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Just Imagine It

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a tall drink of handsome and muscles all to yourself, gushing all over you and thinking to himself that you’re the best thing that ever happened to him?

He’d let you sleep on a rainy Sunday morning, or any other cause he’s that loving, while he prepared your breakfast, obviously your favourite.

He’d bring it up to your room and wake you with a soft kiss, he’d stroke your hair as you slowly wake up while staring into his dreamy eyes.

“Good morning beautiful”, he’d say with a voice so deep it hums in your ear drums.

As you sit up to receive your hot breakfast, he helps you and sits next to while gently placing kisses on your bare shoulders. You’re unable to eat because all you want now is some hot love making to start your day, he feels your body shift and wastes no time in taking the tray away from you and pulls your legs down so you’re on your back again. He starts to kiss your feet while slowly stroking your thighs, he lifts his head to look at you as his kisses shift to your thighs and right above your already bare middle.

He lifts your silk night dress and parts your legs so his now between your legs reminding you what his tongue can do, you moan in pleasure and run your fingers through his soft brown hair. He increases the speed and it drives you nuts until your juices are all over his mouth, he licks and sucks you till there’s nothing left to take and removes his boxers before getting up next to you.

He then joins you by your side knowing you’d want to take him for ride and reward him for his good work, you free yourself of your night dress so both of you now completely naked and breathing heavily. He holds onto your waist as you steady yourself above him and hold his shaft against your opening, he pulls you closer and kisses you intensely as you rub his shaft against you making him slippery enough to enter.

He then takes over and inserts himself inside you and you start to move back and forth, up and down, and in and out. He moans as you ride each other and your pace starts increase, his hands reach for yours and you’re holding hands as he keeps you stable.

Your moans get louder and his grip gets tighter as you feel your body about release, he smirks as he watches you lose control and hold your breasts as your juices drip drown his balls. He sits up and puts his arms around you while sucking on your nipples, he’s not done, he still needs to come and after letting you have your fun it was time he sealed the deal.

He lifts you up, lays you on your back and gets between you legs. One of your legs is over his shoulder as he kisses it before entering you again, his hands then fall on the bed so that he’s above you and at the your entrance. He kisses you passionately and plunges himself into you leaving nothing out, you arch your back and let out a loud cry breaking your kiss.

He’s already ready to come so his speed was intense and his breathing gets deeper and deeper, he groans as he fills you up and sinks his head into your neck. Your arms are around his neck holding him tight while he empties himself completely, you're totally out of breath and exhausted.

He lays helpless on top of you for a good minute before lifting himself up to kiss you and shower you with words of love and lust, you return his words with a few of your own sentences and pat him to get off cause now he's getting too heavy.

He lays next to and pulls you into his arms so you spoon, you catch a little snooze and so does he until his phone starts to ring.

"Hello?" He answers. "yah..... Oh no I wish you called earlier, I took a quick trip to my mother's so I'm pretty far. You should try Gary, he's close by", he says as he looks at you and winks. "Alright bye".

"Since when did I become your Mum?", you chuckle.

"I can't tell them I wanna spend my free day with the love of my life, they'll get jealous", he smiles at you and gets up to take a shower while you finish your breakfast.

I wish every morning was like this, don't you? Just imagine it.....

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