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Double trouble pt 3

I sunk to my knees and unbuckled Toms pants before taking his impressive length into my mouth and started to suck.
Oh fuck this is so hot.
I wasnt aware of what Andy was doing until i heard a zip and looked around to see him on the couch playing with himself.
Tom moved backwards and his cock fell out of my mouth with a pop.
He lifted me up and laid me down on the couch.
“Spread your legs, i want to see all of you”
So i spread my legs as far as physically possible and he dived straight in licking my soaked slit teasing me before reaching my aching clit and licking and biting it
Fuck i threw my head back I was so turned on.
Without warning, Andy plunged his cock deep in my mouth and hit the back of my throat, it took me by surprise, but fuck it was so hot
He kept fucking my mouth until i had tears running down my face.
I was getting hornier and hornier with Tom sucking on my clit when he shoved two fingers into me but i couldnt moan as i had my mouth full with andys cock.
Fucking take this cock you little slut, take it to the back of your throat while he fucks your tight little pussy, but im next”
Then everything stopped.
The boys moved me to the bedroom, carrying me bridal style, i loved being carried like they cared for me so much even though theyd only met me a couple of hours ago.

Tom sat down on his bed and summoned me over by wagging his index finger at me
Have you ever had two men at once?” He asked as i blushed looking away
He took that as my answer
Tonight, im taking your pussy, while andrew takes that tight little arse, okay?”
Fuck, no one has ever taken me there before but i couldnt wait to fuck the two of them at the same time.
I straddled tom plunging down on his cock in one thrust and started moving up and down in my own little rhythm
Fuuuuck youre so tight” he said “fuck yeah thats it, take it all you little slut, fuckin take this cock, fuckk yes”
God his dirty talk made me go even faster, even harder than before.
To my right i saw Andy lubing his cock up before climbing onto the bed.
He impaled me in one thrust and I screamed out in pain which after a few seconds turned to pure pleasure.
Oh fuck, god your arse is like heaven, so tight, has no one ever taken you here before?”
I nodded no as I physically couldnt get my words out while i was being fucked in two separate holes
Good, im glad im the first, this arse is perfect and should be treated like perfection” he said as he matched my rhythm and slammed into me harder and harder.
Fuck, this was pure bliss.
Tom then took my right nipple into his mouth and started to bite and suck on it while forcefully grabbing the other boob and started to squeeze
There was something so sexy about being fucked and getting your boobs squeezed, iknew i was so close
FUCK, im going to cum, please, go faster”

“Yeah that’s it, cum for us princess, I want you to cum all over our fucking cocks” tom said as he thrusted harder inside me hitting my gspot over and over again
I came hard, like violently hard against his cock as the other two were not far behind me with Tom emptying his cock in my pussy.
Andy pulled his cock out of my arse and shoved it in my mouth and came down my throat.
I swallowed up every last bit of cum he had to offer and licked my lips after.

We all collapsed on the bed after this
I wondered what to do, should I get dressed and go? Should i stay the night?
When Andy pulled me into the middle of him and tom

Get some rest princess, theres no way we’re letting you go anytime soon”

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