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Enjoy all the hot and steamy one shots I have locked up in my head. Sex, blood, fights and many more desirable moments. Have fun.

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Renae was just coming out of a deep sleep when a man full in body and muscle grabbed her from what seemed to be a van, black in color and smelt of sweat-of men to be specific. She gasps and cries out to the man leading her to a suspicious building, "wait, what do you want from me? How did I get here? Who... Who are you?", Renae stummers out of breath.

"Shut up, you will only speak when spoken to, understand?", the huge man says with more grip on her arm it felt like her bone was on the verge of breaking.

"Please, take me back!!!", Renae begun to yell against his wishes.

He turned around and laid a heavy slap across her slap, Renae fell like a bag of potatoes and held her cheek with both hands tied up. She looked up to him and saw that she'd hit a nerve and better behave before that was her life next.

They both enter a room with dimmed colorful lights and everything was either red or black, almost looked like Christian Grey's red room. Renae did not like the thoughts spinning in her head, she had no idea how she got there. The last thing she remembers was being at a party her best friend invited her to on campus, and now she's been dragged by a bag of muscles full of rage.

The man tossed her on the bed in the middle of the room, soft as a marshmallow. He untied her and said, "wait for me here, I gotta see if you'll make me a lot of money".

"Excuse me?", Renae asked in shock and fear.

"Look princess, your best friend needed money and contacted some people who contacted me and now you're mine. You're my sex worker, so now I'm going to try you out and determine how much I'll be making out of you. It's protocol okay sweety?", He briefs her without a sense of remorse obviously.

Renae could not believe the words that came out of his mouth and just sat quietly as he left proudly, she wanted to cry but fear overtook her mind and all she wanted to do was die. "How could she do this to me? What do I do now?", Renae thought to herself.

Not even five minutes passed and the man was back in her new room, he had a look of decision and she did not want to know what it felt like to be under a man yet. Renae had never been with a man in her life, she always dreamed of getting married before having sex so she could focus on school. That wasn't happening anymore, her eyes started tearing up as the man standing right in front of her started to unbutton his shirt. His chest hair was dark and soft like baby hairs, he tilted his head as he analyzed her and knew immediately that she was an innocent girl. He gave her a smile of dominance and felt proud of himself, bustard.

"Look, I don't think this is even legal. I'm a grown woman and I have rights, you can go to jail", Renae pointed out.

"Sweety...", He says as he strokes her long ginger colored hair, "nothing we do here is legal", he whispers.

"But-", Renae tries to fight back but before she knew it her hands were above her head and pinned down as he lay her down.

"Shhh.... I won't hurt you, I promise", he smirks and begun to lay heavy wet kisses on her lips and around her neck.

Renae whimpers in fear and feels tears leave her eyes as his tongue circled her nipples through her lace dress, her breasts were so firm and round she had no use for bras. The feeling went from humiliation to pleasure with the way the man could use his tongue, his hands weren't so rough anymore as he made his way up her dress to feel the river of juices flowing out of her vagina.

He smiles with pride knowing he's managed to please her against her will, he let go of her hands and threatens her not to move or it's her life. He slowly removes her dress and hears her sob a little but doesn't care because he was hungry for her body, her fresh and innocent insides.

Renae closed her eyes and started imagining the glory Rome, this was not gonna go by any faster but at least she could fake it for the sake of her life.

He sniffs her underwear before pulling it down to reveal what he really came for, his fingers entered her and Renae let out a little squeal of pain. His fingers were so big it felt like his manhood had already made it's way in, he held her legs wide open to stop her from closing them out of pain. He shoved his fingers deeper and deeper to feel that wall and get some screams out her again, somehow he loved making her feel pain.

"You're so tight sweety", he says with a lowered tone and slightly hoarse from the dryness in his throat. He really wanted to get inside her, after getting a few more screams out of Renae he towers over and wastes no time in pulling his pants down.

Immediately his pants were down, he got high enough to set his hands on her thighs with her legs raised halfway up her body and drove his huge member into her without hesitation.

Renae's scream was much louder this time as she felt her vagina rip, she tried to hold him back and plead with him but he entered deeper and deeper with increasing speed. She couldn't feel her legs after a few more strokes and just accepted that he would not have mercy on her, she cried and screamed but all he felt was arousal.

He came to a point where his hands were finally down supporting his weight and he was right above her biting on her neck as he came into her, Renae let out a final cry and lay there wasted thinking about why her first time had to be so rough and with a man she didn't know. He let himself out and lay right next to her out of breath, he reaches out for her vagina and sinks his fingers in to see if she bled.

Renae flinched as he did that and saw the amount of blood that surrounded his fingers, the man chuckles and gets up from the bed to dress up.

"You're my biggest prize now", he tells her and leaves the room.

"Why me?", Renae says as she curls up and cries in her new room.

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