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This is my first attempt at writing erotic shorts so please bare with me Ive written these scenarios as when ive read erotic shorts in here these are the ones ive enjoyed to read Please let me know what you think and any storylines you want me to do Thank you 🥰

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Yes Daddy

-This is my first ever story so it might be short or not enough content, but bare with me and thank you for reading ☺️☺️-

Had to leave town for a few meetings, paul will be around if you need anything, love mum xxx

I read my mums text aloud to my stepdad Paul over dinner. My mum always went on these little business trips, but me and paul both knew she was sleeping with someone else, i think he just stayed with her out of routine.

I loved when my mum went away, she is so strict, she wont let me get away with wearing my short skimpy clothes. Another reason is, when my mum goes away ‘for meetings’, me and my stepdad always have a flirt but its never led to anything more than that, well this weekend thats going to change!

I was wearing my pajama shorts and a vest top with no bra. I was 18 and i had perky 34DD tits, i wasnt going to hide them!
I was washing dishes when a spoon dropped out of my hand and fell on the floor.
I bent down as seductively as i could to pick it up because i knew pauls eyes were fixed to me
Fuck he was so hot the way he stared at me i just wanted to jump on him and fuck him, but i couldnt, he had to make the first move.

I went to get a shower around 6pm, i got dressed and went downstairs in just a loose tshirt with a thong underneath and collapsed next to paul on the couch, he sat there with a bottle of beer watching football

What are you doing daddy” I said as i looked him dead in the eyes waiting for his reaction.

what did you call me?” Paul asked me as he sat up and looked at me

“I called you Daddy” I gave him my most innocent smile

Oh fuck, please dont call me that because i wont be responsible for my actions” he said as he stood up

Why Whats wrong? Dont you like being called daddy?”

I had eavesdropped on Paul once when he was masturbating to Paul and he was watching ‘daddy porn’ so i knew he liked that

Paul closed the space between us, dragged me up to match his height and slammed his lips to mine. Fuck this man was so sexy, i was instantly wet.

He carried on kissing me and slid my tshirt off me until I was stood there in just my black lacy thong while his eyes roamed over me.

Fuck you are so sexy, with your tight little body and perky tits, tell me have you ever fucked anyone before?” I looked away which gave him my answer.

“Come here baby, and lie down on the couch” I did what I was told and lay down on the couch when i felt my legs being spread apart and paul sliding my thong off and licking up and down my wet folds

Oh fuck this is good, dont stop daddy, make your princess cum on your face”

Fuck the speed of tongue increased when he suddenly plunged two fingers into me and hit a sensitive spot deep within my pussy

Daddy! Fuck Daddy im going to cum, im going to cum” i shouted as i exploded on his face, his tongue lapping up all of my juices.

I kissed him and I could taste myself in his mouth, fuck this was so sexy, but I had to do the thing id always wanted to do to him.

Thank you for letting me cum daddy, now its my turn, i want that dick in my mouth”
He sat down as I untied his pants and swiftly took of his pants and underwear before moving my tongue down the length of his massive cock before taking him into my mouth and sucking.
He knew id never done this before, so he didnt force himself to deep, he let me go at my own pace which I loved him for
I carried on sucking then i added a hand at the base of his cock and started moving it to wank him off while i sucked him
Considering id never done it before i thought i was doing a good job until he pulled me off him.

Whats wrong daddy? Are you not enjoying it?”

“Oh i am enjoying it baby, too much, if you carry on im going to cum in your mouth”

“Whats wrong with cumming in my mouth? I wouldnt mind daddy” i looked away embarrassed

Maybe another time baby, but tonight im cumming in this”
He moved me closer to him and inserted a finger into my aching pussy and i groaned against his mouth as he smiled

Now baby, its going to hurt a little bit when i go in, but when im fully in, it wont hurt atall, okay?”

“Okay daddy, im ready”

He sat on the couch and allowed me to straddle him, taking as much of him as i wanted, but i sat down on his whole cock and just sat with it in me for a few seconds while the pain turned to pleasure of being so full

You okay baby?”

“Yeah, you can move now”

He did what i said and began thrusting into me as i moved my hips in a figure of eight, i found a nice little rhythm to it, when he picked me up light as a feather and plunged me back down onto him, the tip of his cock hit the back of my walls and when he added a finger over my clit, fuck my head went back in estacy.

Oh daddy, this is so hot, im going to cum”

“Cum for me baby”

I came all over his cock as my body shook with my climax. Fuck, that was amazing.

Paul then came with such brute force, i felt his cum hit the back of my pussy walls and he groaned as i collapsed against him

How was that baby?”

“Fuck, it was amazing daddy, i cant wait to do it again”

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