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Tinder sexting part 1

I wanted to try writing it in the style of texting, this might be a slow burner with the prospect of leading up to something
It isnt from Jack or Lilys perspective, just a generic text exchange that turns flirty 😂
I hope you all enjoy it! Xx

Thursday 4th july

Jack at 19:30
hi there, nice pictures, which one are you if you don’t mind me asking? ☺️ X

Lily at 19:32
Hiya ☺️ No its no problem, im the one in the middle with the black sequin dress on x

Jack at 19:33
Oh wow, youre gorgeous! 😳
have you been on tinder long? X

Lily at 19:35
Oh thank you 🥴 i dont take compliments that well haha sorry!
Youre not too bad yourself!
Ive had tinder about a month now, you? X

Jack at 19:36
Oh thank you, i try my hardest 😂
Oh thats not too long, have you had any weirdos yet?
I downloaded it today, youre the first ive matched with ☺️ x

Lily at 19:40
Ive had a few, nothing I cant handle 😂
Oh arent i the lucky one? 😉 X

Jack at 19:41
Oh thats good!
See how we get on first then see if you still think that haha!
So what do you do Lily?

Lily @ 19:42
Im a pediatric nurse in the local childrens hospital, rewarding but long hours ☺️
You? X

Jack @ 19:44
Oh thats a very nice job, so you have a nice bedside manner do you? Oh my job is very boring, you wont be intrested if i tell you 🤣

Lily @ 19:45
Who says im interested now? 😉 Oh go on , try me! X

Jack @ 19:47
Touche Lily, touche! Haha
Im an assistant manager in a supermarket, the pay and the hours arent bad, been there since I was 18 on the tills, worked my way up, 11 years later im Assistant Manager Xx

Lily @ 19;50
Oh i was expecting something alot worse than that! Thats a good job, i can imagine the perks are good!

Jack @ 19:51
Would you be interested in swapping numbers?
Im really enjoying speaking with you
Say no if you dont want to ofcourse! Xx

Lily 19:55
No ofcourse thats fine, im enjoying you too!
My number is 07**1****9 X

*Jack has logged out of this chat*

-These are now texts-

Jack @ 20:05
Hey Lily, Its jack. Im sorry i logged out so quickly, my phone died so i put it on charge before texting you, hope your night is going well so far... x

Lily @ 20:07
Oh its no problem, I just realised i didnt get your number and then you logged out haha!
Ive just gotten in from work about an hour ago, ive had my shower now just cooking a ready meal, how is your night going? X

Jack @ 20:10
Oh its going good, getting better with each message we exchange 😉 ive got to say again, youre are gorgeous!

Jack @ 2010
Im so sorry, is that cheesey? Ive heard horror stories about online dating and I was pleased when we started to hit it off, please dont hate me for being too forward😂

Lily @ 20:15
Oh dont be daft, i like men who know what they want rather than playing it hot and cold, im 27, i dont have time for games 😂
And its always nice to hear someone finds you attractive, so thank you ☺️

Jack @ 20:17
Oh im so glad, I havent got a fuckboy bone in my body, if i want something ill say it😉
And im glad, because you are incredibly attractive!
Would you be interested in going out sometime soon? Get to know eachother abit more before you make a decision if that makes you feel comfortable ☺️ X

Lily @ 20:18
Oh thats very good to know if we are gritting to know eachother, i like a good looking man who knows what he wants and sets out to get it
And ofcourse yeah, we’ll arrange something xxx

Jack @ 21:00
Oh i am very pleased to hear that 😉
would you be interested in speaking on the phone? You dont have to if you dont want to xx

*Lily rings jack and speaks to him on the phone for an hour talking about hobbies interests before the talk starts getting flirty but not too much for a first call. Lily then says she has to go to sleep for work in the morning, and they hang up*

Jack @22:30
Sweet dreams Lily, have a good day at work with that bedside manners of yours, i hope i get to see its one day 😏 goodnight xxxx

Lily @ 22:32
Oh you are such a flirt arent you?
I think im going to enjoy you haha!
Goodnight Jack xxxx

Jack @ 22:33
Enjoy me as much as you want 😉
Goodnight 😘😘

To be continued....

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