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Tinder sexting (the date) part 6

We made the short journey to his flat holding hands all the way there.
When we got inside he showed me into the lounge and asked me what I wanted to drink

Ill have anything, im not fussy”
He came back with two bottle of berry cider and sat next to me on the couch and we both smiled at eachother and drunk our drinks

I knew he wouldn’t make the first move after what i said about “appearing easy” when we were texting, so I knew i had to make the first move.
I took his bottle of cider and placed both bottles of cider on his coffee table.
I scooted over to him before straddling him, placing both hands on his face and kissed him. It was soft to begin with then the urgency got more apparent and his hands started to wonder and placed them on my hips.
Tell me if you want to stop at any point okay Lil?”
He said with so much concern in his eyes the last thing I wanted to do was stop anything.
I lifted my dress above my head and sat there in just my black bra and thong.
Fuck you are so gorgeous! I know you dont like compliments but I don’t care, you are fucking gorgeous” he said as he unhooked my bra.

I sat on his knee with my bra off while he looked me up and down and licked his lips.
He then moved his mouth to my left nipple and sucked softly, when he heard me moan he picked up tempo and pinched my other nipple, it made my head arch back.

At this point, I needed something more, so i unbuckled his belt, lifted his underpants down and let his stunning dick fall out of his underpants fully erect
Fuck the picture doesnt do it justice Jack” as i climbed off his knee and sat down on the couch and pulled him up so he was stood infront of me.
I took his hard cock in my hand and started stroking, i moved my tongue down the entire length of his cock before taking him in my mouth and sucked him, I took both hands, placed one at the base of his dick and placed the other on his balls and massaged them as i sucked.
He stopped halfway through and picked me up with such ease i felt i was weightless.
He ripped my last remaining piece of clothing off, my black lacy thong before laying down on the floor,

Come here and sit on my face, i want to taste you gorgeous” i did what he said and straddled his neck so my pussy was over his face and he started to lick my soaking folds before focusing his attention on my clit
I took this oppurtunity to learn forward and take his cock in my mouth and started to suck again all while he was licking and sucking on my clit making the moans we were both making so hot.
The pleasure became to intense and iknew i was close
Fuck Jack, im going to cum, please, dont stop” this made him only speed up the tempo on his tongue when i felt the sensation to just let go and I came on his face with such bliss i felt like i was floating.
He came shortly after me and exploded in my mouth and I swallowed every bit of cum he offered me, we climbed off eachother, both had eachothers juices all over out mouth which made it more sexy when we started kissing with so much urgency and lust for eachother.
The fact that we’d known eachother less than a week was irrelevant.
I could feel him getting hard again against my stomach.
Go into my bedroom and get on all fours on the bed”
“Okay daddy” i winked as i walked naked to his bedroom and got into the doggy style position on his bed when i heard the door open and he came in and positioned himself behind me before entering me in one slick move and began pounding me in the doggy style position.
I liked the doggy style position but he knew my favourite position was on top so it didnt shock him when i moved away and asked him to lie down on his back and sank myself down on top of him, and moved my hips before sinking down on him again before riding him so fast and so hard that iknew i was close to cumming again
Oh fuck Jack, im close, im going to cum again, fuck yes”
I sped my tempo up and really fucked myself on his cock
YES JACK, FUCK IM CUMMING, IM CUMM-“ i couldnt finish my sentence as i came again, this time around his cock and with no much force i felt i was going to pass out
I carried on going because I wanted to make him cum again
Shit, i havent got a condom on, are you on the pill?”
“Yes its fine, ive got the injection”

That was all he needed to hear before he emptied his cock inside me and kept me ontop until every bit was out
Fuck that was better than what we texted about” i said as i collapsed next to him in bed when he turned to me
Please stay the night, this was the best first date ive ever been on. Sex aside i love how we got on so well from start to finish, dont get me wrong the sex was phenomenal, im not ready to end this night yet”

I nodded yes“me neither, that was amazing, im really glad we met tonight”. He then pulled me close to him, kissed me neck and spooned me when we both fell asleep

A perfect first date.

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