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Tinder sexting part 4

Saturday 6th july

Jack @ 11:00
Good morning gorgeous!
Im really looking forward to later on
I was thinking of meeting at around 7 at Lust, the new bar on smith street if thats okay? X

Lily @ 12:00
Good afternoon Handsome!
Sorry for the late reply, I wanted a sleep in to conserve my energy for tonight 😏
Im looking forward to later too, yeah sure that sounds like a plan!
Shall we meet there at 7? Xxx

Jack @ 12:30
Oh no worries, you need all the energy you can get for later on 😉
Yeah we’ll meet there at 7, i dont live to far from the bar, so if you let me know when youre leaving, ill leave shortly after xxx

Lily @ 12:40
Oh really? And what will i need my energy for? X
Oh that’s lucky you live near the bar we’re meeting at
I hope you’re not planning to have your way with me on the way home 😜

Jack @ 12:45
Thats for me to know and you to find out!
I wouldnt subject you to cheap alleyway sex (unless thats a fantasy you didnt mention last night 😉)
No if anything is going to happen which will be completely your decision, it will be alot classier than an alleyway
im just happy to be finally be meeting you! ☺️

Lily @ 12:50
I wouldnt object to it in the future, but not our first time, im a classy lady and I expect to be treated as such (apart from when i ask to be treated differently 😉😉😉)
Im happy to be meeting you too, im really looking forward to tonight!
Right im going to get ready now, make myself gorgeous for you
I will message you later! Xxxx

Jack @ 12:53
Oh ill remember that then 😳😏
You could wear a binbag and id still want you but okay, see you later xxxxx

To be continued.....

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