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Tinder sexting (the date) part 5

This will now be written from Lilys POV
Hope you enjoy the last few chapters of this story, ive had so much fun writing this.

I got a shower, washed my hair and shaved my bikini line, armpits and legs, and moisturised everywhere, im so excited for my first date with Jack.
I looked at the clock and saw it was 5.30pm
Shit i need to get a move on or he’ll think ive stood him up
I straightened my long black hair and decided to wear the black sequin dress i wore in my tinder profile picture, completing my outfit with a black lacy bra and thong and black high heels.
I touched up my makeup and reached for my phone

Lily @ 18:45
Hey Handsome, im just about to book an uber, unless youre thinking of cancelling on me then i think I might take my vibrating friend to bed with me 😉 Xxxx

I put my phone away laughing at my text, but deep down i was thinking
1) i hope he doesnt cancel because ive dressed up too nice to be cancelled on
And 2) i hope he is who he says he is, i cant be bothered with being catfished, im too old and too tired for this, when my thoughts were interrupted by my text message alert went off

Jack @ 18:46
Theres not a chance im cancelling a date with a gorgeous sexy nymph like you 😉😉 ill leave in 5!
You can always bring your vibrating friend with you, im sure we’ll find some use for it later on xxxxx

Lily @ 18:47

Cheeky 😉
I might just do that!

Okay, ill meet you inside, cant wait, see you soon! Xxxxx

I put my phone away in my bag, checked my makeup and made my way downstairs, got in my uber and made my way to Lust.

The 10 minute drive seemed so much longer stopping at every red light on the way there. I pulled my phone out and texted Jack

Lily @ 18:59
Hey sexy, sorry im going to be about 5 minutes late, ive hit every red light on the way and this is not doing my first date nerves any good 😔
If youre there, you can order me a mojito if you want, ill be there soon xxxxx

Jack @ 19:03
No problem, ive just got here myself, dont be nervous please, i wont bite (unless you ask me to 😏)
Im sat in a booth to the right of where you come in, your mojito is on the way 🍹
Hurry up, i cant wait to see you xxxxx

I smiled and put my phone away, and when I looked up i saw the red neon sign saying Lust and my stomach dropped with nerves
I climbed out of the taxi walked in and saw him sitting there by himself checking his phone and my stomach went again, this time with another feeling, i was so nervous and excited for this date.
When he turned round, winked and waved at me i laughed at walked over to him.

He kissed me on the cheek and told me to sit down.
I thanked him for my drink and took me big gulp of it before i smiled at him.

Dont be nervous, weve been speaking for days about tonight” he said before he took my hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze

I know i know, speaking over text is completely different than seeing you here in the flesh” i took another sip of my drink “ill be honest, when I text you saying id ordered my uber if you were still on for the date, i hope you wernt going to cancel but another part if me hoped you wernt a catfish, iknow its stupid but it happens doesnt it?”

He laughed. The fucker actually laughed at me. He then saw my expression and stopped

Im sorry for laughing, i didnt mean to, but i havent got the energy or time to catfish anyone and im so glad you haven’t either, we’re both here, we’re both who we say we are and i know we’re going to have an unforgettable first date” he winked at me and took a swig of his beer and i felt all of the weight of my shoulders relax.

As the night went on, we spoke about our jobs, our family, friends. Id had about 4 mojitos and two shots of tequila and i felt a little tipsy, i was still in control to know what i was doing, my nerves had gone which is good.
Last orders went on the bar at midnight and we looked at eachother and smiled and made our way outside onto the cold pavement

Listen, my flat is five minutes away, im not expecting anything, but the invitation is there if you want to” he said as he looked at me with hope in his eyes before gently placing his lips to mine.
He deepened the kiss and put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him

I pulled away and gave him my answer

Lead the way daddy” i said with a smirk as he laughed, swatted my bum and led me to his flat.

To be continued...

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