched, he couldn’t help but feel a little bit bad for yelling.

The illusion had startled him, unsettled him, and sadly enticed him more then he wanted to acknowledge.

He had actually felt his fangs sinking into warm flesh, felt himself wrapping his arms around another person’s body. Felt soft lips and warm flexing hips grinding against him lustily....

And he cursed his overactive imagination.

Finally Ezekiel descended the steps as carefully as he could, often taking all of the mortals weight against his side to keep Brandon from hurting himself.

The blood continued to sting Ezekiel’s senses, but confused more and more by his increasingly inappropriate reactions to the mortals scent and proximity, Ezekiel made himself shut it out.

I must be losing my mind....
Was what he thought to himself as he stepped off the last stair and onto the bottom floor of the mansion.

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