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From Streets to LOYAL

It was always a little wild in the night time on the streets of Belcher, the night walkers gathered as usual along the road awaiting a lonely or horny man to pick them up.

Jane was famous for her moves in bed or anywhere you'd put her, but before the action her body attracted nearly all the men that came by around midnight. Her curves were so full any dress she wore left no room for imagination, and her legs were so smooth you could eat off of her.

That particular night, she wore one of her shortest dresses. The material was the kind that left her body to jiggle any way she wanted it to, it was a bare back with very little covering around her breasts. She made sure to wear a bright color so she would stand out when it was time to go and satisfy another poor loser, her heels were pointed and about four inches to make it easier to strut the way she liked.

She stood at her usual corner and noticed a very masculine and handsome man walk in her direction but not towards her, he was only minding his own business but he was definitely on the wrong street at the wrong time.

Jane decided to approach him and try her luck, his face and body made her shake a little in her thong. She had to mount that tower of sexiness.

"Hey baby, wanna go for a ride on the curviest babe you ever had the pleasure of riding?", she said so boastful.

The man paused in his steps, looked at her from head to toe and gave her a look of unimpressed.

"I've seen better", he responded before continuing in his steps.

Jane laughed to cover the hurt that came from those words, she turned the other way and mocked him as he walked away,

"You're just a scared little boy sweetheart, run along".

He stopped and turned to look at her unmoved by her words but could not let a woman belittle him out of fear of rejection, he walked back to her and stopped right behind her.

He slipped his hand under her dress from behind and into her thong while the other one was on her neck lifting her head to his face as he nibbled on her ear, she was caught unaware but the moment his fingers slid right into her she knew she wanted more.

Jane tried her hardest to contain the moans that came out of her, the man then started kissing her lips as his fingers got wetter and wetter with her juices.

"Please stop", Jane moaned into his mouth.

He stopped still inside her and asked her, "are you sure?".

Jane looked at him hungry for more and turned to face him to continue kissing him, "no".

After another passionate kiss, the man shoved her away from him and licked his fingers while looking at her. Jane could not take the teasing and fixed herself to get a bit of her dignity back after being practically raped by that man's fingers, she stood still waiting for what he would do next but he turned back on his path and walked away.

Jane did not understand why he had to go through all that but she was glad it happened, all of a sudden the only thing she wanted was him. She wondered what it would feel like to have him between her legs, both his mouth and his shaft.

She begun to pursue him and found herself running in circles, he disappeared faster than lightning.

Jane was just about to head back to her spot when a huge arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her off the side walk and into an ally, she screamed as she was being dragged not knowing who it was until they came to a stop and she turned to see and realized that it was the same man she had been looking for.

"What is it? Are you lost?", He asked her as he begun to unbuckle his belt.

Jane looked at what he was doing and was a little hesitant until she saw the size of his member, it reached almost half his thighs and it wasn't even erect.

She swallowed hard and looked up at him again waiting for instructions.

"Come here", he held her waist and kissed her deeply and gently as he untied her dress from the back of her neck. Her breasts fell slightly and bounced making him harden at the sight, he cupped them and sucked them as Jane stroked his member while moaning to the warmth of his tongue.

She stopped him from the pleasure of handling her soft and firm breasts and got down on her knees to put his member in her mouth and sucked hard but slowly, he threw his head back and let out groans of pleasure while gripping her hair in a ponytail.

Jane felt his cum fill her mouth as he let out a loud moan and spat what she could not swallow, he then knelt and told her it was his turn to make her cum.

"Good luck, I've never cum before", Jane said doubting his words.

All he did was smirk and lifted her dress to remove her underwear, he rubbed her slowly and was happy to feel that she was totally wet even before he started.

He lifted one of her legs and put it over his shoulder to have her spread a little for better access, he teased her clit with small licks and sucks at a time making her moan in frustration.

His kisses got more vicious and his fingers repeatedly hit her g-spot, Jane admitted she had never felt that way in her entire sexual life. She held onto his shirt tight as she felt her body release and squeezed her breasts to control her screams.

She trembled so much he had to get up and hold her still, he kissed her again and they stood in that ally for minutes after, taking in the most exciting sex scene of both their lives.

"I wanna be all yours", Jane pleaded with him still out of breath.

"You already are", he said.

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