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Change had to be made

Tom and Gina, a couple living down the street, were married for five miserable years. As the neighborhood would see it.

Every night, plates and glasses would fly across the room while they argued over petty issues like why they would seek advice from outside or why Tom preferred being out late than with his wife, sometimes Gina would walk around in shades on a cloudy day and Tom would limp during his regular morning walks with their dog Daisy.

One day they'll kill each other if they didn't seek help. One night everything was quiet it gave the neighborhood a little scare.

One of their friendly neighbors was daring enough to find out if everything was alright, Tom did not like that and chased her away.

"These people don't know how to mind their own business", he yelled.

"What did they want?", Gina asked.

"To see if everything was okay between us, can you believe that?!"

"I do", Gina answered a little shaky and scared at his reaction.

Tom looked at her and knew exactly what she meant but he refused to admit it, "don't ruin my mood this evening woman".

Gina served him with dinner and on the side of the tray a envelope was placed, she waited patiently for him to notice it which he did and he asked her what it was.

"Open it", she said anxiously.

Tom wondered why her mood was so jolly that day and more especially at that moment so he opened the envelope and read through it, "you're pregnant?!", he swallowed hard and got up from his seat to lift her off the ground in excitement.

Gina laughed as he spun her around the room while they celebrated becoming parents, for once their screaming wasn't alarming.

Tom kissed her while slightly choking her the way she liked it, she pulled on his hair while her other hand was in his pants stroking his member. He bit her lip as he felt each stroke and was hard already.

He bent down to remove her underwear and gently kissed her while her hands were dancing in his hair, after licking off all her juices he still wanted to see her reach her peak as a reward for the news she gave him.

Tom lifted her off the floor and placed her with her legs apart on his shoulders facing him so her middle was right at his mouth, his tongue circled and sucked and entered her countless times she could not control herself. She was up against the wall for support as he devoured her, she felt herself release so intensely that her legs shook so much.

"Make love to me you idiot", she commanded.

He did as told and tossed her their love chair so her hips were elevated right at his level, he pulled down his sweat pants and wasted no time before entering her roughly.

He was already reaching his peak so his pace fast as he pounded her, she moaned and screamed as she felt his thickness and he came into her with a loud cry.

He leaned over to kiss her and told her, "you always drive me nuts baby".

And it was like that for a while, until the unimaginable happened.


Eight to nine months into their pregnancy and Tina was getting tired of doing so many things, Tom's drinking habits got worse and he was rarely home. Of all times to be MIA.

One night Tom got home smelling of alcohol and a little off balance, Gina was not happy and thought it would be wise to come at him not knowing it's a bad idea approaching a drunk.

"How could you drink at a time like this Tom, don't you think we need to save every penny for our unborn child?", She asked.

Tom tried to ignore her as he pours himself a glass of juice from the fridge, Gina grabbed his glass and slapped him demanding for an answer.

Tom did not think twice before returning her slap, his huge hand swiped across her face and Gina stood there in shock.

She slapped him again and Tom repeated it even harder, Gina's head started spinning until everything went black.

Tom panicked seeing her hit ground on her back, and remembered the condition she was in and called for help while reaching for his phone to call an ambulance. "Gina wake up, I'm sorry!", He begged as he shaked her.

Tom noticed that she began to bleed from below and knew that he'd gone too far this time, he'd never forgive himself if anything happened to her or their child. He lifted her off the ground and hurried for the door as one of their neighbors comes bursting through the door.

"I've got a car let's go!", He said after seeing the situation.


At the hospital, Tina was rushed to the emergency room still unconscious. Tom paced over and over in the waiting room for hours until the doctor handling Gina's case came through the door. Tom rushed towards him anxious to hear the news, "Doctor, how's my wife?".

"Your wife and child are in critical condition, we may need to keep her over night and see if she'll need surgery. It doesn't look good", the doctor said in what seemed to be a cold tone, as if he knew what caused her stress.

"Doctor I'm so sorry, we got into another fight and I lost control and hit her. I'm such a fool", Tom said as tears ran down his face, feeling bad for once in his life for harming his wife.

"Can I atleast see them?", He asked the doctor.

"I'm afraid you can't, she's not in a visiting room. Go home get some rest and sober up, we'll call you if they're any changes", the doctor suggested.

"No that's fine, I'll wait here. Even if it takes days, I'll wait here", Tom refused and sat in one of the chairs.

Two days had gone by and Tom was beginning to wonder if his wife was still alive, the doctor would pass him with just a glare and continue with his work.

"Mr Rogers?", A nurse called out.

"Yes!", Tom got to his feet and hurried to the front desk.

"The doctor will see you now, room five", she directed him.

Tom goes to the room and knocked on the door, but the doctor doesn't answer, instead it was Gina.

Tom ran to her and got on his knees so he's by her chest crying and begging for forgiveness, "I'm so sorry my love, I'll never drink again. I thought I almost lost you, my pride got the best of me and from now on I'm a changed man okay".

"You'd stop drinking for me?", Gina asked him unsure about his declarations.

Tom lifted his head and held her face gently, "nothing is more important than your safety my love, I promise to treat you better", Tom placed his hand on her belly which was now flat and his heart sank.

"We lost our baby?", He said so afraid of her response.

Gina let out a loud a sigh and nodded her head to someone behind him, Tom turned around and saw the nurse that was standing behind him the whole time with their new born baby, tears fell once again as he received his baby with a smile.

"You guys are so romantic", the nurse said to them.

Tom chuckled and turned to his wife who was laughing, "I'm a romantic for this wonderful woman".


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