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Away from the kids.

Brad and Elissa were two very hard-working and devoted parents, all they did was make money and spent it on their beautiful children Michelle and George. That's all that mattered to them.

But they still had to admit that even a weekend away would do them good, it had been years since they'd seen a hotel room. Brad made plans for him and Elissa to spend a Valentine's weekend together, at a nice hotel far from home. The plans were made and grandparents were contacted, all they had to do was pack up and leave.

After spending Friday afternoon with the kids, it was time for them to drop the kids off and be on their to their hotel room for a weekend of ecstasy. Elissa was not too comfortable about it for she'd never spent a single day without seeing her babies since the day they were born, it took a lot of convincing to get her to do this.

Brad an Elissa were on their way to their hotel, Elissa was quiet for a good mile and a half while country music played on the stereo. Brad knew that if he didn't get her in the mood it would be a weekend wasted, he suggested they stopped somewhere to get herself a nice lingerie and something to eat. Elissa did not hesitate to accept and so they went. In a store exclusively for lingerie, Brad and Elissa looked around to see what she'd like.

"What do you think I should get?", Elissa asked her husband.

"Anything you wear my love, would make me eat you up in second", she smirked and bit his lip aroused by just the mere sight of his beautiful curvy wife.

The couple was very much drawn to each other, they both had bodies to die for and they took the time to study each partners sensitive spots so sex was fun for them. Brad moved closer to Elissa as she had her eye on a few sexy lace dresses, he leaned down and lay a few heavy hot breathes on her neck knowing that always turns her on.

Elissa felt an instant reaction in her underwear that always happens when he did that to her and closed her eyes as he placed soft kisses around her exposed shoulder, "mmm, baby this isn't the place...", She whispered to him.

Brad stopped so she could make her decision quick, get some food and head off to play with their bodies. Every stop they did made him want to take her right there and then, the tight fitting strapless dress she had on didn't make it easy for him and with all the eyes on her he just wanted to carry her off and hide her for himself.

After getting burgers from the nearest drive through, they parked in the parking lot to take a few bites before continuing their journey. The way Elissa sipped on her drink made Brad crave for her luscious pink lips, he directed her face towards him and started to kiss her passionately. Elissa could not resist her husband's kisses for he knew how to hold her and work his tongue with hers, their bodies were made for each other for sure. Brad cupped one of breasts and squeezed like his life depended on it, Elissa moaned and started reaching for his zip when a security guard knocked on Brad's window stopping them abruptly.

Brad rolled down his window to hear what the man had to say.

"Excuse me Sir, ma'am. You can't do that here, it's inappropriate. Get a room!", he orders them.

"Sorry officer, we'll be on our way", Brad apologizes as he starts the engine and looks at his wife in amusement. As soon as they drove off they both laughed like children.

Brad and Elissa finally reached their destination, Brad looked at his wife as he turns the engine off and lays back on his chair.

"We're here my love", he said.

Elissa looked like she was thinking and before Brad could ask her what's going through her mind she unbuckled her seatbelt and reached down for Brad's zip, Brad lifted his hands to give her way and watched her as she pulls out his already erect shaft.

"Shouldn't we go inside first?", He asked her.

"We will", she responds without even looking at him. She took him in her mouth in high speed after wetting his member with her tongue, her strokes skilled and determined for the outcome. Brad moaned and groaned and was out of breath at the speed his wife was going, she never disappointed when it came to satisfying him. He felt the need to cum so he held Elissa's hair as he gave her what she wanted, Elissa didn't stop till every drop was in her mouth. She moved back as she slurped the remaining and swallowed it all.

Brad was now in the mood for some car sex, he got off the car and walked over to the other side to get his wife out. He opened the back door and made her sit at the far end with her legs spread wide open, he enters immediately after her but doesn't close the door cause he was too big to fit and do what he wanted. Lucky for them it was already dark and nobody was outside.

Brad reached up Elissa's dress to remove her silk and soft G-string, he pulled her dress up to her waist and didn't think twice before plunging his head between her thighs. Elissa threw her head back and moaned softly as he licked every inch of her, her heart rate was now high as his tongue entered her vagina massaging her insides.

Brad sucked and licked her like there was a spillage of chocolate syrup around her, he moaned with her as he became erect again after hearing his wife lose her breath. Elissa pulled him up on top of her and said, "do it baby".

Brad's pants were still open so she took his member out and he entered her with everything he got, Elissa let out a loud cry of pleasure as she came all over him. Brad continued to stroke faster and faster until he came too, both of them out of breath and sweaty.

"We should probably go to our room and get into round two", Brad chuckled out of breath above Elissa who looked like all her energy was drained.

"Take our bags in first then come for me, I need to fix my hair," Elissa laughed.

Brad did just that and went back for her, he locked the car and they both went up to their room. A huge bed covered with a warm blanket and soft silk pillows was right in the middle of room, Brad picked Elissa up and lay her down gently on the bed.

They lay side by side staring at each other with Brad's hand on Elissa's hip, and before they knew it both of them were fast asleep. They deserved it.

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