Tales Of A Shifter (P1) - The Meeting

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Chapter 50 - Wild Aggressions

There wasn’t anything to think about.

Brandon slammed his forehead into the Shifters face as fast and as hard as he could, feeling a vicious little flare of joy when Lander stumbled backwards with a curse and a shout, but Brandon wasn’t done yet.

He scrambled up, kicking his chair to the ground behind him as he attempted to circle around the counter top and follow up his head butt with a few solid punches, a kick to the crotch, but he never made it.

Suddenly a hand snatched at him from behind. Brandon didn’t even have time to struggle before he was being moved threw the air.

Ezekiel angrily threw him to the floor. Fire ran down Brandon’s spine as he collided with the wood. Instantly he felt what little bit of clotting that had started, split open and more warm blood gushed up out of the wounds and soaked the belly of his shirt.

Brandon barely could breath for the pain and fury that came over him.

That Bastard!
He wanted to curse Ezekiel, but when he managed to orient his gaze back on the brothers he realized that Ezekiel was in fact doing all that he could to hold Lander down and back.

Ezekiel looked like a different Shifter in those moments. He appeared more like the angry Shifter that had pried a syringe from his hand and held Brandon to a wall, then like a calm Guardian who was responsible for bringing him dinner.

The brothers snarled, roared and wrestled slamming into furniture and nearly knocking an entire rack of glasses from a countertop. Fangs and teeth emerged as each of them struggled and the beasts inside of them scratched at the surface. A pile of papers scattered as Ezekiel suddenly manhandled his brother violently into a corner. Pinning him down. Ferocious talons like blades and fangs gnashed in dominate fury gleamed as he roared in his brother face nearly crushing him.

“Hey cool it! ” Ezekiel growled as he held his brother against the counter top, by the collar of his shirt. Thick white fangs overlapping as Ezekiek pulled back his lips and snarled back at Lander who was trying to shove him away. “Lander stop it...!” he commanded, but his words fell on deaf ear.

“You candy pants son of bitch.....Im gonna...rip you apart!!” Lander panted and shouted over his brother. His glowing green eyes pinning Brandon to the floor for a moment, but Brandon wasn’t about to back down. He limped up to his feet, holding his side, ignoring the bloody smudge he had left on the tiles behind him and held onto a chair for support.

“Candy pants!?” Brandon shouted right back, suddenly so hot he didn’t even feel the pain anymore. “Oh please.....Come at me again....! And I’ll show you who the motherfucking fag in this room is!!”

“NO MORE!!! Stop it! “Ezekiel roared at them both, he tightened his hold on his brother and slammed him aggressively into the cabinet when Lander tried to push back and rush at Brandon in fury. Ezekiel hissed and turned on Brandon in frustration.

“Brandon if you don’t sit down and shut the hell up....I swear Ill jump across this counter top myself...!!” He snarled, his irises sharp and oval shaped, and burning with an unholy aggressive blue light that nearly made Brandon want to flinch away from him. “Sit down!”

And it was the anger in his eyes...more than his threat that made Brandon clam up.

Lander growled at his brother, in what Brandon took as a clear warning to let him go. But with a firm hiss Ezekiel continued to hold him. He jerked his brother across the room by his clothes, and finally shoved Lander out of the kitchen doorway.

“That’s enough Lander! Get your ass to your Patrol......! Get out of here now!” Ezekiel commanded him, a snarl hidden in his tone.

“You don’t want to keep the Sherman’s waiting any longer.”

Lander growled softly standing in the hallway just before the kitchen. Stiffly he pulled at his rumpled clothes and shot his brother a strange look. But instead of fury he looked down right confused.

“Look at you. Bearly able.to control yourself! Seriously Ezekiel.... “He partially panted, and partly growled. Claws and a set of fangs still standing at the ready.

“You’re seriously going to go all Reaver on me...for that trash.” He scoffed and sent Brandon a glare that could have cracked glass. “What they hell is wrong with you, you’re going to let that mortal....push you to the edge!?”

Ezekiel roared and slammed his fist into the wall beside the door way. “Why are you still here Lander....Go patrol the village. NOW! Don't push me!”

Lander hissed, looked his brother up and down and threw his hands up in a sign of surrender, which was easily spoiled by the cocky sneer that he sent his brother right behind it.

“Fine.....I’m gone.” Lander said, claws and teeth slowly melting away. Then he turned in a blur of blond hair and disappeared.

The moment Ezekiels brother walked away, Brandon wanted to collapse into a chair.

The blood was no longer gushing warmly out of his wound side, but his shirt was plastered to his body and his gloves were soaked in warm liquids. And the pain....was now nothing more than a throb.

Brandon wasn’t sure if that was good or bad, but he did know that he had a problem. The seconds ticked by, turning into heavy minutes and in that time....Ezekiel didn’t make a move or say a words. He just stood, in a menacing silence, by the doorway, snarling in his chest just enough to make Brandon’s skin crawl.

Torn between silence and uncertainty, Brandon swallowed and opened his mouth.

“Ummm, Ezekiel?” Brandon called out, but instantly wished that he had just slunk off in silence when the Shifter turned and came at him.

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