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Can't be together

"Hurry up, we're gonna be late!", Josh yells from outside while Tina gets ready inside. She had things to do before dressing, all he did was change his shoes and now he's rushing her like she was doing it on purpose.

"I'll be right down, almost done!", Tina yells from the balcony of their house. She zipped up her short but lose fitting floral dress, a little tight in the chest and waist area then flares like a salsa dress. 'I'm not the best at description BTW' Back to the story...

Tina walks out the front door and waits for Josh's reaction as she walks towards the car kind of slow to give him the chance to look at her but nothing, he was busy staring at his watch impatiently as he opens the door for her without even looking up at her.

"It's about time", he said.

Tina folded her arms in disappointment and got in furiously closing the door herself, Josh jumped away from the car before one of hips were caught in between and wondered why she acted like that. He brushed it off and went around to enter the car and start it.

The drive was a very cold one as Tina said not a single word and Josh had too much pride to ask, you wonder how they were in relationship for five years straight.

"You guys, what took you so long?!", Mary called from a distance waiting at the entrance of her house.

Tina and Josh both got out of the car and Josh decided to explain before Tina could, "someone felt the need to be extra tonight".

Tina rolled her eyes as she embraced her childhood friend and growled under her breath.

"Well, it was worth it. You look amazing!", Mary answered to cheer her friend up. "Guess who's here babe?", Mary leaned in to whisper in Tina's ear.

And before she could guess, a man not far from perfection emerges through the front door to receive Josh and Tina as well. His hair dark as night and so soft it fell gracefully around his shoulders with some strands in his face, his clothes looked like they needed a breather cause his body was definitely filling them up.

"Tina", his deep voice vibrates down her spine.

"Aaron! Oh my God!", Tina didn't hesitate to let herself fall in his huge arms as she embraced him in so much happiness. Aaron was so tall she was swaying in the air in what seemed to be a very long embrace.

"Sup man", Josh cuts in with a straight face trying to be macho and holds Tina beside him as he extends and friendly hand shake, if we can call it that.

Aaron purposely squeezes Josh's hand a little too hard making Josh squeal in silence and sets his hand free after a smirk.

"Okay I've seen enough awkward, shall we?", Mary breaks the ice and leads everyone in.

"Mmmm popcorn...", Tina inhales the scent of butter and salt and gets anxious to taste, she frees herself from Josh's jealous hands to help around and met Mary's husband Tom and another couple she'd seen a few times during their many gatherings in the kitchen already helping out.

"I think you have some catching up to do with Mr hot stuff mmm...", Mary tries to persuade Tina.

"Stop it Mary, I'm in relationship", she said with her cheeks flared in red.

"I said catch up, not bone him", Mary laughed.

Tina rolled her eyes and headed his direction anyway with nothing else to do but wait for movie time.

"Tina", Aaron calls her over before she reached him. "You still with this dude huh?".

Tina pushes her hair back and hesitates to answer that question as she glances over to where Josh was sitting, completely in his own world.

"I always knew I would've given you more attention, you know that right?", He boldly asked her.

"This isn't the right time Aaron", she tried to say in lower tone.

Aaron lifted his hands in surrender and was quiet for the remaining time.

"You guys all caught up?", Mary comes between them with a big bowl of hot popcorn.

"Quite", Tina says as she holds Mary's arm and walked to where they'd be sitting. Josh was already on a one sitter so that ruled out couple time for them. Tina and Mary sat on the soft and fluffy carpet in between the other couple and Aaron, the movie begun and everyone was quiet for a good amount of time.

During the movie a couple of teenagers played seven minutes in heaven, giving Mary an idea. She was always the crazy type and she'd hoped at some point Aaron and Tina would be together in the closet, which happened eventually.

Everyone that went before only dared to ask for dark secrets and touch certain parts they weren't allowed to so it wasn't much fun.

Aaron and Tina's turn came and Aaron was hoping to get the chance to even kiss her.

The timer was on and Aaron had to go for it, he held her hand and searched for her face in the darkness. His soft lips touched hers and she immediately received him, her arms wrapped around him as they kissed so passionately without a sound so they wouldn't raise suspicious. It felt so right for her, the way he held her made her want to give him her everything if there was time.

Aaron reached under her dress and into her lace underwear to excite her more and found that she was already waiting for that moment, Tina was so wet his fingers slid in without struggle.

Tina tried her hardest to moan quietly and it was a challenge because the way Aaron worked his way down, she needed to let out loud cries.

Aaron trapped her lips in his to shield her cries and continued to enter her even faster, Tina's hips were moving responding to the motion until she couldn't take anymore and came.

"Make this fun for me guys, you're so quiet", Mary yelled from outside.

Aaron and Tina didn't respond as they used the time they had left to kiss like there was no tomorrow.

"Come home with me, I wanna hear you scream my name", his voice was even sexier when he whispered.

"You know I can't do that", Tina moved back and fixes herself up before the door was open.

They both come out and Tina was immediately pulled with out with so much force by her boyfriend Josh, "we're going home".

"Josh that hurts", Tina tries to follow as quickly as her legs could carry her but she couldn't take it when they were finally outside and pulled her hand away.

Josh turned around and laid a huge slap across her face with the back of his hand, "I won't let you disgrace me with that womanizer, I wasn't in there with you but I know for a fact that he touched you and you let him. You slut!", Josh yelled so loud everyone left the house to try and save Tina.

Aaron didn't ask any questions after seeing Tina on the ground holding her cheek and crying, he went for Josh and landed a good punch on him enough to make him unconscious. He rushed to Tina's side and helped her up as she looked at Josh wondering if he was still alive, "don't worry I didn't kill him".

"He slapped me", Tina sobbed.

"He won't do it again, you're coming with me", Aaron said as he lifted her off the ground and into his Land Rover packed on the other side of the street.

"Bye babe", Mary said with a little giggle as her husband looked at her with a look of disapproval, but he knew her and loved her anyway.

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