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Sold Part Two

A whole month had gone by, no freedom, no cheers, no dignity.

Renae was feeling worn out after a day of pleasing men she dreaded each day that went by since the day she was forcefully brought to the whore House, her so called boss made it an everyday thing to be with her every morning before she was touched by any other man.

Sometimes he would even bring a friend, his sick mind thought it would make him look like a better lover if he brought an amateur to play with her as well.

Renae had gotten out of the bathroom when she heard the door open with a force and knew already who it was, her boss's behavior no longer shocked her. She did not even feel the need to dress up she just sat on the edge of the bed and waited for the humiliation to start, before her boss entered the room he paused like he was waiting for someone. She figured it was one of those threesome days.

Upon finally entering the room with his plus one, Renae looked up to see which poor guy her boss picked up this time around. She was in utter shock to find out that it was her classmate back at the University, Dimitri. She tried to mask being familiar with him so her boss would not notice, so she bowed her head and waited for what was coming to her.

Her boss approached her, pulled on her hair to lift her face him and kissed her so savagely like he always did and forced her to lay on the bed as he opened the towel she had on to reveal her nakedness.

Dimitri finally realized who it was once she was laid flat and hesitated in his movements, they were such good friends so her disappearance was a shock to him. Finding her there made him feel so bad, so he decided he needed to get her out. The only way to get her out of there was through millions which he didn't have so he would have to ghetto it up.

Renae's boss told him to get between her thighs and lick her opening clean while he shoved his huge member into her mouth, Dimitri gave an apologetic look to her as he knelt down and did as he was told.

Renae moaned and rocked to the motion of Dimitri's tongue traveling her insides, he was not an expert at it but knowing how brutal Renae's boss was he had to do what it took to stay and rescue her. Dimitri begun to rub her clit as the speed of his mouth increased, he sucked her and kissed her and Renae felt herself release all her energy as she came on his mouth and let out a loud moan.

Renae was still super embarrassed, the fact that they were friends and go to the same University made her want to bury herself alive. But looking down at him wiping his face of her juices kind of made her want to ride him, he was the first person to handle her gently.

Her boss ejaculated on her breasts and told Dimitri to lick the juices off her, so he climbed on top of her after getting naked and begun to lick every bit. It was spread all over her breasts so she had the privilege of being gently licked and sucked by Dimitri again, it did not seem so bad until her boss picked her up from the bed and made her face Dimitri standing as he lifted off the floor and parted her legs to get inside her butthole.

Dimitri was instructed to enter her from the front to give her a double penetration, he came closer, held her breasts with both his hands and begun entering her slowly.

Renae's boss barked at Dimitri telling him to kiss her and increase his pace as he groaned while pounding Renae from the behind, Dimitri and Renae looked each other in the eyes and kissed passionately as his pace picked up making Renae moan in his mouth.

Renae could not take the pressure anymore, the way she was being pounding made her insides feel like they were going to explode. She screamed as each man entered her faster and faster like it were race, then her boss let out a loud moan as he came inside her.

He left Renae in Dimitri's hands and told him to make her tired while he lay on the bed to rest.

Dimitri could not take his eyes off Renae as he passionately entered her, she could not help but feel embarrassed but she'd rather let him than anyone else so she wrapped her arms around and rocked her hips to his movements as they both moaned with pleasure.

After about five minutes Renae's boss had fallen flat asleep as he usually did, Dimitri did not even wait for an ejaculation when he put Renae down and told her to help him kill her boss.

Renae did not even give it a thought, she wanted to be out of there since the day she was brought.

Dimitri still naked went to the head of the bed to get ready to hold Renae's boss down as she cuffed his legs to the bed, Renae got on top of her boss and held a pillow above his head.

On there count Dimitri pinned her boss's hands down as Renae stuffed his face with the pillow, her boss woke and begun to struggle and wiggle under her.

Renae was in tears thinking that they might not be able to succeed but she pressed harder as she remembered everything she went through, after a long and hard fight Renae and Dimitri felt him give up and slowly lost strength in his body.

Even laying still they kept the same position for another five minutes to make sure he was really out, after knowing for sure that he was dead Dimitri and Renae dressed up quickly and made it for the door.

Renae held Dimitri back upon leaving out the door and kissed him to thank him, Dimitri held her tight as they shared that kiss and they fled the scene.

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